Italo House/Breakbeat collector 1986-94-95(Max). Partial to any Labels 87-94, Unknown White Labels,Test Pressings,DJ Only Promos,Single Sided, Samples and Breaks etc. On my 17th birthday (1987) i went to the Hacienda. From then on i was addicted. Went almost every week until its demise in 1991 (the first time it was closed). Then in my eyes it was never the same again. Also i found myself all over the North West, Quad Park,Monroes,Bowlers,Soundgarden,Man Alive,Quest,Shelleys,Ark (various),Legends, Wigan Pier,Loveshack,Zone,Eclipse,Konspiracy, Manchesters own. Been buying records since my very first which was The Streetsounds Electro Albums And Kariya-let me love you for tonight. Now i got about 18000 records and i still buy a few every week,will never stop, i cant its like a drug. Love italian, them italians certainly knew what was the definition of a house track.Samples, cant beat the italians!.Rarer the better as far as im concerned. I dont play out no more, whats the point, i just play upstairs on my dex.... Peace n Love To all. Vinyl will never die! All my records go through a strict cleaning regime, I love all my records and look after them as much as i do my own children. I will not sell none until the day comes i see fit.My Any users selling lots, or even full collections (italian labels preferred) contact me as i may be interested. I always offer the best prices even if theres 10k+ in your collection.I Do Buy vinyl even now, and i dont believe in leaving neg feedback unless i have no other option, most of the sellers on discogs are good genuine sellers, who looked after their records,alot of listings on discogs are wrong, why?. Theres the odd one or two who couldnt care less also.I hate sellers whom charge more to use paypal! this is wrong as we all have to pay paypal their cut and finally...honesty is the best policy! Molte grazie per guardare il mio profilo, pace e amore.... 808 (Lets Make Discogs Great Together). Happy to help with any ID and happy to send samples to help find those missing gems in ones life (Trust me, i know the feeling).,
Look after your vinyl and in years to come it will look after you back.

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Terry Burrus
posted a comment on Terry Burrus. 4 months ago
He did a fantastic job on Frankies Classic The Pressure mix-Sounds Of Blackness which was heard worldwide in many many clubs so reeespect.
Sounds Of Blackness - The Pressure (Pt. 1)
posted a comment on Sounds Of Blackness - The Pressure (Pt. 1). 4 months ago
Absolute classic house track, one of the best starts of a record ive ever heard. Frankies 12"club classic vocal mix. Buy the EP just for that mix but theres many mixes so search for the Frankies class vocal mix which is over 8 minutes long and you... See full review
Model 500
posted a comment on Model 500. 5 months ago
Juan Atkins aka Cybotron sounds very alike both Cybotron and Model 500. Definatly using the exact same samplers and drum machines.
The Prodigy
posted a comment on The Prodigy. 5 months ago
Early Prodigy were great. After 92 crap!. Went into that silly commercial pop world like most do. Moby etc Early Prodigy however were good. Why Your Love wasnt released as a single is beyond me. I bought the Charly record just cause of the B side!.... See full review
The Prodigy - Charly
posted a comment on The Prodigy - Charly. 5 months ago
Matt means the 2 demo tapes. Poor quality, never released tape 2 has 16 tracks including 3 versions of Charlie. Children always tell your mummy before you go off somewhere with a stranger! cause Charlie thinks hes a peadophile lol then charlie gets a... See full review
Meli'sa Morgan - Still In Love With You
posted a comment on Meli'sa Morgan - Still In Love With You. 7 months ago
One of the finest MAW remixes ive ever heard. (Meli'sa In The House) mix absolutely sublime and i played it only a few weeks ago "still in love" i am, classic remix.
Aircut - Visual Attack
posted a comment on Aircut - Visual Attack. 7 months ago
Banging tune 5-5 defo. Wicked funky ass beat. The Last Starfighter!.
S.A.S.* - Amber Groove
posted a comment on S.A.S.* - Amber Groove. 8 months ago
Samples Gems For Jem – Everybody! Groove Me and does it well. Great Track, unsure what jondavey is on about!.
Strictly Rhythm
posted a comment on Strictly Rhythm. 8 months ago
I have about 160 Strictly EPs. I class Strictly as one of the pioneers of American house music for sure. There isnt 1 single DJ from back in the day who hasnt dropped the needle on a Strictly track and thats a fact. I knew of 1 dDJ who played After... See full review
Grant Brothers - Trust The Night (Remix)
posted a comment on Grant Brothers - Trust The Night (Remix). 9 months ago
Remix does sound a touch tinny bro. Ripped using Sound Forge using FLAC then down to 320mbps seems to help but cant help but notice its abit tinny. Just the way it was recorded onto vinyl bud. Also like me when you bought the record B1 Club has been... See full review
posted a comment on K-Klass. 9 months ago
They wasnt mancs, they was adopted by mancs. Quiet a few mancs to be honest and this kicked their career off.
Omni Trio
posted a comment on Omni Trio. 10 months ago
As ive said before i wasnt into Drum N Bass but Haigh was indeed a genius. I loved all his tracks that included female voice riffs. Ghost Rider & Future Frontier to name but a few!.
