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Coexsystems - Pressure Vs The Womb
posted a comment on Coexsystems - Pressure Vs The Womb. over 6 years ago
It is ridiculous to call an acidcore vinyl with a limited run of 100 copies a cashcow. There are better ways to make money. The "Coexsystems - Pressure vs. The Womb" vinyl contains 42 minutes of music (9 or 10 tracks) in pretty good sound quality.... See full review
Toysfornoise / Coexsystems - Insecticide / Acid Wastelands
submitted Toysfornoise / Coexsystems - Insecticide / Acid Wastelands. over 7 years ago
Kuk Hullu - Tata Kuuntelee?
posted a comment on Kuk Hullu - Tata Kuuntelee?. over 9 years ago
Stak is great.