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Autechre - Amber
posted a review of Autechre - Amber. over 20 years ago
a great album in its own context. AE grow with each release and expand. those sighing for the days of old are well advised to hold onto the atmospheres of this album because AE shattered the soft little sound world with later albums. Creating an... See full review
Disjecta - Clean Pit & Lid
posted a review of Disjecta - Clean Pit & Lid. over 20 years ago
brilliant post Seefeel recordings by Mark Clifford. sounds at times like a playful version of 'Succor' (seefeels last recording for warp)
clifford is responsible for the marriage of droney guitars and electronic beats. revivalists take note.
this... See full review
Push Button Objects - A Day In A Life
posted a review of Push Button Objects - A Day In A Life. over 20 years ago
the first really flat Skam release, and PBO for that matter.
dull, uninspired hip hop. its been all downhill from here, get it, got it, get rid of it
Gescom - Minidisc
posted a review of Gescom - Minidisc. over 20 years ago
the worlds first mini-disc only release by booth/brown/others? on Russel Haswell's label OR. absolutely essential to anyone concerned with following the lines drawn by progressive electronics. will not appeal to fans of Autechre looking for nostalgic... See full review
Autechre - Confield
posted a review of Autechre - Confield. over 20 years ago
interestingly enough AE continue to evolve despite many listeners
crying for the wafty synths and beat box rhythms of Incunabula.
AE dont do the past, nor do they do the future (as some assert) they do the present
in all its momentary glory, tossed... See full review
DACM - Showroom Dummies
posted a review of DACM - Showroom Dummies. over 20 years ago
very nice songs with emphasis on movement and space. several songs towards the end of the recording have that blissed out Pita charm, other than that you would be hard pressed to know it is Rehberg; outside of the fact that it is quality quality... See full review
Pita - Get Down
posted a review of Pita - Get Down. over 20 years ago
a powerhouse of banging metallic ambience and playfulness.
mego camp is light years ahead of "glitch" and this album serves
notice of Pita's ability to evolve within what some consider a limiting sound field.
Désormais - Climate Variations
posted a review of Désormais - Climate Variations. over 20 years ago
brilliant post-whatever deconstructionism. the symphony is
found within scrapes of strings, the involuntary contractions of dead techno,
and slaptop tomfoolery