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submitted Lyudska Podoba - Volnydorozhkibarashki. 5 months ago
submitted Nadja Lind & G-Man - Friday 13th. over 6 years ago
submitted Dub Taylor - Transition State. over 6 years ago
submitted Jeff Bennett - Paraphrazing. over 6 years ago
posted a review of Force Inc. Music Works. over 13 years ago
Although being familiar with probably not more than 1/10 of Force Inc releases, I'm very confident for the label's identity as i keep running into Force Inc following my favorite artists over the years. Possibly even first FIM compilation explains it ... See full review
posted a review of Omar-S - U. over 13 years ago
Honestly emotional vocals freestyle mixed with a humble trueskool house beat and obscure synthline sums up this incredibly raw and soulful track. So dirty and so authentic!
posted a review of G-Man - Avanti. over 14 years ago
Can't get enough of this album (+12" single holds 3 more gems) even after hundreds of listens. Although some of the tracks may seem faceless at first glance, they do tell the story while you listen, not to mention elegant groove of Azur, sky deep Lime, ... See full review
posted a review of Channel One - Technicolor. over 14 years ago
This track is a special one for me. First heard it ~1990 before really knowing what techno is, loved it back then and surprisingly rediscovered recently again: an organically-robotic tune standing the test of time, dynamically broken into stiff chunks ... See full review
posted a review of Octaves/Tremelos / Born Under A Rhyming Planet - Spike / Live At Jimmy's. over 15 years ago
Uh found this one by an accident @ Kompakt shop in Cologne.. Turned out to be a hit record at the parties for a while! The spike side is so uplifting and euphoric the dancefloor could never resist. A proof it sounds rather fresh even today - one of the ... See full review
posted a review of G-Man - Beautiful. over 15 years ago
Ocean deep yet full of energy this record carries the essence of the deep techno. Served me well as a true soundtrack for life over the years and it's definitely a record I'd love having around till the day I die. Essentially beautiful.