Musically (and culturally) stuck firmly in a time warp.

Don't Walk On The Grass ... Shmoke It!

Like Mr. C once told the media. ''I was making a rug reference''. Not the sweaty carpet burn variety mind you ...

The original Electro sound is now over 40 years old from its original inception, yet it's the only style of music that has never let me down.

As the motto famously states: Electro is Aural Sex. No, not oral. Aural! Behave yourselves will you!!

I probably won't be able or have the motivation to reply to anyone with inquiries or any general messages, especially with those I haven't had previous correspondence with or have been outright rude to me because they've been triggered because of my opinions. And might not bother replying even if the above wasn't even an issue :P Apologies in advance :)

The grumpy, cynical (realistic!) person's motto is one I can definitely relate to: Once Bitten. Twice Bitten (not a 'Bittern') !

Please don't ask for digital audio. You'll be wasting your time !!!

Cheese is meant for eating not for making entire supposedly underground music genres out of !.

Some still ongoing unconfirmed track ides. You are welcome to help :)

Please note: I've halted sales for at least the near future due to unforeseen circumstances. Apologies in advance.

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Serious Intention - You Don't Know
posted a comment on Serious Intention - You Don't Know. 1 day ago
Classic, classy tune. Particularly the Remix. Been getting into this again after a very long hiatus. Sampled (by Toddy Terry to name just the one, plus a fair few of his contemporaries) and imitated by many but never bettered, in my opinion. There... See full review
Age - Trope
posted a comment on Age - Trope. 22 days ago
Releases like these are the straw that broke Acid's back even if not widely recognised. Very forward thinking and experimental for its day. In particular, Trope II and Big E. Not sure that the majority would agree, but can be played today and still... See full review
Ann Marie* - Just Waiting For You
posted a comment on Ann Marie* - Just Waiting For You. about 1 month ago
The Club Mix / Radio Mix / Dub Mix. The whole chord progression reminds me of the main melody on Lee Prentiss - Sweetheart. But to fair, there were loads of similar sounding melodies on Freestyle/Dance/Funk tunes during the mid to late '80s.

The mixes for me are the... See full review
F-X-U - The Scheme
posted a comment on F-X-U - The Scheme. about 1 month ago
The previous reviewer is correct. You can only find 'The Chase' on these White Labels. I've owned the two track issue with the Scheme on side A and The Chase on side B since day dot. I'm a bit gutted that it doesn't contain Mix 2 of The Scheme. I'm... See full review
DJ Eye Spy - Song For Butterflies
posted a comment on DJ Eye Spy - Song For Butterflies. about 1 month ago
Song For Butterflies samples a few notable tunes as mentioned in the release notes, as so many UK artists were doing at the time. It's a fairly typical breakbeat hardcore tune but there's usually a surprise waiting when it concerns 786 Approved and... See full review
Danse City - Melba
posted a comment on Danse City - Melba. about 1 month ago
The opening intro melody of Melba and the subsequent interspersed build up / bridge, which is effectively the accompanying acid-like synth, is a replay of the same riff from the mid '80s garagey freestyle club tune's main synth chorus on [b]Hungry For... See full review
Limelife* - Cause You're Right On Time / I Wanna Go Bang
posted a comment on Limelife* - Cause You're Right On Time / I Wanna Go Bang. about 1 month ago
It's all about 'I Wanna Go Bang (Old Time Dub)' for me. Those ever familiar latin style keyboard breakdowns with the bittersweet minor chords are just a bit special. Todd Terry had the knack of locating the most obscure sounding rhythms and melodies... See full review
Hanson & Davis - I'll Take You On / Hungry For Your Love / Hold On To Yesterday
posted a comment on Hanson & Davis - I'll Take You On / Hungry For Your Love / Hold On To Yesterday. about 1 month ago
The bassline of ''I'll Take You On'' is very similar to Lisa-Lisa And Cult Jam* With Full Force - I Wonder If I Take You Home. The main difference is possibly that ''I'll Take You On'' has a more garage house / funk feel whereas Lisa Lisa was more mainstream Freestyle, but also still relatively electro funk... See full review
Sub Source - The Sub-Source E.P.
posted a comment on Sub Source - The Sub-Source E.P.. about 1 month ago
Just to make it clear to people. Musical Mayhem does not actually ''sample'' Sonic Solution - Quest - Music. It's an important distinction which should be made. They've replayed the same riff as Music but they haven't sampled it directly. The actual sound... See full review
Smooth & Simmonds - Our Theme / The Experiment
posted a comment on Smooth & Simmonds - Our Theme / The Experiment. 2 months ago
This reminds me a bit of the type of Acid House. Deep house, Techno which Baby Ford might've been producing during 1988 and 1989 crossed with those original Chicago House soulful piano chords. But rawer, more underground and decidedly from the UK.... See full review
Nitzer Ebb - Join In The Chant
posted a comment on Nitzer Ebb - Join In The Chant. 2 months ago
Nowadays I prefer listening to the Instrumental.

