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posted a comment on Atlantic Fusion - Sanctuary. about 1 year ago
Sample taken from Logans Run (1976)

Do you identify the word Sanctuary?
Logan 5:
Sanctuary is a pre-catastrophe code word. Used for a place of unity.
posted a comment on Various - FTP 001. about 1 year ago
Shivers based on perfect spooky sample from Vincent Price ‎– Tales Of Witches, Ghosts And Goblins (exactly - "To Become a Werewolf")
posted a comment on Bad Company - Sentient / Forgotten. over 2 years ago
About sample in "Forgotten":
"Now, I suppose, you know who I am . . . when I lived in London, many years ago, I called myself Varelli. I use another name these days, to be forgotten. Are you surprised to hear my voice? I can speak only with this. I've ... See full review
posted a comment on Fast Eddie* - Over:And:Under. over 3 years ago
Is seems to me, sample from Patrice Rushen "Number One" was used in Hey Yeah.
posted a comment on Palace (4) - Touch Me EP. over 4 years ago
почему же "ни о чем"? Touch Me вполне хороший трек.
posted a comment on Matrix (15) - Get Out. over 4 years ago
It seems to me in Get Out (Chill out mix) used sample Kool and the Gang - Summer Madness
posted a comment on Kerrier District - Kerrier District 3. over 4 years ago
B1 - Kiss My Bass sample "Jump to it" comes from Aretha Franklin - "Jump to it"
posted a comment on Fatback* - Is This The Future?. over 5 years ago
We can put a man up in space
But on earth it's just a rat race.
Is this the future?

We got people workin’ 9 to 5
While over 10 percent are trying to stay alive.
Is this the future?

Crime is up, education is down
But the Dow Jones is on the rebound.
Is ... See full review
posted a comment on The Herbaliser - Remedies. over 8 years ago
By the way - "Forty Winks" was sampled from Bullet - "The Peterman"
I hope it helps somebody!
posted a comment on El Captain Funkaho* - My 2600. over 8 years ago
Nice record. "My 2600" sampled from Brian Bennett - The Investigator (1973)