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posted a review of Jesse Green - Nice And Slow. 7 days ago
Go straight to the Ballad EASY.. killer vocals over chilled backing..nice set starter!
posted a comment on Urban Soul - Alright. 10 days ago
zanzibar mix zanzibar mix zanzibar mix zanzibar mix zanzibar mix... buy it!!!
posted a review of Hotline (2) - Fantasy. 10 days ago
killer early synth track with lovely moody vocals- great synth solos- BUY! before the price increases!!
posted a review of Tony Paris - Electric Automan. 10 days ago
Larry Levan mix!!! nice electro-boogie thing with vocoder vocals..nice track and it´s cheap!!
posted a review of Melvyn Price - Rytmer II. 11 days ago
The Subway!! really great stuff out of sweden..percussion and bass
posted a comment on Randall Meyers - Era. 11 days ago
Go straight to Indian Impressions.. great raga with acoustic guitar and tambura!!
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Mine is in a white jacket with paste on covers.
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posted a review of Beautiful Friend - Hello Rainbow Geeks. over 8 years ago
For those who've enjoyed Robert Horton's adventures in abstract sound, this release may come as a surprise: it did to me! The 20 tracks compiled here date from 1996-2005 and find Horton collaborating on mainly song-based material with Les Shimmin. What's ... See full review
posted a comment on Sir Alick And The Phraser, The Prolifi Kurds - In Search Of The Perfect Baby / Nursery Chymes. over 8 years ago
First issue in black & white sleeve (as pictured)
Second issue with green/orange silk-screened bruno portrait on clear bag.
Third issue in red and blue sleeve, rubber stamped "The Homosexuals".
posted a comment on Nils Rostad - Self-Portrait As A Budeie. over 9 years ago
Nils Rostad is one half of the magnetic north duo with fellow Norweigan Sindre Bjerga.
Self-portrait as a budeie' is an engaging collision of Derek Bailey-esque guitar action with the kind of outsider vibes found in the works of Ghedalia Tazartes and ... See full review
posted a review of Invisible Bees - 1st. over 9 years ago

A gorgeous disc of drifting, moody, softly psychedelic dronefolk from this mysterious duo called Invisible Bees. Fans of all things darkly twangy, drone drenched, shimmery and haunting, will definitely want this, the sounds inside are gorgeous, the ... See full review