Don't call me babe, don't call me darling, my name is Ace Beaty and I'm The Killer Witch Of Chamber Rock.

I finally repossessed my music gears & records collection which was held hostage for months by Salvador Augé i Jiménez. How this pathetic mama's boy managed to set up this chantage after a succession of manipulative events has been tweeted here and a summary of the events is on this blog.

Since the above resolved, my Discogs Store has just re-opened and I've re-ordered everything after a relocation. So if you suspect that I have something in my collection which isn't in my sales & you'd be interested to purchase it, feel free to ask, I may accept or decline… If I accept to sell it you will have to proceed to purchase it from Discogs as per Fee Avoidance Policy, so I will have to relist it on my store here for the occasion..

Never hesitate to Make a Price Offer for the items in my Discogs Store, in most case, if reasonable, I'll accept Your Price.

I will never agree for you to pick the item up from a shop or physical location in-person, rather I will have it shipped to the address you display on Discogs (if you pay via Bank Transfer) or the address displayed on your Paypal account if you use the later. For ethical reason I do prefer payments via Bank Transfer but the choice ultimately is all yours. Feel free to contact me about my viewpoint about Paypal.

Aside of that said I'm always open to meet any gentle, stylish, educated music lovers for a tea or so, specially ladies.

As I keep digging in my collection, in which I have double copies, more vinyl cakes will show-up in my store here.

So, just click here to see what I currently have in store ;-) !

I've never been so happy in life, so fuck you very much and thank you for your attention.

"I'm in love dancin,
and springing out the same,
send one now at 7.
Caught me love dancin,
sound now,
seek and you will find."


"Clear Channel owns all the major radio
stations and venues.
Most musicians aren't aware that a few
people control so much of what we hear."

- Susan Tedeschi
I sell a few recordings here !

Quotes :

"Don't play the first thing that
comes into your head:
play the second."

- Miles Davis.

"Of course the music
is a great difficulty.
You see, if one plays good music,
people don't listen,
and if one plays bad music
people don't talk."

- Oscar Wilde

"If you can walk you can dance.
If you can talk you can sing."

- Zimbabwe Proverb.


Enough of getting kicked in the head
by hateful, monotonous tracks.
When we hear that sound,
we should all either sit down or walk out..
or try to make it better.

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posted a comment on Klaus Wiese. about 1 month ago
Thank you, maybe an edited version of what you reveal here could be posted under the Arc label or under Tomas Weiss profile's, the true culprit of all this exploitative mess.
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posted a comment on The Anti Group - 4 X 12. 2 months ago
Just wondering: wasn't "F.E.M." just "Further And Evident Meetings" ?
posted a comment on Various - Dreams To Fill The Vacuum - The Sound Of Sheffield 1977-1988. 2 months ago
This compilation reveals plenty of little known bands. The tracks appearing from the more 'famous' bands are still the early, less known, tracks.
With "if" we could put Paris in a bottle; so there might be a reason why it isn't some people's job to... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Dreams To Fill The Vacuum - The Sound Of Sheffield 1977-1988. 2 months ago
I assume the Cabaret Voltaire omission could be related to access to copyrights or the aim to focus on lesser known bands… I won't take this release as another opportunity to become upset about something which doesn't affect my well-being in those... See full review
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Hi Will, I would love to know why I should justify why I don't or do appreciate a piece of music, certainly when I've already being clear about it. As I wrote "nothing exceptional", could it be that I know better ? Maybe, only you could guess ! That... See full review
posted a comment on Nick Holder - Retrospective E.P.. 2 months ago
Hello HeShe from Cork, how is what you wrote here, following your initial -comment- to my -review- & standpoint over the release, a recommendation and not plain cyber bullying and a command to me to just shut-up when some people are abusive ? I ask... See full review
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Thanks to the privileged white man from the innovation breeding village of Cork for lecturing me on what should be "life affirming"; maybe you should try to walk in my heels; and if you are a man, put on a skirt and try to reach the nearby pharmacy... See full review
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Some folks would better write their own review instead of a mansplaing -comment- to a lady which has been playing deep since times when the apostle was still in a kinder-garden and when the music hailed from disfranchised groups who hadn't the comfort... See full review
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As if any sheeps glued and followed by their screens noticed…, this is a masterpiece.
posted a comment on Purple Disco Machine - Soulmatic. 3 months ago
Your taste for originality and an ethical stand in your musical choices is appreciated.
posted a comment on Candido - Jingo. 3 months ago
The original mix was indeed by David Rodriguez Jr., however this is the only release were I see the duration being 9'50" instead of 9'20", anyone has a clue why?
posted a comment on Various - Disco Trance & Cosmic Flavas. 3 months ago
On ‎"On The Road Again" LP by Rockets, only the pieces 'Space Rock' & 'On The Road Again' appears to be mixed by Tom Moulton over the US version of the release but not 'Cosmic Race' or any other tracks; is this an error displayed over this CD or on... See full review
posted a comment on ORS* - Moon-Boots. 3 months ago
It's a blessing to have one's romantic life established by a whore. Most scarlet women have taste.
posted a comment on Underground Resistance - World 2 World. 9 months ago
Thank you for the info. I was considering it as 'back-up' copy as I have the original pressing anyway.
posted a comment on Salvationist Publishing & Supplies Ltd.. 9 months ago
The Salvation Army is a church, misusing federally-funded services, and with a long history of unpaid labor, sex abuse and discrimination. God bless.
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"Shortcut Home", the last track of this EP by William Welt is a captivating techno track which I loved to play a lot in the period it was released, I recently rediscovered it and it remains enthralling. I still recommend it to bona fide techno... See full review
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The "distinctly 90s flavor" which a reviewer mentioned isn't a surprise, most of the finest tracks here were actually created and released in the 1990's. The also mentioned lack of 'musicality' and the rise of cliches is, in many cases, what directly... See full review
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Just wondering which is the specific take of "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Remix)" is appearing here on track A5.
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