3D Stas is more than a musician, producer and DJ; among having produced more than a dozen albums and EP’s since the mid-90’s, he’s also garnered world prestige in the Breakbeat stratum and is classical trained as a guitarist and pianist. His first release was a CD album “404” which released in 1999; the artist has since topped the chart Beatport Breaks Top 100 on separate occasions with EPs ‘Syndrome’ & ‘C.L.A.W.’, taking 1st place with ‘Syndrome’ in 2014 and 1st place with ‘C.L.A.W.’ later the same year. At the beginning of 2015, 3D Stas was nominated for “Track of the Year” at The 14th International Breakbeat Awards Breakspoll 2015 with the track “Dying Light”. In 2018, 3D Stas released his most recent EP ‘The Heat’ with Arya Recordings, operated by popular DJs Beatman & Ludmilla, and has since been working on remixes and singles until signing with FiXT in late 2018.
3D Stas is slated for a full length new album this year with FiXT, incorporate an impressive list of guest vocalists, including Charlie Bowes, Celldweller, The Qemists and more.

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3D Stas - EYE
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3D Stas - Industrial Bass
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3D Stas - 404
submitted 3D Stas - 404. over 7 years ago
3D Stas - Ace Rhythm Master
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