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Not so obvious 1980s pirate radio classics mix. No piano tunes.
Not so obvious 1980s pirate radio classics mix. No piano tunes.

Please don't ask for digital audio. You'll be wasting your time. I don't have the enthusiasm, time or inclination for that kind of stuff.

Brown pickle... What's that vile gunk abomination all about !?

''Fabric'' possibly the most overhyped, overrated club in UK Club history. I think so.

Who needs Soul when you can have Funk? Alternatively, who needs Soul when you have plenty of Spirit?

Basically remember when this place was still rocks and stones, long before there were even plants growing. Way before grass or trees had evolved! Browsed and opened a user account in 2001 but forgot my password, carried on browsing until early 2003 when I decided to open my other main account.

Musically (and culturally) stuck firmly in a 1980s early 90s Techno related time warp.

The original Electro sound is now over 40 years old from its original inception, yet it's the only style of music that has never let me down.

As the motto famously states: Electro is Aural Sex. No, not oral. Aural! Behave yourselves will you!!

The grumpy, cynical (realistic!) person's motto is one I can definitely relate to: Once Bitten. Twice Bitten (not a 'Bittern') !

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Candy J - Hurt Me! Hurt Me!
posted a review of Candy J - Hurt Me! Hurt Me!. 4 months ago
For those who used to go down to Camden Palace, north London in 1988-1989 might remember that this record was a mainstay for a while. Heard it played back to back with L.B. Bad - Touch Me, Touch Me !! a couple of times and mistook it for an extended remix. New-Ro She's A... See full review
Roots L.E. Soul - Rootical Time
posted a review of Roots L.E. Soul - Rootical Time. 5 months ago
The B side ''Dub Time'' is one heavy tune. The subsonic bassline is off the scale. The deepest of Breakbeat Bleep Techno with a heavy Dub influence. Proper experimental riff freestyling. Trip, immerse and groove. First appeared mid 1991 / Summer 1991.... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 9 months ago
posted a review that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
The Lincoln Boys - Check It Out
posted a review of The Lincoln Boys - Check It Out. 11 months ago
Bad Boy Bill Mix is the best version. This was big on the pirate radio stations in and around London, but also at the warehouse parties. Cheeky rap, wicked Public Enemy samples (Chuck D and Flavor Flav) and funky bassline. But then gets even better... See full review
Renegade Soundwave - Probably A Robbery
posted a review of Renegade Soundwave - Probably A Robbery. 11 months ago
Probably A Robbery was a big tune but to be perfectly honest, I've often felt it wasn't exactly inventive or one of Renegade Soundwave's warehouse highlights. More of a Segue or build up tune. A reel of outtakes or leftovers. It was always about Ozone... See full review
F.O.G* - Electricity
posted a review of F.O.G* - Electricity. 11 months ago
As already mentioned, the rhythm is based on the well known Detroit record. I like this as much as that record though, so there! All the Detroit purists can go and cry, shout, scream, punch walls, dig pins into dolls and shout down wind tunnels... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
Signs Of Chaos - Crackerjack E.P.
posted a review of Signs Of Chaos - Crackerjack E.P.. 11 months ago
The dub-wise sub bassline on ''Touch The Sky'' contains similarities to the breakdown with the ''You're accused of being in league with the devil'' excerpt on Wishdokta - Evil Surrounds Us. I wonder if there were any conscious influences going on at the time.

I've also... See full review
Space Cadet - Don't You Want My Love
posted a review of Space Cadet - Don't You Want My Love. 11 months ago
Back in the day, producers didn't incorporate as much acid with bleep sounds. Even the early northern bleep Techno crews seldom used TB-303 (or anything related). The same could be said for the later Hardcore scene as a whole. With a few exceptions... See full review
Cosmic Journey Project - Bassprobe /
posted a review of Cosmic Journey Project - Bassprobe / "OK". 11 months ago
I love ''OK''. But Bassprobe is the one with all the variation and drops. Proper warehouse annihilator with reversed buddhist chants, loads of acid squelch, Success In Effect amen breaks, Pulverising TR-909 and delicious analogue synth work.
New Decade - Statue Of Gold 4 Track EP
posted a review of New Decade - Statue Of Gold 4 Track EP. 11 months ago
Although all of the tunes on this record consist of acid in some form, Statue Of Gold contains the most masterful and majestic of acid lines, in my humble opinion.
posted a review that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
Your Favorite Martian* - Sex In Zero Gravity
posted a review of Your Favorite Martian* - Sex In Zero Gravity. 11 months ago
808° (Surface Temperature Mix)

