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posted a comment on OutKast - Player's Ball EP. over 4 years ago
Anyone know how many of these were pressed? Mine is #4897.
submitted The Soul Of John Black - 2 Strikes / Scandalous. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Salomé De Bahia - Theme Of Rio. over 4 years ago
Man I have played and played and played this record for many dancefloors - it works every time!
posted a comment on Umek / Ignition Technician - Voodoo 3. over 4 years ago
Label says 33 1/3 / 45, but both sides play at 45.
posted a comment on DJ Icey - Low Down Good Girl / All Beautiful. over 4 years ago
One of my original favorite records, DJ Icey was one of the first DJs I ever saw and was hooked on his style for the first few years I DJ'd. Low Down Good Girl brings back the memories every time, and it still jams!

posted a comment on The Cotton Club* - Club Grooves EP. over 4 years ago
Where is the 'Not a nu jack' sample from?
posted a comment on Sugar Shack - I Wanna Take You Higher. over 4 years ago
B1 Stokekikka Mix is where it's at.
posted a comment on Röyksopp - Melody A.M.. over 4 years ago
The font on the cover of my version is in white, not yellow.
posted a comment on Symbiosis - Numinous. over 4 years ago
Concepcions II is simply amazing!!
posted a comment on Terra Ferma - Turtle Crossing. over 4 years ago
LOVE this album - sit and listen to it all the way through. The tracks blend beautifully with each other. Timeless trance!
posted a comment on Luzon - The Baguio Track. over 4 years ago
Featured on Digweed's GU: Hong Kong
posted a comment on Bedrock - Heaven Scent / Life Line. over 4 years ago
First release on the seminal Bedrock label!
posted a comment on Various - NovaMute Kompilation. over 4 years ago
My favorite is the very final one - Aftrax "The Mask" is a killer acid track!!
posted a comment on Tekara - Breathe In You. over 4 years ago
Tekara's M&M Dub showed up on a GU mix at some point.
posted a comment on Astral Pilot - Electro Acupuncture Remixes. over 4 years ago
RITM's remix is golden!!
posted a comment on D:Ream - U R The Best Thing. over 4 years ago
Yes the vocal is a little cheesy, but this song still gets me! Very uplifting early progressive house.
posted a comment on Trancesetters - Roaches. over 4 years ago
"Underground will live forever baby - we just like roaches - never dying - always livin..."
posted a comment on Meltdown - My Life Is In Your Hands - Blue Amazon Mixes. over 4 years ago
"The noises in your head......"
posted a comment on Hybrid - Altitude / Kill City. over 4 years ago
Kill City is a gorgeous tune, a must-have if you are into progressive trance or breaks

posted a comment on Bluefish - One. over 4 years ago
Featured on Sasha's GU Ibiza mix
posted a comment on Ramp - Rock The Discotek. over 4 years ago
I agree this could be listed under breaks, the bass dub has a killer break
posted a comment on Ramp - Rock The Discotek. over 4 years ago
Love the bass dub version - gotta have this record in the collection!!
posted a comment on CZR - Chicago Southside. over 4 years ago
CZR's Original is the best!!
posted a comment on Deep Dish Presents Prana (2) - The Dream. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Cassius - Cassius 1999. over 4 years ago
This track was everywhere in 99... still works today. Really fun hook and easy to get a floor moving with this!
posted a comment on Stephen Cinch - Dealer's Choice EP. over 4 years ago
Chuggin house at its finest!
posted a comment on Tori Amos - Professional Widow / Hey Jupiter. over 4 years ago
it's gotta be big...
posted a comment on Liberty City - If You Really Love Someone (The Dub Mixes). over 4 years ago
Murk Groove is where it's at!!!
posted a comment on Global Communication - The Deep / The Way. over 4 years ago
pump pump the bass, pump pump the bass......
posted a comment on Metro* vs. Liquitek Pimps* - The Thinka / Boogie Star. over 4 years ago
My version is not on red vinyl, it's on black vinyl and is not a promo sticker as the photo shows. Mine is the full regular release.
posted a comment on Sex Pistols - Never Trust A Hippy. over 4 years ago
Pretty poor sound quality on this recording.
posted a comment on John Digweed - The Winning Ticket. over 4 years ago
The cover art on my 3xLP vinyl is slightly different. Instead of "John Digweed - The Winning Ticket", mine says "The Winning Ticket - Limited Edition"
posted a comment on Paganini Traxx - Zoe. over 4 years ago
Featured on Sasha's Global Underground mix cd.
posted a comment on Elesse - PYT. over 4 years ago
Love the Michael Jackson sample!
posted a comment on Demarkus Lewis - Smokey And Da Bandit. over 4 years ago
Love 'Music is Life' - great vocal.
posted a comment on Aphrohead AKA Felix Da Housecat - In The Dark We Live (Thee Lite). over 4 years ago
Complete banger - have played the hell out of this, one of my all time faves!!
posted a comment on Funk D'Void - Jack Me Off. over 4 years ago
God I have played the hell out of this record!!
posted a comment on Carl Cox - Does It Feel Good To You. over 4 years ago
The b-side on mine has the label misplaced so that it covers almost half of the back of the record. I can only play the A-side.

I also got my copy autographed by Carl himself!! He signed the cover.
posted a comment on DJ Skull - What Y'all Want. over 4 years ago
Dark detroit style
posted a comment on Steady Motion - Chapter 1. over 4 years ago
A1 track is worth the purchase. "Feel this motion.... Feel this rotation"