Italo House/Breakbeat collector 1986-94-95(Max). Partial to any Labels 87-94, Unknown White Labels,Test Pressings,DJ Only Promos,Single Sided, Samples and Breaks TR 808,TR 909,TB 303 etc. On my 17th birthday (1987) i went to the Hacienda. From then on i was addicted. Went almost every week until its demise in 1991 (the first time it was closed). Then in my eyes it was never the same again. Also i found myself all over the North West, Quad Park,Monroes,Bowlers,Soundgarden,Man Alive,Quest,Shelleys,Ark (various),Legends, Wigan Pier,Loveshack,Zone,Eclipse,Konspiracy, Manchesters own. Been buying records since my very first which was The Streetsounds Electro Albums And Kariya-let me love you for tonight. Now i got about 18000 records and i still buy a few every week,will never stop, i cant its like a drug. Love italian, them italians certainly knew what was the definition of a house track.Samples, cant beat the italians!.Rarer the better as far as im concerned. I dont play out no more, whats the point, i just play upstairs on my dex.... Peace n Love To all. Vinyl will never die! All my records go through a strict cleaning regime, I love all my records and look after them as much as i do my own children. I will not sell none until the day comes i see fit.My Any users selling lots, or even full collections (italian labels preferred) contact me as i may be interested. I always offer the best prices even if theres 10k+ in your collection.I Do Buy vinyl even now, and i dont believe in leaving neg feedback unless i have no other option, most of the sellers on discogs are good genuine sellers, who looked after their records,alot of listings on discogs are wrong, why?. Theres the odd one or two who couldnt care less also.I hate sellers whom charge more to use paypal! this is wrong as we all have to pay paypal their cut and finally...honesty is the best policy! Molte grazie per guardare il mio profilo, pace e amore.... 808 (Lets Make Discogs Great Together). Happy to help with any ID and happy to send samples to help find those missing gems in ones life (Trust me, i know the feeling).,
Look after your vinyl and in years to come it will look after you back.

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NS10 (2) - Artcore E.P.
posted a review of NS10 (2) - Artcore E.P.. 10 months ago
A1 samples Sax-Give yourself to me Warlock Records 1988, classic track.
posted a review that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
Missing Two - Hardware
posted a review of Missing Two - Hardware. 11 months ago
There was a 6 track digital version released thats not listed on Ogs. Attic Mix,Original Mix,Rhythm Mix,Unreleased Pass 1,Unreleased Pass 2 and Unreleased Pass 3.
Dougal & Evolution (31) - Heaven Waits / Virtual Reality
posted a review of Dougal & Evolution (31) - Heaven Waits / Virtual Reality. 11 months ago
Heaven Waits tis the tune me lads. From back in the days of the xtc user. First heard by the man Stu Allen on his mad mixes 103fm and searched for years afterwards. Ohhh yes me hearties!.
Naked Music NYC - I'll Take You To Love
posted a review of Naked Music NYC - I'll Take You To Love. 11 months ago
Nush Club Vocal is a tune! By far the best mix on the cd. The piano kick is lovely!!!! lol.
The Chelsea Football Team* - Blue Is The Colour
posted a review of The Chelsea Football Team* - Blue Is The Colour. 11 months ago
This classic track got to number 5 in the uk music charts believe it or not.
Code 718 - Equinox
posted a review of Code 718 - Equinox. 11 months ago
Tune indeed. classic house music. From the renown famous house label.
Various - Remix Culture 10/92
posted a review of Various - Remix Culture 10/92. 12 months ago
A1 samples Tear For Fears lol. The piano riff is definatly tears for fears head over heels.
Grant Brothers - Trust The Night (Remix)
posted a review of Grant Brothers - Trust The Night (Remix). 12 months ago
Very poor press. Sounds very tinny and distorted and seems to be getting worse. Lets just hope for a re release revamped as its a fookin class track.
The Motors - Airport
posted a review of The Motors - Airport. 12 months ago
Im a collector of a totally different style of music. I loved the vintage 808,909 days and samples etc. This record however if one of those that stays in ones head for years. No idea on the band or the title, you know the ones. I just love the chorus... See full review
Fozbee & Cooz - Magic & Mystery
posted a review of Fozbee & Cooz - Magic & Mystery. 12 months ago
Definatly Magic & Mystery the best track on this EP, Free your mind we all know a close 2nd. Wicked chorul throughout in Magic & Mystery takes it for me. TUNE INDEED.
Spirit Garden - Electra City
posted a review of Spirit Garden - Electra City. 12 months ago
lol fair comment squiz. Full of samples and classic track. Another fine example from ones own label. 061. Samples Tony Carrasco-Ex Press Yourself Discomagic Records, thats where the euro house part comes from which should be Italo House!!.
Moby - Go
posted a review of Moby - Go. about 1 year ago
Where did the riff for Go come from? Angelo Badalamenti Lauras Theme (Twin Peaks).
