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Please pay promptly! I no longer chase after payments. I appreciate it! If you place an order and need time to pay please just communicate that.

If something is listed as Mint- if it was an item sealed when new, it is STILL SEALED.

For instance, Olde Magick cassettes are issued sealed when mint; Already Dead tapes does not seal their tapes.

If vinyl is listed as Mint then it is sealed and unplayed.

If vinyl is listed as a particular color, the color has absolutely been confirmed. Most of my vinyl and tapes (as far as new issue stuff) are direct from distribution.


I generally do not list anything NM unless I am the original owner/player of the tape or record.

$10 Minimum Order

I’ve done 3,000+ orders at my former web site- you’re in good hands! 🤓✌️

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