But the vocal was an absolute anthem pretty much everywhere. From the Balearic crew to the Acid House teds to the New Beat, EBM and early Techno massive. I now will more likely choose the Instrumental... See full review
Forgemasters - Track With No Name
posted a comment on Forgemasters - Track With No Name. 2 months ago
Track With No Name

Summer 1989 pirate radio and warehouse, underground classic. This sounded so good on a big rig. The eerie choir synth, the glacial bleeps and heavy, gut churning, pulsating spherical percussive bassline. Sounded so different... See full review
DJ's U-Nite* - Volume 1
posted a comment on DJ's U-Nite* - Volume 1. 2 months ago
I know I'm in a very small minority. But this has one of the most underrated B sides. Perhaps due to the sheer anthemic popularity of the much more famous side A. It seems to contain more of DJ Phantasy's (and perhaps Ron Wells'?) signature than... See full review
Rennie P* / Ritchie T* - Resistor
posted a comment on Rennie P* / Ritchie T* - Resistor. 2 months ago
This record was occasionally played alongside the early Force Mass Motion stuff of 1992. The lead melodies and basslines do remind me - just a little bit - of the former's early two or three EPs. More techno thrown into the typical breakbeat hardcore.... See full review
DJ Trace - Inception
posted a comment on DJ Trace - Inception. 3 months ago
Yes, you're 100% correct about that. One of the relatively few though. If I was going to be pedantic, his 1991 productions were more Jungle Techno (Tekno). 'Anything You Like' a prime example, some might even call it early dark side, it was all quite... See full review
DJ - SS (Turn Table Psycho)* - The Psycho E.P.
posted a comment on DJ - SS (Turn Table Psycho)* - The Psycho E.P.. 3 months ago
I remember Colin Dale (or I could be mistaken, it might've been Colin Faver?) pretty certain it was Colin Dale though. Anyway, usually the ultimate professional how he came across on air. He played E-Face on one of his Abstract Dance shows in '91.... See full review
The Dynamic Duo* Featuring Shaquan - Knights Of The Turntables
posted a comment on The Dynamic Duo* Featuring Shaquan - Knights Of The Turntables. 3 months ago
Yes. And from 'The Morning After' to Industrial Strength Hardcore and back to the Looney Tunes! And every electronic style in between. Whether you like all of Lenny Dee's (or Musto's & Dee's) stuff, it's mind boggling if you think of the range he /... See full review
Andronicus - Make You Whole
posted a comment on Andronicus - Make You Whole. 3 months ago
The original mix of Make You Whole was in DJs' boxes for a good several months before its wider, general release of 1992. Circa mid 1991. Big in the clubs and on the radio.
Space Opera - Space 3001
posted a comment on Space Opera - Space 3001. 3 months ago
Techno Trance (Paradise Is Now) definitely came out first. It was out from early spring of 1990, Space 3001 came out later.
The Dynamic Duo* Featuring Shaquan - Knights Of The Turntables
posted a comment on The Dynamic Duo* Featuring Shaquan - Knights Of The Turntables. 3 months ago
Yes, you're right. The whole production outfit is Tommy Musto / Silvio Tancredi / Northcott etc from NYC. They were also making more clubby freestyle around this time as well which makes sense. They followed into every underground genre throughout the... See full review
Various - Techno! (The New Dance Sound Of Detroit)
posted a comment on Various - Techno! (The New Dance Sound Of Detroit). 3 months ago
It's a shame that after all these years; K.S. Experience - Electronic Dance, A Tongue & D Groove - Feel Surreal, Mia Hesterley - Spark, Juan - Techno Music, Blake Baxter - Ride Em Boy, Shakir - Sequence 10, Idol Making - Un, Deux, Trois have ended up... See full review
Robert Armani - Hit Hard / Ambulance Two
posted a comment on Robert Armani - Hit Hard / Ambulance Two. 3 months ago
It was actually being played as early as late 1991 in some sets. Pre-releases must've been around at the time.
posted a comment on G-Force (9). 3 months ago
It was a bit of a red herring. I've realised it's not him since I left the previous comment. The person under this artist name was originally a proper hip hop DJ which I'm assuming was based in Luton at the time. This artist's real name is David... See full review
X-Ray (2) - Requim
posted a comment on X-Ray (2) - Requim. 3 months ago
Hehe :-) I have no way of knowing for sure, but I'm inclined to think that that was the case. They knocked me for six in any case. Quite trippy as well. The callies from 1988/89 were much more like the idealistic peace love and unity buzz :)
Boneshakers - Don't Go Away
posted a comment on Boneshakers - Don't Go Away. 3 months ago
I agree as well actually. The BID Mix was a much bigger tune. All the mixes have their place. But the Original is more versatile next to most other house tunes. Besides, I like the Electro Funk Warp 9 sample. Sounds really good in a club.
DJ Freeze - Kool To Be Kleer
posted a comment on DJ Freeze - Kool To Be Kleer. 4 months ago
You're right, I was stating the glaringly obvious. But it's not as obvious to people who didn't come across those nicknames at the time. Especially if they weren't from the UK, not all readers are British after all. Besides, I was being facetious, I... See full review
Playtime Toons - Playtime Toons
posted a comment on Playtime Toons - Playtime Toons. 4 months ago
Great. That's even better! Pleased to hear that. I initially thought the sound effect was a similar timbre as Orbital to my ears hence the confusion. Hope it didn't offend. I'll revise my previous comment. Thanks very much for sharing. Still love... See full review
Stetsasonic - Talkin' All That Jazz
posted a comment on Stetsasonic - Talkin' All That Jazz. 5 months ago
Obviously an all time classic. Kind of slammed the doors open for anyone who was remotely interested with the soul, funk, jazz, rare groove, rock samples many Hip Hop artists were implementing in their productions. Admittedly it was happening for a... See full review
She Rockers - On Stage / Get Up On This
posted a comment on She Rockers - On Stage / Get Up On This. 5 months ago
The 'On Stage' vocals never really did much for me. Nor did 'Get On Up' either. It was always all about the Instrumental Mix of On Stage.

