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The Collection Artaud
posted a comment on The Collection Artaud. over 4 years ago
The records are direct to disc cut. The records were cut in order for the price of 25 Euro per record. The records look like a plexiglass-plate and have no inner-label-sticker. I bought two records inclusive Downloads of them from this label. Im a... See full review
Felix K - Momentum
posted a comment on Felix K - Momentum. over 4 years ago
Track B1 is not " Ran Out Of Food". Its only "Out of Food" !!! Thats written on my copy.
Martsman - Kerner
submitted Martsman - Kerner. over 4 years ago
Rrose & Lucy (12) - The Lotus Eaters II
posted a comment on Rrose & Lucy (12) - The Lotus Eaters II. over 4 years ago
I had done the correction of B1 and B2 !
Rrose & Lucy (12) - The Lotus Eaters II
posted a comment on Rrose & Lucy (12) - The Lotus Eaters II. over 4 years ago
On my copy is track B1 "Seeds Of Discontent" and track B2 "Inverted Limb"
g.r.i.t* - Drifting From The Bay
posted a comment on g.r.i.t* - Drifting From The Bay. over 5 years ago
Track 2 is not " Dead Faces From The Past". It is "Dead Voices From The Past " !
SRNDR - As Said, As It Stated
posted a comment on SRNDR - As Said, As It Stated. over 5 years ago
Im not sure that this record is really limited to 20 copies. Juno UK had two copies for sale on eBay. I got my copy today. Here the link from eBay:... See full review
Truncate - 7_1 12-inch Mixes
posted a comment on Truncate - 7_1 12-inch Mixes. over 6 years ago
On my copy it is A1, A2 & B1 !
Vril (2) - 5-7
posted a comment on Vril (2) - 5-7. over 8 years ago
Hey conradkaden ! Many thanks for this tip. I got my records today.
Iori - Antimonit E.P.
submitted Iori - Antimonit E.P.. over 9 years ago
Yves De Mey - Transfer EP
submitted Yves De Mey - Transfer EP. over 9 years ago
Ben Gibson - Kosmos 1870
submitted Ben Gibson - Kosmos 1870. over 9 years ago
AnD (7) - 002/0202/0222
submitted AnD (7) - 002/0202/0222. over 9 years ago
SNTS - Chapter II
submitted SNTS - Chapter II. over 9 years ago
Various - Nonnative 02
submitted Various - Nonnative 02. over 10 years ago
Russell Haswell - Remixed
submitted Russell Haswell - Remixed. over 10 years ago