Electronic music, especially trance is my passion for life. I have been DJ'ing for quite a while. So far it is a hobby with perspectives for future. Other than that, I am studying at University of Central Florida, majoring in computer science and minoring in German.

Most of my records are for not sale/trade/etc., unless you want to trade for records I rated 5/5. Any records with 3/5 and under rating along with Sunscreem vs. Push - Please Save Me and Altitude - Altitude are for sale.
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posted a review of Marcel Woods - Advanced. over 13 years ago
Original mix is absolutely sick track. Starts out as a typical tech-trance with sweet background synth. Then during the breakdown, the main synth kicks in out of nowhere blowing away anything in existence. Must have for all trance DJ's.
posted a review of Marcel Woods Vs. Jesselyn - Flora / Fauna. over 13 years ago
This is an amazing release. Collaboration between Marcel Woods and Jesselyn worked very well. Flora is more of a hard trance with electroclash. Sounds really well further in the set. Then on the flipside is a real gem - Fauna. This track combines tribal ... See full review
posted a review of M.I.K.E. - Massive Motion. over 13 years ago
I don't know what's all the hype about; however, I find this track absolutely horrible. It is mostly consisted of this one annoying loop that goes through the whole track. A little change occurs after a breakdown, where loop goes away for a while. In ... See full review
posted a review of Ferry Corsten - Punk (US Mixes). over 13 years ago
This double pack contains all the mixes you need. Ferry's original mix. The famous Cosmic Gate remix, which is a great stormer on the dance floor. Surprisingly excellent breakbeat remix from DJ Icey. Breakbeat bassline seem to fit nicely with the track. ... See full review
posted a review of Kyau Vs. Albert* - Made Of Sun / Falling Anywhere. over 13 years ago
This track has a unique bassline, which makes it sound gourgeously energetic. When it comes out of the first breakdown, breakbeat with vocals blow the listener's mind away.
posted a review of Robert Gitelman - Children Of The Sun. over 13 years ago
Starts out with intuitive bassline, then builds up the energy. With a breakdown, a middle-eastern type of sound is introduced, which fits extremely well into the track. Has to be played at no less than 140 BPM, otherwise the energy is totally killed.
posted a review of E-Craig - Smoke. over 13 years ago
Quality tech-trance with repeating male vocals. Rough mix is even darker and "rougher" version of the Smokin mix. Vinyl comes in smoke color/pattern with some transparency to it.
posted a review of Aalto - Taurine. over 13 years ago
By far the best Aalto tune to date. Super8 remix adds beautiful vocals, which fill the track with flowing emotion. Excellent to play somewhere in the begining or play it to switch from progressive to epic trance in the set.
posted a review of Marcos - Cosmic String. over 13 years ago
This is the Vandit release of Cosmicstring/Just for a Day, along with amazing high-energy remixes by the genius of Marc van Linden. Must have for anyone who wants to throw an uplifting energy and emotion on the dance floor.