The Instrumental Mix was actually played quite a bit on the London pirate radio stations and the UK underground... See full review
Reese - Rock To The Beat
posted a comment on Reese - Rock To The Beat. 7 months ago
Beautiful1 is actually correct. The Original Mix is cut short to just under 3 minutes. The original pressing found on Reese & Santonio - Back To The Beat (With 'The Sound') is the full length version. I think it's a shame as it's my favourite mix of the three here. I don't care how basic or... See full review
Automation - The Remixes
posted a comment on Automation - The Remixes. 8 months ago
Warning: This will be long-winded I'm afraid.

Regarding skips on the Espionage Remix, I have come across a skip on the mentioned tune on a couple if not all copies of this record that I've owned. At around the one minute mark where the organ enters... See full review
Dshake* - Teknø Bam
posted a comment on Dshake* - Teknø Bam. 8 months ago
The chords on Sonic Bogus are basically the same or at the very least, very similar to the main melody found on Reese & Santonio - Rock To The Beat /... See full review
D-Shake - My Heart The Beat / Dance The Night Away
posted a comment on D-Shake - My Heart The Beat / Dance The Night Away. 8 months ago
Another quite obvious sample source is the edited Apache break by the Incredible Bongo Bongo Band. But that's just a little too obvious perhaps.

Even though all these samples are quite basic and the record is sparse in terms of production. All the... See full review
Nicolette - O Si Nene / Udi Egwu
posted a comment on Nicolette - O Si Nene / Udi Egwu. 8 months ago
One of my faves on the Shut Up And Dance label. Particularly Udi Egwu as it goes a bit more eerie, but both sides are rock solid performers with nice cheeky samples, sub bass and skipping, bouncy beats.

This record is actually way before its time.... See full review
The Russell Brothers - The Party Scene
posted a comment on The Russell Brothers - The Party Scene. 9 months ago
The tight, crisp but laidback Electro-Funk groove on this record is the definition of cool McCool as far as i'm concerned.
The Scientist
posted a comment on The Scientist. 9 months ago
I've been meaning to leave a quick comment or two under this artist's releases or profile for ages but never seemed to get round to it. I think this guy doesn't necessarily get as much credit as he deserves. Many cite the other members involved... See full review
Interactive - Amok
posted a comment on Interactive - Amok. 9 months ago
For those discussing if Amok is a rip-off / inspired by Illuminatae - Tremora Del Terra. I tend to agree with them and have always thought this, since I first heard Amok played by several DJs of that time, including Carl Cox. Carl Cox made it sound marginally more decent... See full review
Blake Baxter - When We Used To Play
posted a comment on Blake Baxter - When We Used To Play. 9 months ago
I've recently been comparing most of the versions of We Used To Play as it's been giving me a headache, both figuratively and literally trying to decipher all these discrepancies between releases, pressings, versions and song titles.

