Italo House/Breakbeat collector 1986-94-95(Max). Partial to any Labels 87-94, Unknown White Labels,Test Pressings,DJ Only Promos,Single Sided, Samples and Breaks etc. On my 17th birthday (1987) i went to the Hacienda. From then on i was addicted. Went almost every week until its demise in 1991 (the first time it was closed). Then in my eyes it was never the same again. Also i found myself all over the North West, Quad Park,Monroes,Bowlers,Soundgarden,Man Alive,Quest,Shelleys,Ark (various),Legends, Wigan Pier,Loveshack,Zone,Eclipse,Konspiracy, Manchesters own. Been buying records since my very first which was The Streetsounds Electro Albums And Kariya-let me love you for tonight. Now i got about 18000 records and i still buy a few every week,will never stop, i cant its like a drug. Love italian, them italians certainly knew what was the definition of a house track.Samples, cant beat the italians!.Rarer the better as far as im concerned. I dont play out no more, whats the point, i just play upstairs on my dex.... Peace n Love To all. Vinyl will never die! All my records go through a strict cleaning regime, I love all my records and look after them as much as i do my own children. I will not sell none until the day comes i see fit.My Any users selling lots, or even full collections (italian labels preferred) contact me as i may be interested. I always offer the best prices even if theres 10k+ in your collection.I Do Buy vinyl even now, and i dont believe in leaving neg feedback unless i have no other option, most of the sellers on discogs are good genuine sellers, who looked after their records,alot of listings on discogs are wrong, why?. Theres the odd one or two who couldnt care less also.I hate sellers whom charge more to use paypal! this is wrong as we all have to pay paypal their cut and finally...honesty is the best policy! Molte grazie per guardare il mio profilo, pace e amore.... 808 (Lets Make Discogs Great Together). Happy to help with any ID and happy to send samples to help find those missing gems in ones life (Trust me, i know the feeling).,
Look after your vinyl and in years to come it will look after you back.
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posted a comment on Eternity (35) - Ultramarina. about 1 month ago
Slow beat mellow stylist that samples Tendance-I Cant Take It.
posted a review of Phuture Assassins - Roots 'N Future (Remixes). 3 months ago
Altern 8 Remix Absolute Classic Breaks track. Tune Indeedy. Produced in Stoke,heard in Manchester!.
posted a comment on Bass Selective - The Expansions E.P.. 3 months ago
Psychosis (A Journey To) absolute diamond track. Excellent all round EP. Currently selling for 35 quid so break into that piggy bank quickly,,,It will be worth it.
posted a comment on 2 Da Core - Rub A Dub / Love Thy Brother. 3 months ago
Anyone know the id for this track- i thought it was this above but no joy. Track i wants goes crime dibi,du da,dey rub a dub crime dibi du daa dey dibi du daa dey. circa 92-93 definately. PLEASE IGNORE NOW FOUND..... PHUTURE ASSASSINS.
posted a comment on Noodles & Wonder - Dub Soup EP. 4 months ago
Im not really a Drum n Bass fan, although i do have a few Drum N Bass records. I do however love Hold Me. Great tune! but i think its better played with a slightly slower BPM which turns it into a Circa 92 track. Drum riff has been used many times from ... See full review
posted a comment on Freestyle (7) & DJR - Ten 44. 4 months ago
It is all about Ten 44 as mentioned below. Classic Breakbeat track and very typical from the 92-93 era. Some diamonds came out back then and Ten 44 is certainly one of them. From the Awesome, Awesome Record label. Cat no's SL 001-SL 034 Class!.
posted a comment on Lewi Cifer - Confidence. 4 months ago
Absolute banging EP. All 4 tracks are great. Confidence stands out slightly but Feel The Panic Kicks mid section!. classic EP from the man.
posted a comment on Isidro Alfaro Gutierrez - Niña De Pelo Negro (Remix). 5 months ago
Only 1.38 in length. Man speaking Italian throughout. Im afraid i cannot translate lol.
posted a comment on Loxodrome - The Loxodrome E.P.. 6 months ago
Heavy Ride masterful trance/ambient like track. Deep ass track. Classic beyond my view anyways. Peace To All Man.
posted a comment on 808 State - The Extended Pleasure Of Dance EP. 7 months ago
The prisoners had Snap-The Power blasting they didnt need Cubik lol. As at that very moment....they DID have the Power.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 7 months ago
posted a comment on Various - Back To Attack Vol. 1. 7 months ago
B3 worth the money for this EP alone. Rare muvver it is. Took me years to find this correct mix.
