Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand - Joyride Abraxas80

November 8, 2015
after time is the enemy the band went downhill

My Bloody Valentine - This Is Your Bloody Valentine as reviewed by Abraxas80

April 20, 2011
Recently, I came across this little gem, the debut release of the Irish alternative rock band My Bloody Valentine, a mini-LP of seven songs, much to my surprise their debut is very different from their later soegazing-orientated work,

The music is very retro in terms of all the positive aspects of what made the pioneers of rock and punk so big, what you here is an enjoyful blend of 50ies rockabilly and 70ies punk, it's like James Dean meets Johnny rotten in a Lost Highway car crash.

from the mood the album sometimes reminds me to Joy Division, there's also a certain The Doors influence in it, the singer Dave Conway performs a similar vocal style but after he left the group the band's guitarist Kevin Shields took over and the vocal style changed significally to a more balanced and calmer one.

The album benefits from its minimalistic instrumentation which gives it that authentic live-feeling.

The opening song "Forever and Again" reminds me of a certain imagery, smokey streets of chicaco in the 50s, gloaming street lights, and seedy statures the perfect sound of a an old gangster movie.

Another highlights are the powerful and punky "homelovin' guy" and two psychedelics "inferno" and "the last supper"

I recommend this album to every serious punkrock fan.

John Foxx - D.N.A. as reviewed by Abraxas80

October 31, 2010
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Firt of all, fans who have expected an album of the comeback of John Foxx' distinctive voice might get a little disappointed as this another mere instrumental album, but a very interesting one.

With D.N.A. John Foxx merges a lot of styles into one record, and what seems not to fit well with each other at first listen comes out as an successful blend.

On D.N.A. you can find pure electronic tracks, namely:

"Maybe Tomorrow" which resembles a modern version of Michel Jarre's Oxygen

"Flightpath Tegel" which ist the best of the electronic tracks in my opinion, it has a rather sinister atmosphere and thus a bit similar to Gary Numan's 1979 classic "Airline"

"Phantom Lover" has very retro sound, and could be taken directly from "Metamatic" just listen to this drumsound (Roland CR-78)

What follows are two of his fines ambient tracks he has ever recorded:

"Kaiyagura" and "City Of Mirage" hauntingly beautiful soundscapes which prove that he doesn't need to hide from big names like Harold Budd or Brian Eno.

The more experimental tracks come as an surprise:

"Violet Bloom" the only track I couldn't really relate myself to, it's a bit dull in progression and those voice fragments sounds a bit annoying.

The doubletrack "A secret Life 7 + 2" quickly compensate, the latter track runs for nearly 10 minutes and explores new ground for Foxx, sound is very different to the other tracks and could be described as some kind of experimentation with field recording, I really love how the track develops from the slow ambient tracks into the industrial drone which has a very strong growing effect on me. Maybe a hint to what could be the future sound of Foxx. I'd be allright with that.

The album closes with "Over The Mirage" which is just another ambient track with some soft piano play accompaniment. A propitiate ending.

My highlights are: "Kaiyagura", "City Of Mirage", "Flightpath Tegel", "A Secret Life 2"

Rating: 8/10

Frostbite (2) - The Second Coming Abraxas80

March 12, 2010
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Frostbite was Einar Örn's first musical project after the demise of the Sugarcubes, he teamed up with Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson to create a sound described as dance music for people who cannot dance.

The Second Coming is the project's only release which offers some really weird electronic sounds which is accompanied with Einar Örn's distinctive (spoken) vocals, lyrical the songs deal about life's paranoia, best example is "Loose My Mind" which is in my opinion the strongest track on the record.

Katie Jane Garside contributes some kinky vocals on some of the songs but the best thing of the album are HÖH's weird computer programmed sounds, kind of trip hopish in style and quite organic too.

Insulin Reaction - What's The Point Abraxas80

February 5, 2010
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Some interesting things going on here, most distinctive is the bass sound, which is most prominent through the whole record So the sound is overall pretty dark
and very similar to those bands like The Cure and New Order.

You can also hear a keyboard line in some of the songs especially the opener "Lonely Lady" stands out in that respect.

Other Highlights are the pretty dark "Difference", "Crossfire" and "Secrets".

But the record has also some serious weak points, first of all the singer's voice might not be everyone's cup of tea as it sounds a bit too nasal for my taste. Also there is not much variation in the songs you have these bass lines over and over again so the album gives you a hard listen.

Anyway it has 4 or 5 good tracks, the other stuff is pretty redundant.

Grindverk - Gesundheit Von K as reviewed by Abraxas80

March 27, 2008
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Gesundheit Von K is Grindverk's only release, well, sadly I would say since the project offers some real cool experimental music.

There's no singing on the record what we get are four instrumental tracks full of driving percussions, eerie soundscapes and some electronic loops.

The first three tracks are very percussive, you can also hear some industrial sounding noises and an out of tune trumpet. Karato, the last track, is quite different, a musical saw is the basemment of this track, high-pitched voice loops and a glockenspiel go along with a real drum kit which gives it that certain jazz-appeal.

For fans of experimental music, strongly recommended!


Ornamental - No Pain as reviewed by Abraxas80

October 9, 2007
No Pain is a typical 80s dance track, Dave Ball's arrangement is very accesible and Rose McDowalls additional vocals give it that certain pop-appeal and Einar Örn contributes some sophisticated lyrics in his very unique off-key style.

The other mixes of No Pain sound all more or less the same.

The other track on side B - Le Sacré D'Hiver, is entirely sung by Einar Örn who also contributes some annoying trumpet, I still cannot make out in which language this song was sung, the tiltle suggests French but I cannot detect any French in it.


Þeyr - Life Transmission as reviewed by Abraxas80

October 2, 2007
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After the release of their first album Þagað I Hel which wasn't supposed to be a new wave record at all, the band released their first single "Life Transmission" , showing the band's new direction in music.

Side A: Life Transmission - a mid-tempo post-punk song, sung in English, which has some great guitar riffs and a bass chord which resembles the Stranglers' song "Toiler on the Sea". But the most remarkable thing about this song is the fact that the singer's voice does very much sound like David Bowie. There are also some distorted quitars in the middle section and the song ends with a beautiful coda.

Side B: Heima Er Bezt - is very different from Side A, sung in Icelandic, it starts very slowly with a punk bass chord - then a voice whispers something - drums and leading guitar start playing, the low-key voice is chanting something quite mystically, this chanting is repeated several times during the song. In the middle section there's kind of a jam session between the instruments also the voice has its ad lib part.

With this release Þeyr developed their trademark sound, which is of a one kind in the post-punk sector.

Q4U - Q2 1980 - 1983 as reviewed by Abraxas80

August 16, 2006
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Fronted by the powerful female singer Elly, Q4U is a legendary Icelandic band out of the "Rokk i Reykjavik" period. They started out as a raw punk band in 1980 but evolved into a syntheziser-powered chic-rock that brings to mind Siouxsie & The Banshees and the Electro-clash movement of today. This great CD has everything Q4U ever did: Their only actual record, the 1983 6-track EP "Q1", a 18-track previously unreleased punk cassette, and a various other recordings, 34 tracks in all.