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posted a comment on Keiji Haino - Abandon All Words At A Stroke, So That Prayer Can Come Spilling Out = 一度すべての言葉を捨てよう、祈りがあふれて来られるように. over 6 years ago
Alien8 released Haino is slaughterhouse of emotionally opaque drones. Two massive blown-out excursions!
posted a comment on Sissy Spacek - Sissy Spacek. over 6 years ago
Wiese and Co.'s harsh grind. For fans of Masonna. Slashed up wild interpretations meant to melt your ghetto-box.
posted a comment on Tarmvred - Subfusc. over 6 years ago
Drum and bass on a surge of PCP. Broken noise beats. Features Scott Sturgis/Converter from Seattle on the last track (which may be one of the best!)
posted a comment on Merzbow | Shora - Switching Rethorics. over 6 years ago
Unusual split that takes wall of noise and ear-drops it into a metalcore head full of wrecked emotions!
posted a comment on Propergol - Renegade. over 6 years ago
French power industrial electronic deconstruction. Sound plot to a snuff film. Vile and addictive.
posted a comment on Wolf Eyes - Dread. over 6 years ago
I'm a Dilloway-head, thru and thru. A piece of essential Wolf. Catchy evil power noise.
posted a comment on Wolf Eyes - Slicer. over 6 years ago
Very attractive cover art by John Olson. Murder noise. You could call this lowercase-noise, minimalist apocalyptic rumblings. Awesome stuff.
posted a comment on Merzbow - Dharma. over 6 years ago
Sustain and release but really almost all sustain! Harsh noise-maestro caterwauls you with one of my favourite Merzbow sonic paintings!
posted a comment on Ash Ra Tempel, Manuel Göttsching - Inventions For Electric Guitar. over 6 years ago
Sings the cybernetic soul! Progressive electronic noodlings for all-eternity!
posted a comment on Bardo Pond - No Hashish No Change Money No Saki Saki. over 6 years ago
Legends of DMT-rock! Lo-fi spaced-out smoked-out jams.
posted a comment on Various - Tokyo Flashback 3. over 6 years ago
Featuring Overhang Party, White Heaven, Sweet & Honey, Ghost and few other one offs totally worth some shells! Psych/Japanese Experimental/Noise mayhem!
posted a comment on Guzzard - Get A Witness. over 6 years ago
This AmpRep album always gets forgotten. While not as 'sparky' as some AmpRep releases, Get a Witness has some awesome squalid sounding noise-rock melodies!
posted a comment on Flipper - American Grafishy. over 6 years ago
Yes Rubin and krew "tightened" the remodelled Flipper up on this record but that didn't make any new ideas avoid transformation into some awesome music! Bruce Loose has never sounded uglier or more unbearable - in the best way!
posted a comment on Space Streakings - 初恋. over 6 years ago
Cheesed Japa-grind exploding walls with deviant noise-garbled limbs! Heavy sax-skronk!
posted a comment on Boredoms - Wow 2. over 6 years ago
Boredoms have some of my favourite art for their cover work and this album rocks the top of that heap. So acid! This record is totally carefree, childishly barbarian and full of shrugs to people who don't "get it". A lot of shrieking and gutter... See full review
posted a comment on Mutter - Du Bist Nicht Mein Bruder. over 6 years ago
German industrial strangeness, reaching into a clown's bag of weird tricks: no wave, doom variations, lo-fi noise's everywhere and awesome. A mythological type of record!
posted a comment on Janitor Joe - Big Metal Birds. over 6 years ago
Shifty brutal anti-elitist sludge noise. Super fuzzy bass, Joachim's crusty possibly grumpy vocal delivery and a palette of cold lifelessness. Dark shit!
posted a comment on Uzeda - Waters. over 6 years ago
Like an Italian Breeders hanging out with full-tanked Come and Thalia Zedek!
posted a comment on Liquor Ball* - Fucks The Sky. over 6 years ago
One of my all-time favourite records! This shit sounds insane!! Voxed-out monolithic noise jam!
posted a comment on Johnboy - Pistolswing. over 6 years ago
Sheet metal in the storm kinda math rock. Cognizant and brutal.
posted a comment on Hammerhead (2) - Ethereal Killer. over 6 years ago
Ugly punk'd post-hardcore. Fact check: Jesus Lizard, booze, pills, fist-fights, Unsane. Dirty and full of grit.
posted a comment on Marble Sheep & The Run Down Sun's Children* - Old From New Heads. over 6 years ago
Japanese heavy freakout music for bad lysergic days. Stretched out live pieces and LSD recollections. Space rock done Loop style.
posted a comment on Химера - Химера. over 6 years ago
Russian noisecore/post-hardcore no wave great all-round fuckery!
posted a comment on Ed Hall - Motherscratcher. over 6 years ago
Acid-noisepunks coming from a high they can't get enough of! Butthole Surfers meet Drunks With Guns! Severe required listening!
posted a comment on Kill The Thrill - Dig. over 6 years ago
French heavy industrial noise rockers! Every album of theirs is worth owning. For fans of Ulan Bator, Swans, KK Null projects and losing your mind!
posted a comment on Spongehead - Curb Your Dogma. over 6 years ago
Brooklyn-born experimental noise rock n roll. Sounds a lot like Cop Shoot Cop. Heavy on the skronk guitar.