posted a comment on Funky Junky - Sunday Morning. 7 months ago
Took me over 10 years to find this git. First heard the piano riff in 92 on Key 103 when the man Stu Allen had a competition asking where did the piano riff originate. Well i didnt have a clue. I had the Funky Junky track on an old tape in a mix by Stu. ... See full review
posted a comment on Cool Hand Flex - Hay-Yeh / Shackout. 7 months ago
Samples LFO nicely. Hay-Yeh kicking track. U NO DAT lol.
posted a comment on 808 State - The Extended Pleasure Of Dance EP. 7 months ago
The prisoners had Snap-The Power blasting they didnt need Cubik lol. As at that very moment....they DID have the Power.
posted a comment on M-Beat Featuring General Levy - Incredible. 7 months ago
Ali-Gs favourite record in his Renault 5 Gt Turbo lmao
posted a comment on Gat Decor - Passion. 8 months ago
The original "Passion" was and still is a powerful piece of house music. Classic is beyond words, vintage track. Blows ones mind,or did!.
posted a comment on New Order - Power, Corruption & Lies. 9 months ago
I think Power,Corruption & Lies is New Orders best album by far followed by Brotherhood. Managed to see them Live a few times and Your Silent Face always did it for me. Classic tune. Very underrated album, walks allover Substance etc.
posted a comment on DJ Trema & The Avenger - Untitled. 9 months ago
MC lethal-Prince Of Darkness sampling in there also. Bust That Groove also. We all love a sample!!!!. All massive tunes.
posted a comment on Prince - The Black Album. 9 months ago
Serious collectors thats who. Who cares how much it is worth. Its rare as rocking horse shite. Id love a copy alas.
posted a comment on The Beat Club - Security. 9 months ago
Have this on a cd in my car along with around 200 others. Played The Club Mix on way home from work and still a classic in its own right. Unique beat, almost electro est. One of those you could dance too beats. Clever couple indeedy. Tune!!!, always will ... See full review
posted a comment on Ramos + Supreme - The Journey Part 1 / Crowd Control. about 1 year ago
Tune indeedy. Takes one on a journey definate. Inspirational beat. B side great also. Must have EP in ones Breakbeat collection. Awesome 3 sampling thrown on for good measure.
posted a comment on Spectral (2) - Touch Somebody (DJ Seduction Remix). about 1 year ago
Close your eyes....classic tune indeedy. Enough said me thinks. One of those mellow yellow tunes. Classic!. Wonderous track
posted a comment on Sample Boys* Feat. Sarah J. Brown - I Can't Take It Anymore. about 1 year ago
Exactly as it says on the lid. Full of samples!. Classic vocal samples!
posted a comment on Various - London Beats - The Very Best Of Jumpin' & Pumpin'. about 1 year ago
Excellent compilation from a classic label. A must have most def in ones collection.
posted a comment on Jem 77 - Never Felt This Way / Pure. about 1 year ago
Cookie Cutter Chipmunk Rave eh? LOL whatever. Timeless classic from the breakbeat/hardcore days of old. Classic tune. I think Jemms best track by far.
posted a comment on Force Mass Motion - Escape EP. about 1 year ago
Very good Ep, i think probably the best Force Mass released. Sub Sonix is the most well known track but Esthisis is a tune!. All are very good and defo part of the sounds of that time. Esthisis!.... All good tunes though, Panic samples Economix.
posted a comment on Obscure Dimensions - Fifth Letter / Techno Trip-Out. about 1 year ago
Excllent stuff Mitriy, Excellent. I find such comments fascinating. Very informative and....Love Biographic statements like this.Excellent.
posted a comment on Alpha DY - Chicago Trip. about 1 year ago
WTF has this guy been taking? Bad Trip or what? lol. Record is great! and sure to make one peak! apart from the owner of this review ive answered lol. He would probably be in the toilets puking up!!!!!.
posted a comment on Tuff Little Unit - Join The Future. about 1 year ago
Masterplan all day long for me. Can never get bored of hearing the dream like choral notes at the end of the track. Masterfull Masterplan.Tune Indeed!.
posted a comment on Fantastic Max - Fantastic Max Vol 2. about 1 year ago
The vids that are added to this EP ARE NOT WHITE 029 The vids are WHITE TWO Things that you do EP.