Now we're talking. The acid on this is much more pronounced and is part of the lead rather than being background noise. And those TR-808 Electro beats, tasty. Sounds more like the classic mid 80s Detroit Electro (Juan... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 12 months ago
Andromeda - Survival
posted a review of Andromeda - Survival. 12 months ago
Savage contains an acid-like bass stab pattern which kind of replays the ever recognisable Energy Flash Joey Beltram - Beltram Vol. 1 riff. It also contains a bleep melody which partially replays Fallout - The Morning After. Very unpopular opinion but it's the tune I prefer on this release,... See full review
Phobia - Phobia
posted a review of Phobia - Phobia. 12 months ago
Main bass synth/chords of Phobia (Kickin' Mix) are reminiscent of Torsion on Hypp & Krimson - HYP-NO-TYZ 2. However, the Bass Kick Mix is the one which really kicks in my opinion. That deep, fluctuating warm bass is supreme. The other mixes are perhaps more versatile. But... See full review
Disintegrator - Lock On Target
posted a review of Disintegrator - Lock On Target. 12 months ago
Is the TB-303 line Dark Black Ominous Clouds similar to F.U.2 (Re-Edit) F.U.S.E., Further Underground Sound Experiments* - Substance Abuse. I suppose if you listen to something hard and long enough (no, that's not meant to be some kind of tacky double entendre!), your imagination will find any similarity. See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 12 months ago
Basement Phil - Bachbeat / I Love You
posted a review of Basement Phil - Bachbeat / I Love You. 12 months ago
The Kid Unknown breakbeat which seems to appear on Bachbeat is quite a common break and I believe was sampled from a Hip Hop record anyway (the name escapes me), maybe even a UK Hip Hop tune at that. It appeared on quite a few tunes. Besides, the Warp... See full review
Funtopia - Beautiful People
posted a review of Funtopia - Beautiful People. 12 months ago
Todd Terry remixed this record in 1989 which was quite an underground classic hit. And the acid was sampled on several other records. However, this Jazzy M version and original pressing captures the earlier true and essential UK acid house warehouse... See full review
Beltram* - Energy Flash
posted a comment on Beltram* - Energy Flash. about 1 year ago
When I mentioned the word ''sample'' in my comment, I should've used the more accurate term ''sourced'' instead of sample. But is it actually a TB303, I was simply surmising really, I wasn't stating definite facts.
Various - Relics (A Transmat Compilation)
posted a comment on Various - Relics (A Transmat Compilation). about 1 year ago
Only just noticed this reply now. Thanks for the insight. The thing is, I doubt the DJ on the pirate radio station I heard was playing it from a CD, we're talking about late 1991. Would pirate radio DJs be given pre-release / promo CDs at that time? I... See full review
Frank De Wulf - The B Sides
posted a review of Frank De Wulf - The B Sides. about 1 year ago
This should be entered as a mispress. To anyone thinking about purchasing this boxset and is adamant that they want Freestyle 909, think again. Because they've only gone and pressed Just Another 909 Beat in the position where... See full review
Crucial Bunny Versus Prince Jammys* - Fatman Dub Contest
posted a review of Crucial Bunny Versus Prince Jammys* - Fatman Dub Contest. about 1 year ago
Can really get lost into oblivion with some of this stuff. All tunes have their highlights, but for me, Jammys A Shine is possibly the ultimate stick my noggin and spaced out floating whilst enjoying the reefer in the speaker tune. Haven't touched the... See full review
Acid Fingers / Robot DJs - Untitled
posted a review of Acid Fingers / Robot DJs - Untitled. about 1 year ago
I remember both these tunes played during the very early Acid House parties in 1988. By mid 1989 I don't think I'd ever heard them out again in a social setting, which is a crying shame. However, they were played enough by various DJs for me to... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Jay Williams - Sweat
posted a review of Jay Williams - Sweat. about 1 year ago
Light Years and Dripping Dub are the ones for me. Light Years in particular. I remember hearing it from around late 1989, perhaps earlier, though admittedly my memory's becoming hazier. Proper deep dancefloor cut. For both the body and the mind. The... See full review
Pete The Lodger - Lodger 303 E.P.
posted a review of Pete The Lodger - Lodger 303 E.P.. about 1 year ago
The tunes on this record were massive in the UK when they first appeared, but in an understated way by those following this particular style more closely. Through the early to mid 1990s they always appeared in Techno sets. Both the Pete The Lodger... See full review
Public Energy - Hemi-Sync
posted a review of Public Energy - Hemi-Sync. about 1 year ago
31 years old if you count the first pressing White Label Promo from 1991, and 32 years old now in 2023. For me all these tunes are unique bangers.
The Beginning - Stingray
posted a review of The Beginning - Stingray. about 1 year ago
You're right it does sample RSW. But both mixes use the same break as Renegade Soundwave Transworld Siren. It happens to be more prevalent on the Troys Bass Mix. You can hear the break on the Stinger Mix at the quieter sections as well. Both big tunes.
BX-8017 - CCCP House Remix
posted a review of BX-8017 - CCCP House Remix. about 1 year ago
The Caviar Mix is the best and only version in my opinion. Should've been a much, much bigger classic.
Dream Frequency - Live The Dream
posted a review of Dream Frequency - Live The Dream. about 1 year ago
Dreamscape 1 is basically the main backing chords over the two Live The Dream titles. Deep and lush. Slowed down or played at a fraction of their speed. Quite a few artists following this release sampled the synths from this, one or two on Rising High... See full review
Run-D.M.C.* - Run's House / Beats To The Rhyme
posted a review of Run-D.M.C.* - Run's House / Beats To The Rhyme. about 1 year ago
The Run's House beat still sounds crisp. The Funky Drummer mixed with the TR-808 bass kick and snare was very innovative for the time. It made me question if it was purely sampled or programmed from scratch on a drum machine. For a long time I was... See full review
New Decade - Beyond Understanding E.P.
posted a review of New Decade - Beyond Understanding E.P.. about 1 year ago
Dynamic would've been the best tune on the reissue release in my opinion.