Firstly. I... See full review
Sy-Kick - Knowledge EP
posted a comment on Sy-Kick - Knowledge EP. 9 months ago
In my opinion, Destiny is very underrated. It's a serious, layered, semi-dark, dream-like, deep breakbeat techno / jungle techno tune if you like. Excellent crisp driving breaks, smooth warbling acid arpeggios with emotive pads, grimy and sinister... See full review
The Concrete Beat - It's Not The Way To Do It
posted a comment on The Concrete Beat - It's Not The Way To Do It. 9 months ago
This release is a bonafide 1989 warehouse classic. Well, the Instrumental certainly is anyway. It encapsulates the bridge between New Beat or Hard Beat and the emerging Belgian Techno sound. The other versions are spoilt due to the vocal samples. In... See full review
Raw From China - Raw From China
posted a comment on Raw From China - Raw From China. 10 months ago
More Bass is one heavy, heavy tune. And probably my favourite on this record. The cheek and chong samples don't distract from the single-minded sinister drive. Mindblowing in the right setting.
Mental Cube - Chile Of The Bass Generation
posted a comment on Mental Cube - Chile Of The Bass Generation. 10 months ago
Every tune here has something to offer. All individual classics. Even the rather short Dope Module. For some reason I used to get confused about which was which between Chile Of The Bass Generation and Dope Module. And if Dope Module was supposed to... See full review
Tony B
posted a comment on Tony B. 10 months ago
I remember this DJ/producer was very prolific regarding appearances at various places. Some of those nightspots were actually very close to where I used to live in north London. One or two in particular were local boozers in walking distance. He used... See full review
Adamski - Killer
posted a comment on Adamski - Killer. 10 months ago
I wonder if the main synth riff sound on 'Bass Line Changed My Life' was sampled and reinterpreted on Holy Noise's underground hit Get Down Everybody? Or is just a preset... See full review
The Ragga Twins - Illegal Gunshot / Spliffhead
posted a comment on The Ragga Twins - Illegal Gunshot / Spliffhead. 10 months ago
Back around mid 1990, throughout the summer and beyond, Spliffhead used to drop like a 2 ton buffalo falling through the roof smashing the kitchen table with all its contents flat out like a lizard in the scorching sun drinking water. At the time I... See full review
Joint Project - Total Feeling / Good Feeling
posted a comment on Joint Project - Total Feeling / Good Feeling. 10 months ago
I can't speak about the full print retail version. But the whte labels/test presses were definitely out from late 1992. Played extensively on Pulse FM from late that year. Even Colin Faver on Kss FM played it in late 1992.

Sounds pretty much like a... See full review
Yage - Fuzzy Logic E.P.
posted a comment on Yage - Fuzzy Logic E.P.. 10 months ago
The kick sounds like it's being modulated. Similar to the kick on their earlier release The Future Sound Of London / Smart Systems / Indo Tribe - Pulse Two which appears just after the intro and on the drop of Smart Systems - Zip Code (Stress Ball Mix) at approximately 1:00 minute in.
Renegade Soundwave - In Dub (4 Track Sampler)
posted a comment on Renegade Soundwave - In Dub (4 Track Sampler). 10 months ago
A short 'suite' type mix needs to be done including Project 86 - Total Recall, The Moody Boys - A.U.N., Meat Beat Manifesto - Psyche Out (Sex Skank Strip Down), Renegade Soundwave - Women Respond To Bass and ending with CJ Bolland - Golden... See full review
Desired States* - Turn On
posted a comment on Desired States* - Turn On. 10 months ago
I'm thinking out loud here and the comments are probably more rhetorical than literal questions. I'm wondering why there is an Executive Producer credited to Frankie Bones on the Brooklyn Groove Records version and not the Karma Records versions. Is... See full review
Industrial - Time To Rock / The Future
posted a comment on Industrial - Time To Rock / The Future. 10 months ago
This is a very 1991 sounding production. I'm not sure when Time To Rock first came out on promo, test pressing etc, but The Future was most definitely around since late 1991 and can be heard on several DJ sets. So was Industrial's other sublime... See full review