posted a comment on Latino Brothers - The Musik. about 1 year ago
D.J. CLUB MIX 4 BRO. On Polytel label 1994
posted a comment on Mark Samson featuring Sharon (14) / Mark Samson - Love Come Down / Mind Directed Energy. about 1 year ago
A1 Tune indeed. Best to be played at 126.0 bpm to really acknowledge the beat and turns it into a total different track!.
posted a comment on R & S Records. about 1 year ago
Classic Record Label,Always has been, always will be. Everyone of us will have at least a few R&S tracks in their collection, id put money on it. Other than that id agree with everything spl3nd1d said. 1988-1991 sublime times for this vintage label. The ... See full review
posted a comment on Christian Jay Bolland* - Ravesignal III. about 1 year ago
Horsepower was the killer on this EP for me. Many of times ive heard this absolutley smashing up the place. Basically people going " Off It". Im sure if you went clubbing in the North West or Centre of the country you will know exactly what i mean. ... See full review
posted a comment on Renegade Soundwave. about 1 year ago
One of best Electronic Samplers to come out of London in the late 80s. We all remember Renegade Theme,The Phantom and of course Thunder!. Which itself was introduced to me by DJ Sasha, the man himself one Saturday night.
posted a comment on MCR. about 1 year ago
MCR=? London....Nah. Manchester was where it was at. Excellent shops,Excellent Radio Stations,Excellent Clubs,Excellent Record Shops,Excellent Labels. Tracks named after famous New Order titles etc. Manchesters own label.
posted a comment on Spirit Garden - Electra City. about 1 year ago
A1 Nice little sample of X-Press Yourself-Tony Carrasco. Track made in Italy,Sampled in Manchester!!!!. A2 Samples Let It Roll-Doug Lazy Nice little EP indeedy. B1 Samples Stereogen,KCB to name but a few.
posted a comment on My Friend Sam Featuring Viola Wills - It's My Pleasure. about 1 year ago
At the moment Nov 2017 this record/cassette is selling for 0.79p ukp. The best 80p you will ever spend in your life!
posted a comment on Various - Knights Of The Turntable Vol. 15. about 1 year ago
A1 is Rapino Bros-Reach To The Top not as shown on label...which doesnt exist.
posted a comment on Twin Head* - U Said U / We Gonna Go. about 1 year ago
A1 Samples the classic Alyson Williams - Sleep Talk "You said you would love only me, I will love only you". Piano riff thrown in for good measure.
posted a comment on Spasm (4) - Spasm. about 1 year ago
B Side does it for me on this White. B1 is the best track on the EP i think. Industrial Breaks and Bleeps style track and i like it. I like any track with that eerie ambient dreamy riff in the background and B1 has that. 5 stars alone for B1. More info ... See full review
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Rave 1. about 1 year ago
Any Sonic The Hedgehog fans out there will love this EP. In 1992 i was an Amiga fanboy and had been since 1989. Wicked machine, well above its time just like the TR 808.
posted a comment on The Rainbow Warriors - The End Of The Rainbow. about 1 year ago
Agree totally with Jarlek, i like the A1 side also. Mid way through opens up into a piano riff and the ancient sound ot the ?Rainbow theme tune lol. Zippy would approve me thinks, maybe not George but Zippy yeh.
submitted Unknown Artist - Untitled. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Danger. about 1 year ago
AA1 Deep Electro Nice Beat Cut Out The Music and Bring That Beat Back breaks and bleeps throughout.
posted a comment on OB1 (3) - OB1 EP. about 1 year ago
il check for you and let you know. I know one track samples Moving On, AA2 theres a woman saying " Tell me you love me" hope this helps bro.
posted a comment on E.F.X - It's About Time. about 1 year ago
A1 samples various tuna. Pierre Feroldi-Moving Now, Bowa-Different Story. All 3 tunes are good. B1 and B2 abit more piano riff with nice harmonic inputs.
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Untitled. about 1 year ago
samples Charles B ‎– Lack Of Love throughout and Digital Boys-OK Alright, both put together well.
posted a comment on Vibes & Wishdokta - Sing It Loud / Obsession. about 1 year ago
Another one of Stu Allen Key 103fm favourites circa 93. Samples Vivian Lees-Music Is So Wonderful .Why did he play it so much? "because Musics so wonderful" and it is ....peace and love¬!