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Mark Forshaw - The Fuck
posted a comment on Mark Forshaw - The Fuck. over 8 years ago
The first photo (Side A) is from Game 2 of the 1993 NBA Eastern Conference Finals between then current champions Chicago Bulls and NY Knicks and shows Knicks' guard John Starts going baseline and delivering a ferocious left-handded jam on Horace Grant... See full review
DeepChord Presents Echospace - Vibrational Studies (In Echospace)
posted a review of DeepChord Presents Echospace - Vibrational Studies (In Echospace). over 8 years ago
Issued pretty much at the same time as the epic "Liumin" album, this nifty 2 tracker is obviously connected to the later both through the sonic contens as well as the artwork. The A side investigates a beatless experiment of modulated frequencies and... See full review
Shed / Don Williams / Sven Weisemann - 2nd Bouquet
posted a review of Shed / Don Williams / Sven Weisemann - 2nd Bouquet. over 9 years ago
2nd Bouquet opens up with producer extraordinaire Shed delivering a robotic freak, who's echo resonates from metallic and abrasive textures with razor sharp intricacies and characteristics that speak of an undaunting drive and perseverance. However,... See full review
The Discowboys - Can't Quit
posted a review of The Discowboys - Can't Quit. over 9 years ago
"Can't Quit" is the fourth, and unfortunatelly last time that notorious DJs and producers Steve Bug and Vincenzo decided to put together their respective skills and created pure deep house magic.

The 12 kicks-off on a quirky and moodish note, while... See full review
Marko Fürstenberg - Amethyst
posted a review of Marko Fürstenberg - Amethyst. over 9 years ago
The latest installment in a long line of excellent relases on Ornaments sees Marko staying true to his guns as we're presented with two trademark dub techno excercises, albeit with a surprising twist. Although "twist" might not be the operative word... See full review
Marko Fürstenberg - Surphased EP
posted a review of Marko Fürstenberg - Surphased EP. over 9 years ago
The opening "Untitled" has got more deep bass rumblings then Joe Cavernous and just enough zest and zeal to set the proper floor ablaze. Flip sees things simmer down a notch with what is one of Marko's finest moments. Filled with more precise stabs... See full review
Stalker (6) - The Unsecret Stories Of Lady M.
posted a review of Stalker (6) - The Unsecret Stories Of Lady M.. over 9 years ago
"Introducing saraya" is an interesting and deeply engaging track, meticulously sliding forward on a mellow, a bit broken-up beat, and delicate and unimposing vocals resonating and echoing in the back. However it's the "Happy cooze and her italian... See full review
Brendon Moeller - Birth / Medicine
posted a review of Brendon Moeller - Birth / Medicine. over 9 years ago
The first couple of minutes of "Birth" are a rather ruff and rugged affair, that seems to be missing some key ingridient, which eventually appears to save the day in the form of soothing synth stabs, that are somewhat spread over the fabric of the... See full review
Leisure Muffin - The Bunker New York 001
posted a review of Leisure Muffin - The Bunker New York 001. over 9 years ago
Between the evocative and violin-infused grandeour of "In Wearable Hertz" , Alys' spacey, almost hyperactive glitchiness and the subdued, conceited, clandestine even euphoria of "Heldscallaę" it's the later that is the go-to destination here, a... See full review
Rod Modell - Lama Temple
posted a review of Rod Modell - Lama Temple. over 9 years ago
With four versions of one track on two pieces of wax I was honestly a bit hesitant and dubious at first, even though it was Rod Modell after all. However, all hesitation and skepticism were put aside after the first listen, this undoubtedly is an... See full review
Various - Cismarine
posted a review of Various - Cismarine. over 9 years ago
A rather uneventful, yet by no means dull, compilation of your standard run-of-the-mill dub techno by the usual suspects that has one bright, shining spot - Bvdub's "Forever's End". Although it's fairly repetitive and basic in it's construction, with... See full review
Christian Dittmann - Nortesur EP
posted a review of Christian Dittmann - Nortesur EP. over 9 years ago
This is an interesting release, one that appeals and comes through thanks in large to it's coherent and consistently subtle textures and delicate, almost amicable patterns, with each track being a part of the whole composition yet still carrying some... See full review
Davina, Carlos Nilmmns, Niko Marks - Get By Me
posted a review of Davina, Carlos Nilmmns, Niko Marks - Get By Me. over 9 years ago
If not for anything else get it for the Andrés' remix on the flip, a delightfuly smooth and sensual piece of deepness with groovy rhythm, some sexy sax, dreamy keys and a vocal hook to boot.
Ornaments return to pure deep house afer a lengthy hiatus... See full review
Various - Om:10 A Decade Of Future Music - v.1 House
posted a review of Various - Om:10 A Decade Of Future Music - v.1 House. over 9 years ago
Although this was the first of the 3 compilation issues to commemorate the ten years of OM Records, in comparison to the other two, this one quite honestly falls somewhat flat. Don't get me wrong, it's still a descent collection of that deep vocal... See full review
Paul Keeley - Rocky Mountain Funk
posted a review of Paul Keeley - Rocky Mountain Funk. over 9 years ago
Things don't get much better than "New Seclusion", in a way a very typical Paul Keeley track with shuffling drum programming, sturdy bassline and scores of subtle and sensual undertones and affiliations that form an unpenetrable atmosphere of groovy,... See full review
Gamat 3000 - Radio Moon
posted a review of Gamat 3000 - Radio Moon. over 9 years ago
"Radio Moon" kicks off in a trully gorgeous fashion, with lush keys, shifty percussion and subtle bassline only to transform to a trully jovial deep house cut, sprinkled with a few vocal samples and some cheeky bongos. "Photone" leans towards a more... See full review
Schwanbeck - Radio EP
posted a comment on Schwanbeck - Radio EP. over 9 years ago
A decent and fairly rudimentary release this one but there are two things that deserve at least a brief mention.
One being that sinister and menacing synth loop on "Radio" which adds some much needed character to the track, and the other the remix by... See full review
bvdub - To Live
posted a review of bvdub - To Live. over 9 years ago
After a couple of ambient excercises on the Quietus imprint, it seems like Brock has managed to put together his heart, soul, experience and craft and channel them through one epic track.Melancholy, sadness, an omnipresent feeling of loneliness and... See full review
Decoside - Reload
posted a review of Decoside - Reload. over 9 years ago
This double pack by Decoside is a well put together compilation of the 6 Re-Load tracks previously released through 3 vinyls on Eclipsemusic and a hefty dose of outstanding remixes handled by some of today's hottest and most skilled artists.