The Criminal Minds - Mind Bombing
posted a comment on The Criminal Minds - Mind Bombing. 10 months ago
Change The Pace banging track. Starts off all ragga like then half way through (2.00) goes bezerk. Banging banging track!.
Formosa - Girls On The Loose
posted a comment on Formosa - Girls On The Loose. 10 months ago
Il sort you the full EP or Sungod album buddy for nothing.
Strangeways Records
posted a comment on Strangeways Records. 11 months ago
Excellent label coming out of Manny. Why so few records though? Classic track from Strangeways is the A1 on SWAY-004 classic classic track. The chorus is just sublime.............
One II One - I Want You
posted a comment on One II One - I Want You. about 1 year ago
Purple Hazy? lmao...Yeh Stu Allen started off in 86 i think way before i tuned in. Styles changed over the years Best years was defo 92-93, some mental mixes. Id gladly pay for old 92 mixes i havnt got. For tracklistings of his mixes you had to send a... See full review
World Dominance - Compression Remix
posted a comment on World Dominance - Compression Remix. about 1 year ago
Tune Indeedy. Was a Quest in Wolverhampton favourite for sure.
Nipper - Now That's What I Call A Bootleg
posted a comment on Nipper - Now That's What I Call A Bootleg. about 1 year ago
Hac had its own style, remember the hac was doing stuff the uk never seen before. Early American and italian house. Was unique. For me though its Konspiracy or Man alive all day long.
Flint (22) - Break My Heart / J.C. 22
posted a comment on Flint (22) - Break My Heart / J.C. 22. about 1 year ago
Cartouche-Feel The Groove bro, various labels 1990. Classic track,classic sample.
Frequency (3) - Kiss The Sky
posted a comment on Frequency (3) - Kiss The Sky. about 1 year ago
Kiss The Sky Remix is far far superior i think personally. Track that always used to get the place going. Whistle crew!!. Defo Remix.
Enforcer - Hellbound / Dam Tuff
posted a comment on Enforcer - Hellbound / Dam Tuff. about 1 year ago
If its not on there soon il upload it. BANGIN BANGIN BREAK TRACK. Up there with A New Direction, Eye Memory etc etc
The Brothers (4) - The Brothers On Acid
posted a comment on The Brothers (4) - The Brothers On Acid. about 1 year ago
A1 Samples New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle lol. classico!
Biosphere - Baby Interphase
posted a comment on Biosphere - Baby Interphase. about 1 year ago
Remix definatly for me. Eerie tune, takes one on a journey indeed with a good sound system. "Straight Ahead, Ready To Go" Indeedy!.
New Order - Blue Monday
posted a comment on New Order - Blue Monday. about 1 year ago
New Orders best selling 12 " ever. although New Order lost 0.10p ukp on every copy sold! due to the cover being too much to produce. The management skills of Factory lol. All that money lost, the debt the Hacienda was in kept afloat aslong as it did... See full review
Recall IV - Contrast
posted a comment on Recall IV - Contrast. about 1 year ago
Classic Early New Beat/Techno Belgium stuff. Fits perfectly into that 88-90 Euro Techno De Wulf sound.
Various - Knights Of The Turntable Vol 1
posted a comment on Various - Knights Of The Turntable Vol 1. about 1 year ago
Very Similar to the Quadrant Park classics collections 1-15. Why you cannot buy them i dont know. are all White Label bootlegs. Isnt a White Label a bootleg? Numero Unos of bootlegs on Discogs, get my point.... See full review
Various - Quadrant Park Classics
posted a comment on Various - Quadrant Park Classics. about 1 year ago
Similar to the Knights Of The Turntables collections 1-39 i think. Tuneage from the days of the Extacy user.
P.P. Orange - My Feelings
posted a comment on P.P. Orange - My Feelings. about 1 year ago
Absolutely love this chorus. Classic old house track. Tisseras one and only masterpiece. AND IT IS. Before those bad days of commercial house.
Love Corporation - Tones
posted a comment on Love Corporation - Tones. about 1 year ago
World is a classic track indeed. From the days of the LSD user lol. Myself and 4 friends were driving back home from Blackpool circa 1990 in a XR2 and we had World blasting. You try listening to it when your on one, or two,three,four,five,six. lol
Orbital - Mutations
posted a comment on Orbital - Mutations. about 1 year ago
Speed Freak Mobys mix is the best track on this EP by far. I first heard the track on Stu Allans mad mastermix show. Moby was indeed a wonderkid early in his career before he changed into the commercial muppet somewhat later. Such a shame but he wasnt... See full review
Fourth Dimension - Wonderland / Infection
posted a comment on Fourth Dimension - Wonderland / Infection. about 1 year ago
TOP TOP Track-Wonderland. Heard all over the North West Late 92-93. Mixes well into My Mind-Noise Factory or I Need Your Lovin-NRG. Must have Break track!!!.
