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submitted Altone / Gradient (2) - Day Drama / Night Drama. 10 months ago
Adrià Duch - Beautiful Thoughts
submitted Adrià Duch - Beautiful Thoughts. about 1 year ago
Alastair Kelly - Øresundsbroen | 05:50 | tåge
submitted Alastair Kelly - Øresundsbroen | 05:50 | tåge. over 9 years ago
Alastair Kelly - Let Your Light Glow
submitted Alastair Kelly - Let Your Light Glow. over 9 years ago
Alastair Kelly - Ryde To Portsmouth
submitted Alastair Kelly - Ryde To Portsmouth. over 11 years ago
Clem Leek - A Letter
submitted Clem Leek - A Letter. over 11 years ago
Clem Leek - A Letter
submitted Clem Leek - A Letter. over 11 years ago
Clem Leek - Avigáyil
submitted Clem Leek - Avigáyil. over 11 years ago
Clem Leek - Avigáyil
submitted Clem Leek - Avigáyil. over 11 years ago
Clem Leek - Through The Annular
submitted Clem Leek - Through The Annular. over 11 years ago
Yagya - Rigning
posted a review of Yagya - Rigning. over 15 years ago
The third full-length from Icelands' Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson under the Yagya alias sees a partial return to the deeper and dreamier sounds of Rhythm Of Snow. This will be a welcome change of direction for those who criticised his 'Will I Dream...' CD... See full review
Derrick May - The Mayday Mix
posted a review of Derrick May - The Mayday Mix. over 15 years ago
A shockingly average mix of either bland or predictable tracks that completely fails to capture the imagination. Derrick demonstrates that tight beatmatching is only a small part of mixing, and that he is unfortunately lacking in ability when it comes... See full review
Dimbiman - Iso Grifo
posted a review of Dimbiman - Iso Grifo. over 15 years ago
Along with the first two Baby Ford EPs "Slow Hand" and "Night D3 Died", Thomas Franzmanns' contribution stands out as one of the best records on PAL SL. Subdued beats and seriously deep music made even better by the dark drugged-out vocals on "Lava"... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 16 years ago
The Detroit Escalator Co.* - Shifting Gears
posted a review of The Detroit Escalator Co.* - Shifting Gears. over 16 years ago
The Shifting Gears 12" was originally intended to test the water prior to the release of 'Soundtrack [313]' and was never officially released; making it even rarer than the already scarce album on Ferox. When asked about its limitation, Neil replied... See full review
Rod Modell - Vibrasound (The Deepchord Years 1999-2004)
posted a review of Rod Modell - Vibrasound (The Deepchord Years 1999-2004). over 16 years ago
Considering Rod Modells' astounding repertoire, it seems impossible to narrow down the "deepchord years" onto only one CD. Having said that; along with the 'Continuous-Flow' mix (also on Silentes), this CD outshines both 'dc01-06' and 'dc15' released... See full review
Vladislav Delay - Whistleblower
posted a review of Vladislav Delay - Whistleblower. over 16 years ago
Vladislav Delay has been off the boil for a long time now; nothing has really grabbed me since his releases on Chain Reaction and Max.Ernst. 'Whistleblower' marks a true return to form and is up there with the best of his productions. Exquisitely deep... See full review
cv313 - Subtraktive
posted a review of cv313 - Subtraktive. over 16 years ago
Another strictly limited release by Rod Modell & Co, this time to 100 copies. Restricting the number of copies has always been part of the deepchord ethos, the elusiveness adding to the demand. This release is no exception and a lot of listeners are... See full review
Radiohead - OK Computer
posted a review of Radiohead - OK Computer. over 16 years ago
As a purist of electronic music and more specifically techno, it's not often I emerge from my bubble to discover other music. It's even rarer for me to remember an era of my life in connection with a rock album. Rediscovering this CD several years... See full review
Baby Ford & Zip / Thomas Melchior - Windowshopping
posted a review of Baby Ford & Zip / Thomas Melchior - Windowshopping. over 17 years ago
Given the pedigree of the artists involved it's no surprise that this is one of the best releases on the label. After inviting him to record for his PAL SL imprint, Peter 'Baby' Ford teams up with Zip to form a match made in heaven. Their production... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 17 years ago
Lovecore III* - Kalk
posted a review of Lovecore III* - Kalk. over 17 years ago
Easily one of the most essential records of 1996. The first release on Wolfgang Voigts' Auftrieb imprint set the bar really high for what was to come. Three untitled loop-driven tracks with that unmistakable german industrial feel to them. Lightly... See full review
Thomas Brinkmann - Untitled
posted a review of Thomas Brinkmann - Untitled. over 17 years ago
Love him or hate him, Thomas Brinkmann truly is the Marmite of minimal techno; and while his musical direction is questionable of late, nowhere is his genious more apparent than the Max Ernst label. In particular, Max Ernst 2, 3 and 4 where he takes... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 17 years ago
D-Man - Untitled
posted a review of D-Man - Untitled. over 17 years ago
The debut release from Dirk Mantei on his own 800trak imprint. On one side there's a slow reduced dub-techno track with metallic stabs, comparable to Basic Channel, minus the hiss. On the other side, something completely different, a fierce acid... See full review
DeepChord vs. Octal Industries - Arrival / Departure
posted a review of DeepChord vs. Octal Industries - Arrival / Departure. over 18 years ago
Two tracks on Octal's third release that compliment each other nicely. 'Arrival' is a mesmirising slice of minimal techno, very similar in production style to Jeff Samuel. With elements of click, glitch and squelch it floats along beautifully.... See full review
Jichael Mackson - Breitling Orbiter 8
posted a review of Jichael Mackson - Breitling Orbiter 8. over 18 years ago
Looking back to review 2005, this is one of the few saving graces of a dismal year for minimal techno. In the last 18-24 months the scene has been diluted by labels churning out sub-standard minimal house and techno. Not so from Swiss label Phictiv.... See full review
Various - Substrat - Innovation Durch Irritation
posted a review of Various - Substrat - Innovation Durch Irritation. over 18 years ago
A 2xCD compilation in collaboration with Zürich based club Substrat. All artists featured have played at the club and tracks are taken from various Swiss labels. A nice range of styles on here ranging from the slow grinding electro of Roger Rotor to... See full review
K. Lakizz - Schwebstaub EP
posted a review of K. Lakizz - Schwebstaub EP. over 18 years ago
K.Lakizz comes up with a excellent EP. Non Importa opens with a looped snare, followed with the gradual fade-in of the really deep and heavy bassline. Then comes the repetitive vocal hook in garbled Italian and the hypnotic strings, a real killer... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 18 years ago
Chardronnet* - Ledge
posted a review of Chardronnet* - Ledge. over 18 years ago
A sensational debut release from Patrick Chardronnet for the Raum...musik label. Minimal acid meets minimal house on the A-side, deep bass and kooky sounds. 'Knisterboogie' is much darker, harsh bass and minimal-acid stabs in a slow techno grinder,... See full review
Richard Wolfsdorf - Tia
posted a review of Richard Wolfsdorf - Tia. over 18 years ago
Very similar in style to his early Perlon releases such as '2000 Abdominals' or the Sense Club collaboration, 'Tia' is no exception to the unwritten rule that all Villalobos releases must contain at least one track over 10 minutes long. The A-side is... See full review
Lowtec - 10 Strikes To 2001
posted a review of Lowtec - 10 Strikes To 2001. over 19 years ago
This is a five-tracker, but as the tracklisting above suggests the tracks on each side are all interlinked and play as one continuous piece of music. Musically, this ep is utterly beautiful, combining elements of abstract house music and minimal dub.... See full review