The... See full review
Sven Weisemann - Xine Zero
posted a review of Sven Weisemann - Xine Zero. over 9 years ago
Issued a couple of months before the masterpiece of an album "Xine", this 3-tracker is meant to work as an introduction, a taste of things to come if you will, but it quite easily goes beyond being a simple teaser and stands alone as one of my... See full review
Mind Over MIDI - Project 3
posted a review of Mind Over MIDI - Project 3. over 9 years ago
After releasing a couple of albums on Beatservice Records, including the criminally underrated (and at times a little ahead of it's time "Ice Acoustic"), Mind Over Mid delivers an interesting but above all a surprisingly diverse dose of self-consious... See full review
Sofie Loizou / bvdub - Millions
posted a review of Sofie Loizou / bvdub - Millions. over 9 years ago
On this initial release on Radical Nature Records, after dropping a couple of 12's under various monikers on the Southern Outpost imprint, Australian producer Sophie Loizou ventures far beyond beaten paths and worn out concepts and creates a... See full review
Northaunt & Svartsinn - The Borrowed World
posted a review of Northaunt & Svartsinn - The Borrowed World. over 9 years ago
Long, has been the wait for a new release by Harleif Langas, but finally after more than 7 years, he teams up with another Norvegian dark ambient act Svartsinn and the duo delivers an album of unfathomable vastness and unrestrained beauty.

Inspired... See full review
Fer Ferrari - Midnight Express
submitted Fer Ferrari - Midnight Express. over 9 years ago
Marcsoul - Over This Day
submitted Marcsoul - Over This Day . over 9 years ago
Miguel Amaral (4) - Summer Flavour
submitted Miguel Amaral (4) - Summer Flavour. over 9 years ago
Carlos Mantilla - Together
submitted Carlos Mantilla - Together. over 9 years ago
4 Da People - No Longer Strangers
submitted 4 Da People - No Longer Strangers. over 9 years ago
4 Da People, Miguel Matoz - Till The Morning After
submitted 4 Da People, Miguel Matoz - Till The Morning After. over 9 years ago
Zemtsov - La Nuit EP
submitted Zemtsov - La Nuit EP. over 10 years ago
Zemtsov - Sexy Cry
submitted Zemtsov - Sexy Cry. over 10 years ago
Stefano Carpi - Skillful
submitted Stefano Carpi - Skillful . over 10 years ago
Max Schartz & Kidd Gerry - Can You Please Play
submitted Max Schartz & Kidd Gerry - Can You Please Play. over 10 years ago
Max Schartz & Kidd Gerry - It's Just The Beggining
submitted Max Schartz & Kidd Gerry - It's Just The Beggining. over 10 years ago
Various - Miami 2014
submitted Various - Miami 2014. over 10 years ago
Dlc Luis Carlos - Can All
submitted Dlc Luis Carlos - Can All. over 10 years ago
Dlc Luis Carlos - Be Happy
submitted Dlc Luis Carlos - Be Happy. over 10 years ago
Ale Salas - Keep Calm EP
submitted Ale Salas - Keep Calm EP. over 10 years ago
Emi Newbar - Noahnd
submitted Emi Newbar - Noahnd. over 10 years ago
GrooveshakerZ - Wildman
submitted GrooveshakerZ - Wildman. over 10 years ago
Hugo Villanova - Underground
submitted Hugo Villanova - Underground. over 10 years ago
Onofrio Conte - Freak Ritual EP
submitted Onofrio Conte - Freak Ritual EP. over 10 years ago
Djadja - I Control You
submitted Djadja - I Control You. over 10 years ago
Ivan Devero - Kicklaps EP
submitted Ivan Devero - Kicklaps EP. over 10 years ago
Andrei Morant - Game Over EP
submitted Andrei Morant - Game Over EP. over 10 years ago
Horacio Cruz - Compater EP
submitted Horacio Cruz - Compater EP. over 10 years ago
Alessio Frino, Carlo Whale - Confusion EP
submitted Alessio Frino, Carlo Whale - Confusion EP. over 10 years ago
Ektor Eros - Blitz / Lost
submitted Ektor Eros - Blitz / Lost. over 10 years ago
Kemal Hajdarevic - Just Lovers EP
submitted Kemal Hajdarevic - Just Lovers EP. over 10 years ago
Hoani Teano - Elevator E EP
submitted Hoani Teano - Elevator E EP. over 10 years ago