Kid Frost - Terminator
posted a comment on Kid Frost - Terminator. about 1 year ago
For me it was Imperial Bros-We come to Rock and Capt rock Cosmic Blast. Early Mantronix stuff,Hashim etc Newcleus. Egyptian Lover and his beloved TR 808 which revolutionised the electro hip hop era!!!!!.
Lionrock - Packet Of Peace (Remixes)
posted a comment on Lionrock - Packet Of Peace (Remixes). about 1 year ago
The bottles are all empty, the potion? s gone
Powers promised like the dawn, it just won't carry on
I leave the empties on the doorstep, to be filled by time
Is he a wizard or a teacher? Is she a friend of mine?
Mixes ace into DMS S.O.S..
Aurora (3) - Firin On All Cylinders / Firin To The Core
posted a comment on Aurora (3) - Firin On All Cylinders / Firin To The Core. about 1 year ago
To the core fopr me defo. Everyone loves a good stab!.
Rugged Vinyl Records
posted a comment on Rugged Vinyl Records. about 1 year ago
Very Very underestimated Label. Some classic bangers on it for sure. From the days of Breaks and junglists and before the shite happy hardcore days thank god.
D.O.P. - Get Out On This Dancefloor
posted a comment on D.O.P. - Get Out On This Dancefloor. about 1 year ago
A1 Get Out On This Dancefloor definatly samples Love Fixation by Kikkit On Republic Records label 1988.
DJ Excel (8) - Just When You Thought It Was Safe
posted a comment on DJ Excel (8) - Just When You Thought It Was Safe. about 1 year ago
Any animals rights activists out there do not buy this record. Jaws however was an Evil Bastard and had to die. What a track, and certainly tells the story of JAWS!.
High Society (2) - Untitled
posted a comment on High Society (2) - Untitled. about 1 year ago
Nice piano riff for sure.I agree 100% though with wezbash review. 126 quid at min for a copy. Bah!.Guess il just loop the piano riff on and on for 3 minutes and add a beat lol.
Various - Time Capsule (Fourth 808 Box)
posted a comment on Various - Time Capsule (Fourth 808 Box). about 1 year ago
Trust me i love this Album. If your a fan of the Roland TR808 which more or less invented the Electro scene, you have to get this.
Various - Homegrown Classics Volume 1
posted a comment on Various - Homegrown Classics Volume 1. about 1 year ago
How one can moan about this album is beyond words. Banging Breakbeat tunes. Awesome collection-definatly one of them to be played at Grannys 80th.
T.H.C* - Sunshine / Dark Zone / Love My Dub
posted a comment on T.H.C* - Sunshine / Dark Zone / Love My Dub. about 1 year ago
Excellent EP indeed. If youve watched Straight Outta Compton movie about NWA. You will certainly know Sunshine lol. Dre loved sunshine too. AA1 Dark Zone is one of those tunes which was a git to find. Rock The Beat.
Trak 1 - For This
posted a comment on Trak 1 - For This. about 1 year ago
Samples Believe it or not RUN DMC-Sucker Mcs lol. Classic old electro hip hop masterpiece.
Secret Desire - White Light / Anna Lies
posted a comment on Secret Desire - White Light / Anna Lies. about 1 year ago
Top Tuna from the vintage label Vinyl Solution. Classic little EP, both excellent tracks. Eerie funky ass tune White Light. Definatly one for your collection. It has everything from Eerie,Melodic chords to funky ass bass and Breaks. Starts with abit... See full review
Subject: 13* - Eternity
posted a comment on Subject: 13* - Eternity. about 1 year ago
Tune indeed. Eternity, funky ass beat (Definatly early breakbeat) with great choral percussion. One of those tracks that you hear maybe in a mix and it passes one by but then buy the actual record and sample different bpms and different mixes and its... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Timebase Feat. Kromozone - Unity / Fireball
posted a comment on Timebase Feat. Kromozone - Unity / Fireball. about 1 year ago
Fireball-Not a good track he says? I seen some silly comments but this one is right up there. Listen to the beat, (yes its funky), yes its breaks n bleeps as hes calls it but not to the extreme of Testone or LFO. The beat does it for me, Rocking tune.... See full review
Out Of Order (2) - Stung
posted a comment on Out Of Order (2) - Stung. about 1 year ago
I paid 8 quid for mine sorry bro. Help The Aged Shops Matter.
Out Of Order (2) - The Dark Sheep
posted a comment on Out Of Order (2) - The Dark Sheep. about 1 year ago
Tears dis the one, Rocking tune from 92/93 heard all over the North West. Anyone has the test pressing hit me up.
DMS - S.O.S. / Mind Wreck
posted a comment on DMS - S.O.S. / Mind Wreck. about 1 year ago
Midnight mix is awesome. First heard in 92 and mixes very well into I need your lovin by NRG. Hear This!.
Frank Lambert (2) - Experimental Talking Clock
posted a comment on Frank Lambert (2) - Experimental Talking Clock. about 1 year ago
No Stabs? or Breaks? Samples Even?. Oh well all good things come to those whom wait. Around 114 more years after this recording to be precise.