Beatmen - 4 The Floor Recordings Volume 2
posted a review of Beatmen - 4 The Floor Recordings Volume 2. about 1 year ago
A1 samples Jennifer Lucas-Take On Higher also on various labels, which everyone should know.
Unity - Unity (North/South Remixes)
posted a review of Unity - Unity (North/South Remixes). about 1 year ago
Future Sound Of London Remix allday long. Classic! Piano riff but not looped allway through like other mixes.
BassXPansion - Bass E.P.
posted a review of BassXPansion - Bass E.P.. about 1 year ago
What gets me is this. This EP is the exact same EP as Mindcrash-Transfomer and same cat no. Mindcrash titled EP has a rating of 4.36 and this Bass EP with exact same tracks, just named different is rated 3.85! cmon now people.
Pierre Feroldi Featuring Linda Ray - Movin Now
posted a review of Pierre Feroldi Featuring Linda Ray - Movin Now. about 1 year ago
A record which used samples then was sampled itself lol. Force Legato - System to Linda Ray-Perfect Love
Mystery Man - D.J. Business / Love E
posted a review of Mystery Man - D.J. Business / Love E. about 1 year ago
DJ Business after listening to this record for years and years actaully samples Pumpkin-King Of The Beat right at the end lol.
Proce - Shake Your Love
posted a review of Proce - Shake Your Love. about 1 year ago
Samples 1991s Istitution – It's Not Over various labels. Question is however who did Istitution use the sample from?
Atelier - Got To Live Together
posted a review of Atelier - Got To Live Together. about 1 year ago
Everyone asking where the famous sample comes from? The pioneer of old hip hop electro and house Arthur Baker.
Underground Posse - Straight Up House
posted a review of Underground Posse - Straight Up House. about 1 year ago
Tune indeed-Rave Mix the best for me. Womans voice and that choral and beat lol. You all know what i mean...TUNE. Theres another cut down version of this on Global Underground Gumixed 2 which wasnt on the EP which is great also.
S.S.R. - To Be House
posted a review of S.S.R. - To Be House. about 1 year ago
SAMPLES Gil Scott Heron-War Is Very Ugly whom sampled Mr Fingers, numerous labels the year before S.S.R.
Gil Scott Heron* - Space Shuttle
posted a review of Gil Scott Heron* - Space Shuttle. about 1 year ago
/war is So Ugly samples quite a few tracks. Even 808 state in it, Mr Fingers, 2 In A Room-Take Me Away.
Nitrous - Moonwalk
posted a review of Nitrous - Moonwalk. about 1 year ago
Remix was played as backing track on the 808 state show-Sunset 102fm Manchester. The boys @ 808 loved it.
Mimmo Mix Featuring Donna (5) - Chains
posted a review of Mimmo Mix Featuring Donna (5) - Chains. about 1 year ago
This record is definatly swayed by Kym Mazelle – Got To Get You Back. Most definatly.
Unity 3 - The Age Of Love Suite
posted a review of Unity 3 - The Age Of Love Suite. about 1 year ago
A1 half way through is banging tune. Female says Mine, mine ,mine ,mine,free,free,free,free and it goes!. Worth buying just for that part trust me.
Kathy Sledge - Another Star
posted a review of Kathy Sledge - Another Star. about 1 year ago
Rogers Ultimate Anthem is a right tune. What a Chorus!. Another example of a classic,revamped into a house absolute masterpiece.
Enforcer - Hellbound / Dam Tuff
posted a review of Enforcer - Hellbound / Dam Tuff. about 1 year ago
Whats the musical chime in Hellbound called? which chime tune? Musical Box etc etc
Ramirez - El Ritmo Barbaro
posted a review of Ramirez - El Ritmo Barbaro. about 1 year ago
Very popular track in Ibiza,Tenerife@ amnesia, pacha etc. The europeans loved it..."MY VOLVO".
Slam / Rejuvination - Eterna / I.B.O.
posted a review of Slam / Rejuvination - Eterna / I.B.O.. about 1 year ago
I.B.O. was/is indeed a mopnster track. Yes we all know Eterna and all its covers over the years and yes that is a good one also but I.B.O. is an sublime tune. I got it in the car at the moment and I.B.O. playing at high volume cruising at high speed... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
The Pianoman* - Cast A Spell
posted a review of The Pianoman* - Cast A Spell. about 1 year ago
Maximum spell got nothing on the original. Maximum spell was on the verge of cheese. Original far far superior start of a record. Be sensible now. Zone lovers will disagree with their 150bpms lol.
Nils Booph & The Pianoman* / Red Boy Wrong Planet - Cast A Spell / D-El-Fil
posted a review of Nils Booph & The Pianoman* / Red Boy Wrong Planet - Cast A Spell / D-El-Fil. about 1 year ago
Tune indeedy. Brilliant start to a exctastic track A1. I want a copy of the White Label Test Press if anyone has.