As another user has already commented, the late 1991 original recording of this tune is much better than the reissue which came out a few years ago, in my opinion. Yes, the... See full review
4 Hero - The Scorcher / Kirk's Back
posted a comment on 4 Hero - The Scorcher / Kirk's Back. about 1 year ago
DUBHUNT you're 100% correct. Was out during late Autumn of 1990 and being pumped at all the warehouse parties in the UK. It sounds pure 1990 in style anyway. The original of Mr. Kirk's Nightmare was around from late summer 1990 and was played to... See full review
LeftField - More Than I Know / Not Forgotten (Remix)
posted a comment on LeftField - More Than I Know / Not Forgotten (Remix). about 1 year ago
That makes sense. Played on UK pirate radio, the DJ and warehouse party circuit weeks if not months prior to general release. Was getting quite a lot of exposure long before the end of 1990.
D.F.X. - Relax Your Body
posted a comment on D.F.X. - Relax Your Body. about 1 year ago
I'm not missing out on anything. And that vocal still sounds pure cringe on the middle of the dancefloor. I've lived and breathed the scene from day one to know exactly what I like and dislike, even when I've been in the middle of what you've phrased... See full review
Subwoofer Agte - Hymn - Exclusive UK Remixes
posted a comment on Subwoofer Agte - Hymn - Exclusive UK Remixes. about 1 year ago
Yes. I also agree. Enormously underrated tunes. Original and remixes all up there. But the remixes take it to another level. I've always liked the deep droning acid and urgency on the original of Puma but this remix is rougher and darker.

The only... See full review
Automation - The Remixes
posted a review of Automation - The Remixes. about 1 year ago
To be honest, I'm surprised not many people have gone for this reissue. Admittedly, original copies do float about, so not mega rare. Yet in comparison, there are many well overblown, multiple pressed and obvious tunes out there which seem to receive... See full review
Revelation - Chapter 2
posted a review of Revelation - Chapter 2. about 1 year ago
I disagree with those who have written off this release. Yes, the first release is a behemoth of a classic and it is my personal favourite of the two without question, but this also has its place. For me, it's all about Resurgan and Masochist Trip.... See full review
Revelation - Synth-It / First Power
posted a comment on Revelation - Synth-It / First Power. about 1 year ago
Hi. I've been meaning to come back with an update. I tried the methods above pretty much after first purchasing. I did experiment a few times following on with varying degrees of success. Sometimes the skips changed positions slightly but generally... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Autonation - Sit On The Bass
posted a comment on Autonation - Sit On The Bass. about 1 year ago
Yes, definitely 1990. I wasn't imagining things. I distinctly remember hearing these tunes from 1990, purchased mine in early 1991. Nothing wrong with noting dates by the way, although with hindsight I wouldn't recommend writing on the contents... See full review
Rhythim Is Rhythim / Derrick May / Mayday - Innovator (Soundtrack For The Tenth Planet)
posted a comment on Rhythim Is Rhythim / Derrick May / Mayday - Innovator (Soundtrack For The Tenth Planet). about 1 year ago
I hear exactly what you're saying, production wise. But the ideas sound from that time. I still think that it's reminiscent of Kenny Larkin's 1992 Vanguard EP era productions. Influenced by it perhaps?
Various - Record Review
posted a comment on Various - Record Review. about 1 year ago
I'm aware of that. I was commenting on Robin Wants Revenge Well Franklie My Son in particular. Yes it was bootlegged and edited short here, but it was circulating long before 1990. As I stated, probably on pre-release dubplate or test pressing as it... See full review