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posted a comment on Metalworks. 10 months ago
These two late comers to the minimalism scene really deserves more attention or some good looking vinyl reissue. There's some really fantastic melodies to be found here. Like a second, more popish, episode of MKWAJU ensemble. Wonderfull stuff!
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posted a comment on Le Syndicat Electronique - Philosophie. over 2 years ago
Or that feeling when you bought the album back in 2003 for 15€ and was stupid enough to sell it some year later just to realise how much you would miss it in your collection later on when its price went sky rocket :P
posted a comment on Toshiko Akiyoshi-Lew Tabackin Big Band - Insights. over 2 years ago
The A-side is pretty much standard big band jams but the b-side is something not to be missed. Here Akiyoshi mixes orchestred parts with soothing slower ambience and blend it all with some epic traditional scores, including some uta-parts and folk lore. ... See full review
posted a comment on Aragon (3) - ザ• スタジオワークス The Studio Works The Birth Of Aragon. over 2 years ago
Do avoid this record. Not a rare gem. No suprises. Simply boring rehersal take outs. Only for very sad super fans and completist, collectors. Mp3s can be found floating around on intrenet, slsk etc.
posted a comment on Tomo Akikawabaya. over 2 years ago
I've never understood the hype around this artist. The music is utterly boring. Sure, some tracks are nice and soothing, but I can barely sit through half of the minimal wave-compilation. I can't help to get the feeling that these records mostly live on ... See full review
posted a comment on Vitor Hublot - 200 Millions De Francophones Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi.... over 2 years ago
I believe this version was only available for order through Vitor Hublot's Myspace page. It was an official release but had a very simple printed cover and came on a CD-R.
posted a comment on Salon Kitty* - 植物. over 2 years ago
Beautiful but also a bit boring. Lacks the touch of a skilled producer. Still, there is something very attractive about long sad albums of cool ambience.