In the words of a true Junglista.....
Store your vinyl like this = |
And not like this = \ or /


Ignore the neutral and the negative..
focus on the positive!!

At times we are forced to evaluate our situations, forcing us to go down certain routes. This is one of times so the wax
needs to go, pretty much all of it.
tia for the support. Niiiice!

Moist things purchased as new are exactly that. Like new from day one. (no moisture, though, i promise.)

Pricing things fairly is not the same as someone who thinks it's an unfair price. Or is it.

One loves to buy records for the free cardboard they come supplied with. It's even better when 2 are included, twice as much fun.

P.L.U.R - to all those vendors that send golden goodies, ie; something arrives in a better condition than was described or listed at the point of sale.
This - (is for those that don't.)

WOL / SOL / POL should not amount to Nr/Mint. Surely thats VG+ at best.

Preferring to buy VG+ and upwards only please. ;-)

Forgive my stock bumping. It only happens when my bits are adjusted. Bits i said, bits.

What appears to be oil marks are from the presses, nowt to do with i and one does not
possess an rcm. sthorry.

I WILL NOT SELL to buyers with less than 30% feedback. Sorry.

Please try to communicate in English as best as you can when enquiring/ordering/etc. Be that because you're intoxicated, non-english speaking or just plain doopid. I love you all for supporting a worthy cause.

*mwah* *mwah* *mwah*

You can always try hitting me up with an offer prior to placing an order. If we come to an agreement, i'll adjust the price beforehand. Then you can place the order.

DOG loves a tryer.


Stay Safe! x

Recent Activity
posted a comment on Edgar Winter's White Trash - Give It Everything You Got. about 1 month ago
I have in my hand, a single sided laqeur of 'Give It everything You've Got'. Anyone know it's history please?
posted a comment on Zero T* - Golden Section Part 1. about 1 month ago
Watch out watch out!
Some of DISZTLP0011 have the wrong label and have DISZTLP001S1 info side label instead. The other hint being in that 1 release has 2 tracks, the other has 3. ;-)
posted a comment on Art Of Noise* - Beat Box (Diversions). about 1 month ago
would someone be able to tell us why this is deemed unofficial, what gives and who made it so?
posted a comment on Anakyne / Soper / Deoda - Highway / Acid Syrup. about 1 month ago
Worth dropping the b-side on 33 and pitched up a bit, oh yes!
posted a comment on The Unknown DJ - The Best Of The Unknown DJ. 3 months ago
This album actually has a few jems hidden within but boi, this coq blocking really is a sad sad thing inmo. See what happens when major's get involved in indie projects and all for the love of money. Sad days indeed.
posted a comment on Lenzman - Golden Age EP. 4 months ago
If it was sold that way Dan, I don't see why it can't be added to the db. Provide a full set of pics too and you're golden. ;-)
posted a comment on Corrosive Records. 4 months ago
After a long awaited return Corrosive Recordings is repressing and releasing some classics from the early 90's

