Music collector since eighties. DJ since 1991. 4000 plus pieces of vinyl and Hundreds CD's. Techno, Drum & Bass, Old School Hardcore/Rave, Ambient and Chill Out. Some Old School Hip Hop and Electro, and other styles too. CD. Many items still not listed. May sell certain items if the price is right. Vinyl lives!
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posted a review of Various - ROD08. 2 months ago
Well hit my balls with a hammer. Old school Techno for the hard-headed raver. Cant believe I've only just discovered this great label. Been blasting Hooverrum (Unwelt) at particularly unhealthy volumes. Cant wait to play it in a live set some time. ... See full review
posted a comment on Overlook (2) - Smoke Signals. 8 months ago
I used to be an addict. Vinyl records and mixing were all that mattered. I ran out of space and even stared to sell some. Building a digital collection instead. This week I bought my first vinyl in years. Yes, Smoke signals, on wax. Already had digital ... See full review
posted a review of Process (4) / Fanu - A Great Sickness Has Left Us In Ruins. over 13 years ago
Go straight for the Fanu track and sit down. If you like your edits or something a bit different, this track is cool. When your friends who dont like D&B ask for a copy, you know this isnt the usual and mundane. I am not going to try and describe the ... See full review
posted a review of The Bionaut - Frugivore. over 15 years ago
Ten tracks also released as a Limited Edition series of 4 coloured 7" pieces (Blue, Red, White and Clear), which come with no labels just etched as follows:- Digi-S-001 Frugivore. The tracks themselves are minimal and laidback, with echoey slow breaks ... See full review
posted a review of Space Time Continuum* - Fluresence E.P.. over 15 years ago
Someone bring me back! Put this on at bedtime and let your mind run free. Its not cold nor is it merely soothing. The textures are both warm and haunting and the echoes linger and flow into your sub consciousness. This is real ambience. Well made. Much ... See full review