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Various - Sektor Five
posted a review of Various - Sektor Five. about 1 month ago
Whole-heartedly agree. "Manipulate.." is one of my favorite songs of all time, of any genre!
Calibre - Roundhouse EP
posted a review of Calibre - Roundhouse EP. 3 months ago
Remastered and released digitally in 2020! Thank goodness, too. Whew
posted a review of Break. 3 months ago
Well said. Break is one of the greatest to do it EVER!!
Zero T* - Golden Section
posted a review of Zero T* - Golden Section. 4 months ago
This albums ROLLS! I love it to put it on, kick back my feet, and go on a bass EXCURSION. So many well-crafted, bangin' beats.
MC Fats
posted a comment on MC Fats. 7 months ago
A don in every sense of the way. Collaborated for 20+ years with the best producers in D&B. He will be greatly missed.
Duncan Winslow
posted a review of Duncan Winslow. about 1 year ago
One to watch! Flying the flag for the liquid side of D&B, this American producer was recently signed to Hospital Recs.
posted a comment on Luna-C. about 1 year ago
Easily one of the most consistently dedicated hardcore / junglist soldiers out there. Major respect and props to the Luna-C & Knite Force.
posted a review of Ratpack. about 1 year ago
There's sooo much I can say about these guys yet I've never seen them live before. You can simply feel the energy through their many releases and recorded sets. These two were integral to the foundation of Jungle, Happy Hardcore, Breaks, Rave,... See full review
Jonny L
posted a comment on Jonny L. about 1 year ago
We need a new album from the master in 2022.
Syran (2)
posted a review of Syran (2). over 2 years ago
Humble, approachable, enthusiastic guys from the UK who worked their butts off and landed onto the almighty Ram. They are no doubt brothers and are known for their detailed basslines and unique sound. Big upssss
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
Drifter (3)
posted a review of Drifter (3). over 2 years ago
This is Noisia on the deep, soulful, liquid tip. Really amazing stuff. Wish they would keep this going!
Total Science
posted a review of Total Science. over 2 years ago
Total Science are some of the best & most prolific producers we have ever seen. I feel like they are recognized but not quite appreciated enough. They can do any style. They can sound like "Total Science" or "Q Project", or they can sound completely... See full review
Logistics - Now More Than Ever
posted a comment on Logistics - Now More Than Ever. over 3 years ago
Most likely a sample that Hospital was able to clear.
Electrosoul System & Subwave - One / Out There
posted a review of Electrosoul System & Subwave - One / Out There. over 4 years ago
Electrosoul System & Subwave - "One". Unbelievably soulful D&B tune that still gets a rinse from myself & my crew all these years later. It has the right amount of uptempo funk to keep the dancefloor jumping. Phuzion did well with this release. Good... See full review
Furney / dRamatic - I'm Awake Now / Creation
posted a comment on Furney / dRamatic - I'm Awake Now / Creation. over 4 years ago
Shame that "Creation" never got a proper release. A fantastically crafted & intensely deep liquid tune.
Creative Source
posted a comment on Creative Source. over 4 years ago
It's been nearly 10 years since the last release. Fabio has said a few times he's bringing it back, but for some reason(s) it's not happening yet. Forever keeping our fingers crossed, eh?
Lomax (2)
posted a comment on Lomax (2). over 4 years ago
Agreed. The man is a beast in the studio. Not only are his own solo tunes incredibly strong, but he was also a huge part of Hold Tight's success circa 2005. Lomax also partnered for YEARS extremely well with BCee and Kubiks on their respective... See full review
posted a comment on Dreazz. over 5 years ago
Owner of Fokuz Recordings and all associated labels therein: Celsius, Expressions, Citrus, Influenza Media, etc. Co-owner of Soul Rebel Recordings, along with Scott Allen.
posted a comment on Spastik. over 5 years ago
Yes, you are correct. His artist name is Revival now.
Grooverider - Charade
posted a comment on Grooverider - Charade. over 5 years ago
It got an official release! Did you catch it bruv?
posted a comment on Shout. over 5 years ago
Relatively short-lived D&B label that issued quality bootlegs and mash-ups. Vinyls themselves mostly appear as artist uncredited. My favorites are SKC's "Funky Nassau" and Visionary's "Can't Satisfy Her".
Duo Infernale
posted a comment on Duo Infernale. over 5 years ago
These two were apparently pretty quiet from 2009 - 2015. Welcome back guys!
Mistabishi - Drop
posted a comment on Mistabishi - Drop. over 5 years ago
Mind=blown! Additionally, with so many euphemisms (artist name & album title) for a certain substance, you'd think there'd be more empathy from this individual. Shame, really.
Various - Plastic Surgery 4 #01
posted a comment on Various - Plastic Surgery 4 #01. over 5 years ago
All tunes are VERY good and set the standard for Liquid D&B in 2003. However, it's 'Touch' that I keep coming back to. Audio bliss!
Dkay* & Intoxicated (6) - Thinner Edge / Shades
posted a comment on Dkay* & Intoxicated (6) - Thinner Edge / Shades. over 5 years ago
"Thinner Edge", an absolutely heartfelt roller that wiggles warmly in my soul. Timeless D&B.
LTJ Bukem Featuring MC Conrad - Progression Sessions 10 - Germany Live 2004
posted a comment on LTJ Bukem Featuring MC Conrad - Progression Sessions 10 - Germany Live 2004. over 7 years ago
For some reason, the promo 12" version of "Erasoul" is the version that appears in Progression Sessions 10. The full release 12" version of "Erasoul" is a different mix than what appears on Progression Sessions 10.... See full review
Various - Club Sessions EP Part 2
posted a comment on Various - Club Sessions EP Part 2. over 7 years ago
On my copy tracks "B" and "C" are switched. The labels don't match the tunes. Great release though!
Fabio & Grooverider - Masterpiece (Created By Fabio & Grooverider)
posted a comment on Fabio & Grooverider - Masterpiece (Created By Fabio & Grooverider). over 12 years ago
Track 3-11 is incorrectly listed as "Goldie - Ghost". The correct title is "Doc Scott – The Unofficial Ghost".