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Es-G - Roll London City
posted a review of Es-G - Roll London City. 8 months ago
Roll London City samples Lewis Parker - Rise, both great tunes
Various - Untitled
posted a review of Various - Untitled. 8 months ago
Bizzi's Party and Better Things have been pitched up a fair bit, they are a lot faster than their original pressings
posted a review of Skankz 007 - Mash Up. 10 months ago
That Nasty Crew one is Jammer - Feedback I think
Jameson - Urban Hero / Slow Jam
posted a review of Jameson - Urban Hero / Slow Jam. 10 months ago
Check the B Side of this for a way cheaper copy of Urban Hero
Ordinary People - Baby You Make My Heart Sing.
posted a review of Ordinary People - Baby You Make My Heart Sing.. 11 months ago
Soulful and ruff at the same time > > >
Dr. Shemp - The Reignited EP
posted a review of Dr. Shemp - The Reignited EP. 11 months ago
Check DNR mate, they've got it in stock ...words ...
Platinum 45 - Bad Boy
posted a review of Platinum 45 - Bad Boy. about 1 year ago
B Side on this is a heater, 3 more words
posted a review of Frank "Trendy" L & Matt "Dillon" Swain - Assorted Flavours EP. about 1 year ago
doesn't get better than this . . . . . .
Iron Soul - By The Sword / Heavens Rejects Refix
posted a review of Iron Soul - By The Sword / Heavens Rejects Refix. about 1 year ago
By The Sword samples Riders Of Doom by Basil Poledouris
Mr Fidget* & Mr Grim* - Don't Watch Me
posted a review of Mr Fidget* & Mr Grim* - Don't Watch Me. about 1 year ago
You know if there's any audio of this kicking about?
2 As 1 - Body Heat (Remix)
posted a review of 2 As 1 - Body Heat (Remix). about 1 year ago
Tracks A and B are reversed on my copy .
posted a comment on Jehst. about 1 year ago
Seconded . . . . . . . . . .
Hindzy D - Shrapnal / 16 Valve
posted a review of Hindzy D - Shrapnal / 16 Valve. about 1 year ago
Shrapnel is warfare on wax...... 5 more words ... ..
Braintax - Biro Funk
posted a comment on Braintax - Biro Funk. over 2 years ago
Look it up mate, he finessed Skinnyman, Task Force and Jehst out of a lot of money
Manix - Manic Minds
posted a comment on Manix - Manic Minds. over 2 years ago
Modular Expansion - Cubes is the most famous use of that synth that I know, might be able to find it from that