Never Mind - White Form
posted a review of Never Mind - White Form. about 1 year ago
De Wulf era Stomper!. From the days when Belgium was king for techno. Mertens from Criminal touch had something to do with this track. Tune indeedy.
Sir Spence - Non Continuity EP
posted a review of Sir Spence - Non Continuity EP. about 1 year ago
Rockin EP. 70 quid at the moment! well its not that bad considering 60 fags is about that now lol. Must have anyway no matter the cost.
Various - The Haçienda Acid House Classics
posted a review of Various - The Haçienda Acid House Classics. about 1 year ago
Hooky and Murphy together are Manray lol. Hooky wasnt the founder of Hass lol Factory Records and Tony Wilson was. Hooky just played bass in Warsaw,Joy Division and New Order signed to Factory. Hes a legend to Mancunians everywhere.
Nipper - Now That's What I Call A Bootleg
posted a review of Nipper - Now That's What I Call A Bootleg. about 1 year ago
Nipper was very overated eh? Nipper was an excellent scratch DJ, definatly on par with DJ SY. Sasha couldnt scratch like neither. Nipper used to sell out venues, 1000s of them. People saw Nipper on a flyer and you know you was in for a good night.... See full review
Band Of Gypsies - On A Natural High
posted a review of Band Of Gypsies - On A Natural High. about 1 year ago
Definatly persuaded by Future Sounds Of London-Papua New Guinea....tune indeedy.
Jackie Moore (2) - Let Me Try Again
posted a review of Jackie Moore (2) - Let Me Try Again. about 1 year ago
Also released but probably unofficial was same cat no MIX 628 with 3 mixes-1 Club Mix 2 Extacy Mix 3 Dub Mix. There was alot of these unofficial reissues! flying about in digital format especially when Discomagic Records became known.
Love Revolution - Give It To Me Baby
posted a review of Love Revolution - Give It To Me Baby. about 1 year ago
Was a monster in early 91, Lyona classic lyrics throughout. Monroes,Maximes,Legends,Quad Park to name but a few!!. Another example of the B side being more famous than the actual A side. I think Network Records brought this out on a White with... See full review
Invenction - Broken Land
posted a review of Invenction - Broken Land. about 1 year ago
Also released was a 3 mix ep not shown on Discogs. Same cat no but with A1-Ambient Mix B1-Club Mix B2-Dub Mix. Hope this helps.
Phuture Assassins
posted a comment on Phuture Assassins. about 1 year ago
Roots N Future Altern 8 Dark Future Remix all day long for me. Future Sound 2 Bad Mice Mix a very close 2nd.
D'Cruze - What A Rush / I Believe
posted a review of D'Cruze - What A Rush / I Believe. about 1 year ago
B side is the better mix for me. Believe was first heard within a mix, then Id,d afterwards via a stamped address envelope sent to the show from Stu Allans mastermix on Key 103fm. Get your tapes ready! lol
Dougal & Evolution (31) / Clarkee* & Phantasy* - Y'Know (What Y' Want) / Near Miss
posted a review of Dougal & Evolution (31) / Clarkee* & Phantasy* - Y'Know (What Y' Want) / Near Miss. about 1 year ago
WOW! and i mean wow. Just checked the ratings and some people have rated this track a 1 star!. 1 star! they must be on drugs, if so give me some, but there isnt no drug on the market that would make me rate this track 1 or even 2 stars so keep the... See full review
Greg Fenton Presents  Silver City (4) - Love Infinity
posted a review of Greg Fenton Presents Silver City (4) - Love Infinity. about 1 year ago
Samples Sterling Void-Runaway and samples it well. Classic house track. Various Labels
Terry Burrus
posted a comment on Terry Burrus. over 2 years ago
He did a fantastic job on Frankies Classic The Pressure mix-Sounds Of Blackness which was heard worldwide in many many clubs so reeespect.
Sounds Of Blackness - The Pressure (Pt. 1)
posted a comment on Sounds Of Blackness - The Pressure (Pt. 1). over 2 years ago
Absolute classic house track, one of the best starts of a record ive ever heard. Frankies 12"club classic vocal mix. Buy the EP just for that mix but theres many mixes so search for the Frankies class vocal mix which is over 8 minutes long and you... See full review
Model 500
posted a comment on Model 500. over 2 years ago
Juan Atkins aka Cybotron sounds very alike both Cybotron and Model 500. Definatly using the exact same samplers and drum machines.
The Prodigy
posted a comment on The Prodigy. over 2 years ago
Early Prodigy were great. After 92 crap!. Went into that silly commercial pop world like most do. Moby etc Early Prodigy however were good. Why Your Love wasnt released as a single is beyond me. I bought the Charly record just cause of the B side!.... See full review
The Prodigy - Charly
posted a comment on The Prodigy - Charly. over 2 years ago
Matt means the 2 demo tapes. Poor quality, never released tape 2 has 16 tracks including 3 versions of Charlie. Children always tell your mummy before you go off somewhere with a stranger! cause Charlie thinks hes a peadophile lol then charlie gets a... See full review