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Discography Lists:
Japanese albums & reissues
Colour Vinyl
Magazine samplers
Box sets

Special lists:
Early/Icelandic Stuff
Cover Albums

If you have created any interesting discography list it can be added here.

Unofficial releases:
Main list: Standard Bootlegs
• DJ Vinyl

The lists above need to be created by someone interested to fill them. Currently, discogs lists about 400 unofficial Björk releases. They are to be found at the Unofficial section of Björk's main page at discogs.

Compilations with songs from:
Vespertine era
Medúlla era
Volta era
Live performances
compilations with Bjork on the cover

On the 77island main site at, compilation releases are only listed if they contain songs or remixes that are not to be found on any official Björk release. Compilation releases offering Björk tracks that are also to be found on genuine releases are not covered. This section at attempts to list all available compilations that include Björk tracks, so everyone is invited to submit. Please note that this list in its current version does not include all compilations available in the discogs database. We do, however, our best to link up to all of them in the future.

Short Discogs Guide:

Please read first the About Discogs page. page for introductory instructions. This site allows you to track your collection. While forming you collection list please submit all Björk releases to the database that are still missing. Do not use the "Add release" form as it will be empty. Rather, find a similar release, that already exists, click "history/edit" and choose "Copy To Draft". Also read the discogs submission guide.
All exclusive Björk releases submitted here at discogs will also be included into the 77island discography at Please be so nice and check whether the release is already listed at If this is not the case, high resolution scans are highly appreciated, in particular of back cover and disc. While discogs has restrictions regarding the size of the images (600 pixels max width and 300 kb max size), this is not the case for 77island.