Go get some re-issues for those with tissues and there be some digital versions too.
posted a comment on Father William - Get Moving. 6 months ago
Beer's got it's magic is the Mantra here but pay attention to the background funk. ish be tight, I'm telling ya folks.
posted a comment on Digital - Synthesis. 8 months ago
Also released as the whole album through Bandcamp, unsure why there is no entry.
posted a comment on Lassigue Bendthaus & Neuroactive - Lassigue Bendthaus & Neuroactive. 11 months ago
...and another release coq blocked by coqz yet again. It's ridiculous btw. Someone must has a really small weenis. Stopping all these release's. Who says this is unofficial, thats what i want to know.
posted a comment on Various - V Records Presents Retrospect Vol 1. 11 months ago
The web version of this release is appalling when it comes to consistant sound levels, you'll even find a vinyl rip present too.
posted a comment on Chaos & Julia Set - Vol. 2 - Fear The Future. about 1 year ago
It appears i could be wrong. Did someone have a lot of these stashed and then put them out there?
posted a comment on Alaska (2) - Dual Elements. about 1 year ago
Out Of Darkness is on the new Criterion Release, #20.
posted a comment on Paradox - New Statement / Nostalgia. about 1 year ago
Now coming to you for a friendly price - Nostalgia is on the new Criterion #20.
posted a comment on Marina Abramović - 512 Hours. about 1 year ago
You can still grab this over at the vinyl factory dot com.
posted a comment on Nebula (8) - Astronomy. about 1 year ago
At the time of writing this, the cd is still available through their website.
posted a comment on Various - A Souvenir Of Your Visit To EMI Records Production And Distribution Centre. about 1 year ago
I have the sleeve, no record(s). It's dated 1972, boxed EMI and no OD 1 text. btw, quite sure i have the Climax LP somewhere but in a different cover.
posted a comment on Gal Costa - Índia. about 1 year ago
Reissued and available to buy from Mr Bongo Records, on both vinyl + cd. Now!
submitted Bob Marley & The Wailers - Natty Dread. about 1 year ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on UDM. about 1 year ago
Is this another bootleg label, one of many that we have here.
posted a comment on Ioffer. about 1 year ago
Is ths an offical label or are these bootlegs? Can't seem to work this out, no other informaition has been supplied by the submitters other than some lame artwork. To my knowledge, Ioffer is a website, not a label or marketing company.
posted a comment on George Michael - I Want Your Sex. about 1 year ago
There's some rather dubious lyrics in A.3 - Rhythm 3 Last Request. Very dubious indeed.
posted a comment on Lenzman - Golden Age EP. about 1 year ago
Have to agree with SIK on all that he states but why Cherry Blossom isn't on wax I'll never know, it's a seller for sure.
posted a comment on Tango - The Tango Project. about 1 year ago
The 93 dubplate mixes on vinyl can be had over at -
posted a comment on Loefah / Digital Mystikz - Twisup / B. about 1 year ago
Buyer pays postage too. Mutha f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f. Four more words? Shame on YOU! (Thats 3 but me no care.) The last ones cogs can has for free.
posted a comment on Big Bud - Blue 52 / Lifeline. over 2 years ago
£200!!! Are you for real over there, thats really silly pricing.
posted a comment on Champa B - Reform / Past & Present. over 2 years ago
Is there a diference in the pressings? Blue sleeve, side A has lots of drop-outs and a channel bias of -3db.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Dust Audio. over 2 years ago
DUAD001 to DUAD006 Vinyl can be had for £17+ Postage from
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer / Slipmatt - In Effect (Slipmatt 94 Remix) / Break Da Bell. over 2 years ago
'Slipmatt - Break Da Bell'
An absolute belter of a tune, Oh my days!!
posted a comment on Fast Floor (2) - On A Quest For Intelligence. over 2 years ago
and no main sleeve too. Cha! £200 max. Still, those that can will and those that can't can only dream. Why not get 12 people to chip in £100 each and do the obvious.
posted a comment on One Cut. over 2 years ago
Hombre records and Banksy are both from Bristol, maybe thats it.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Total Science, Quadrant (4), Iris (40), Kid Hops - Pushin Your Luck / Obsolete VIP. over 2 years ago
Why isn't 'Pushin Your Luck' on vinyl, such a killer track. This seriously needs pressing up imho. Please, please, please.
submitted Total Science, Quadrant (4), Iris (40), Kid Hops - Pushin Your Luck / Obsolete VIP. over 2 years ago
submitted Commix - Generation EP 1. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Various - Classic Cuts: The 12" Box 80s/2. over 2 years ago
@ markdynamix. Having known these guys when they were in London, I'd say they're proper and not vinyl rips.
posted a comment on Andy Skopes - We Fear Change EP. over 2 years ago
Jah Jah Man!! Superb tune, hits the right spot and gives me chills when playing it.
posted a comment on Various - Logical Progression Level 3. over 2 years ago
Need a sleeve for this please. Hit me up via PM. ta!
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother. over 2 years ago
One has a copy here, German release, no LC on the label. 1 C 062-04 550
Matrix is almost covered by label.
Plain white inner, denoting N 20/75 (would this be the 20th week of 1975?)

will do more research, if so, add to the db.
posted a comment on Clint Mansell - Moon. over 3 years ago
Juno has a 1990 issue, is this possible?
posted a comment on Various - The Past And Present EP. over 3 years ago
Thought I'd missed out this future classic but managed to find a copy online. Lets hope others find one too.
posted a comment on DJ Monk (2) - Hold Me / Dreams. over 3 years ago
Juno has a couple of copies. ;-)
submitted DJ Monk (2) - Hold Me / Dreams. over 3 years ago
submitted Derrick May - Mix-Up Vol. 5. over 3 years ago
added Klute - My Black & White (Calibre Rmx) / Speak No Fish to their wantlist. over 3 years ago
added Dead Man's Chest (2) - Nautilus EP to their wantlist. over 3 years ago
added John Carpenter - Halloween (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) to their wantlist. over 3 years ago