I am a record collector since mid-70’s. I buy many records for my private collection. The records, that were doubled or do not satisfy my tastes listed here for sale. All records are used.


I take great care in providing ACCURATE descriptions in every listing. If item is not present at Discogs database, I add it with quality descriptions and images.
All items listed are AVAILABLE. I keep my fill rate in good shape. So, I turned on an automatic invoicing that allows you to pay your order immediately.
I try to make prices REASONABLE. The prices are higher for rare items and for earlier presses.
How to save money on shipping? Order 8 LP’s or 3 LP’s. These quantities are optimal for saving money on shipping.
I accept some of the buyer’s offers, but the chances for offer to become order higher for well FOUNDED prices.
If you have any questions, please message me. I check my inbox multiple times a day and am always eager to please.
I have no problem whatsoever with any buyer who changes their mind after placing an order. Providing, I get the message courteously explaining this I will always be happy to cancel. However, orders that are simply left unpaid for without any communication will result in negative buyer feedback being left. I also reserve the right to cancel any order where a buyer’s feedback score and or comments lead me to believe that to continue would pose a risk of financial loss.


I grade conservatively and strictly according to the Discogs guidelines with adding EX condition grade for records that sound Near Mint, but have visual surface imperfections that do not affect sound.
First I inspect records visually under powerful lamp. Second I play first 30 seconds of each record side for visually perfect records. I play defect places also, if detected. Scratches and other serious defects ARE included to records descriptions. I play the records on a quality turntable with great care.
I take pride in not overstating the condition of an item. Check my feedback. On a record, If there is ANY surface noise audible over the music, it will be a VG at best. The only noise acceptable on a VG+ record is audible only between tracks or very quiet passages. A VG+ and EX sound like NM. A NM looks AND sounds like new. NM is my highest grade for vinyl.
Grading is merely an opinion, but I do my best to be accurate.


Shipping cost includes not only postage cost, but packing costs also. I do my best to keep shipping costs to an absolute minimum simply not charging for packing.

1 LP shipped REGISTERED Air Mail WORLDWIDE $12.00 USD
2-3 LP's shipped REGISTERED Air Mail WORLDWIDE $19.00 USD
4-8 LP's shipped REGISTERED Air Mail WORLDWIDE $33.00 USD

1 Vinyl 7-inches or CD shipped REGISTERED Air Mail WORLDWIDE $8.00 USD
2-4 Vinyls 7-inches or CD's shipped REGISTERED Air Mail WORLDWIDE $12.00 USD
5-10 Vinyls 7-inches or CD's shipped REGISTERED Air Mail WORLDWIDE $19.00 USD
Доставка по России 250 рублей за заказ от 1 до 24 позиций. Оплата на карту или КИВИ.
Покупатели из России, пожалуйста, игнорируйте счет с оплатой на Пейпал, который выставляется системой автоматически. Дождитесь данных по оплате на карту или КИВИ.

All records are packaged carefully and purpose made vinyl mailers are used to protect vinyl. I use hard 3-layer cardboard from TV sets boxes for my hand-made extra strong mailers. I spare some place outside the record and glue in stiffeners close to record sleeves edges. I get safety package that is much BETTER than standard mailers. Each record is placed inside new poly bag outside the sleeve to protect sleeves from seam splits. Box sets will ship with LPs inside box. All records with sleeves placed inside the PVC bag and put inside hard cardboard box. The box wrapped by extra-strong kraft paper and taped on edges.
ALL shipments I ship to the PayPal address on file. Please be aware of this as this is the ONLY address to which I can ship. It is the buyer's responsibility to make sure their confirmed address with PayPal is correct. Requests for shipping to an address different than your confirmed address cannot be guaranteed.

I send parcels twice a week, every week.
I send tracking number once items are shipped.
Please note that the actual delivery time is the period from your parcel is shipped until it arrives at the country of destination. The local postal handling and customs can prolong the delivery time. Delivery time for Airmail is usually about 12 – 24 days for all countries. Logistics scheme of Russian Post is one of the world’s best. Though, some reasons of delays still exist. Sometimes needs some time for filling shipping container to be sent to the big city nearest to parcel destination address. Customs services of Russia and country of destination needs in time for their procedures. No any parcel was lost in the last 5 years.
Buyers are responsible for any customs charges incurred in their countries.


If the buyer is not satisfied with their purchase, I will consider a full or partial refund. However, buyer will be responsible for shipping the item back if required. I will reimburse for shipping if dissatisfaction due to seller's error or obvious quality issue. Refunds are given within 48 hours of safe return.
You have 14 days from the date of receipt to contact me about any problems with your order. No returns or refunds after the 14 day mark.
First off all if you have a problem please just don’t leave negative feedback without contacting me to give me the chance to rectify any issues.


I got quality images from all items that I sell. If you are interested in actual images of any record, please send a message with a link to the given record and an E-mail address to send the images to. I will be happy to send the images that I have. I have actual images of all pages of the sleeve and images of labels. I do not make any additional images as spine images or fragments of record or label.

All the records that I sell let you ENJOY THE MUSIC!
Happy Collecting!

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