posted a comment on Terminal Cheesecake - Gateau D'Espace. over 6 years ago
A psychotic tribal experience on the noisiest of fronts. Justin Broadrick gets real jammy and smoked out. Highly recommend any Terminal Cheesecake material.
posted a comment on 不失者* = Fushitsusha - 寓意的な誤解 = Allegorical Misunderstanding. over 6 years ago
Avant-death music from Haino. Shrouds of summoners to the antique deities of pitch black starkness and drone. Amazing and stunning with little space between eruptive undulating experimentation.
posted a comment on Cable Regime - Kill Lies All. over 6 years ago
UK babies and co-produced by Broadrick! Vociferous and naked music much like early Swans. It's a straight up machine gun to your senses - and that rules!!
posted a comment on Brainiac - Smack Bunny Baby. over 6 years ago
Completely underrated record from the tragic Ohio group. Hissing Prigs might be the epitome but Smack Bunny is cybernetic American punk rock at its weirdest!
posted a comment on Barkmarket - Gimmick. over 6 years ago
Great car stereo album! Rick Rubin stepped in to help get this sweater around the waist noise gunk off the filthy launchpad. If you liked Vegas Throat you'll like this!
posted a comment on Trumans Water - Godspeed The Vortex. over 6 years ago
Early Pavement, The Fall and a busted blender on overdrive - this record is amazing! I mean, all of Trumans Water recordings are distinct and ornamental in their strangeness but this might punch the absurd gods in the face!
posted a comment on Shihad - Churn. over 6 years ago
An essential Wellington, NZ group and record! I've read someone compare it to the idea of Black Sabbath playing shoegaze songs in an abandoned train yard. Yep that fits!
posted a comment on King Loser - Sonic Super Free Hi-Fi. over 6 years ago
James Kirk AND Peter Jefferies drum on this wicked Kiwi record. It's all lo-fi acid beach bum noise! Grindy rock n roll raphus cucullatus!
posted a comment on Steel Pole Bath Tub - The Miracle Of Sound In Motion. over 6 years ago
Tom Flynn's axe rules. Acid-surf grunge. Great catalyst for weird and loud bands to start rippin' out awesome skidly tunes!
posted a comment on Zeni Geva - Desire For Agony = 苦痛志向. over 6 years ago
Null and Albini sure know how to cause a case of spontaneous combustion! Sheer relentless power with function, straightening out any time of impotence. Highest decibel band! Loud as all heck!
posted a comment on Six Finger Satellite - The Pigeon Is The Most Popular Bird. over 6 years ago
They step a little ways away from the Chrome comparisons here, but only slightly. Maybe this because on The Pigeon the group decides to experiment a little with isolation. Each track seems like a whole new world of weird and funny.
posted a comment on Massimo Volume - Stanze. over 6 years ago
For fans of Ulan Bator and other spoken-word noise rock work. Much like Spain, Italy has a whole host of awesome undiscovered noise/experimental creations hacking it out in the '90s.
posted a comment on 713avo Amor - A Veces El Dolor. over 6 years ago
Another incredible '90s noise rock outfit from Spain! Spain is loaded. End of the world early Spanish progressive rock meets shacks of doom post-rock noise of Slint. Super recommended!
posted a comment on Harry Pussy - Harry Pussy. over 6 years ago
Hoyos and Orcutt creative/destructive explosions caught on wax! Primitive and wild, stupid and hilarious, more depth than understanding. Free-noise/noisecore perfection!
posted a comment on Today Is The Day - Supernova. over 6 years ago
One of my favourite records and highly under gabbed about! TITD bring their A-level noisecore and frigged up proggy-metal rhythms on this incredible debut!
posted a comment on El Inquilino Comunista - El Inquilino Comunista. over 6 years ago
Hidden gem from Spain! Rowdy intelligent slack-rock stylings. Terrific summertime record!
posted a comment on Skullflower - Last Shot At Heaven. over 6 years ago
Conjurers' noise rock with a western-esoterism heard in acts Loop and The Telescopes but on a bad trip. Super dope and essential for Skullflower collectors.
posted a comment on Skullflower - Obsidian Shaking Codex. over 6 years ago
One of S-Flower's greatest divide between melody and dissonance. This is cavernous droneology.
posted a comment on Gallon Drunk - The Road Gets Darker From Here. over 6 years ago
Razor-edged scuzzed-out cowpunk! A nocturnal record. A drinking record. A wrecking record.
posted a comment on Deity Guns - Trans Lines Appointment. over 6 years ago
Experimental noise-punks branch out and make their music geographically symphonic! This noisy post-rock needs an audience.
posted a comment on Shorty (4) - Thumb Days. over 6 years ago
Tops for the album art. Noise rock essential. "Coopie and Me" needs to be heard (or seen if you can find the video!). Future US Maple.
posted a comment on Caspar Brötzmann Massaker - Koksofen. over 6 years ago
The Massacre's quiet builds are worth giving your time to! Schizo-experimentation. "Hymne", the opening thrust, sets the destructive scene.
posted a comment on Pain Teens - Destroy Me, Lover. over 6 years ago
Tribal-painted industrial noise rock. Like a sleazy detective tale told from a meat-grinder. For fans of Foetus, Swans, sludge rock and early Big Black (Atomizer)!
posted a comment on Th Faith Healers* - Imaginary Friend. over 6 years ago
Mystical, mesmerizing noize-gazin' rock. One of the best bands of all-time with one of their best efforts! A magnet's coil of energy, waitin' to surprise.