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posted a comment on Kausto - Pupil Dilations. 14 days ago
Excellent release. Can't get over how good Tender Love is in particular. Such a bouncy track and those chords are so good
posted a comment on Wendy Ann Warchal* - Can You Handle It?. about 1 year ago
The Stone Mix is so bouncy. Just more proof that Stephen Emmanuel is the most underrated producer in UK garage history. Even his unheard productions were total gems. His level of production was classier, deeper and more professional than anyone at the ... See full review
posted a comment on Dem 2 - From Da Vaults EP. about 1 year ago
Excellent release from Dem 2 (as usual). This definitely sounds like a production from back when they were producing as a duo, hence the title of the EP I suppose... Lizard has to be the standout track, the kinda bright and bouncy two-step that only ... See full review
posted a comment on Double 99 - Ripgroove. over 7 years ago
Even after all this time, people still haven't realised this track is called RIP Groove...
posted a review of Autechre - Draft 7.30. over 11 years ago
I disagree with anyone who says this album is hard to get into. OK, there may be the odd couple of seconds between some bars filled with glitch and groans before the beat comes back, but other than that, this album is completely beat-driven. The first ... See full review
posted a review of Autechre - Confield. over 14 years ago
Confield: Autechre and broken beat music at the highest level.

You have never heard anything like this before. It's like letting a computer loose to make beats. The idea that a computer has no emotion. Just twisted genius. There's angry music, but ... See full review
posted a review of Fresh / Trace* / Vegas (2) - Mutated For 200X. over 14 years ago
This EP would probably fall into mediocrity if not for "Mutated X"; an absolute Amen slammer.
Listen out for a sly and very subtle take on T-Power & MK Ultra's "Mutant Jazz", hence the name.
posted a review of Shy FX - Bambaata. over 15 years ago
The most copied drum break in the history of the world!
This track is still an anthem and contibuted significantly to the progression of drum and bass.

One of the top ten dnb tracks ever.
posted a review of Ed Rush + Optical* - Gas Mask / Bacteria. over 15 years ago
The greatest drum and bass 12" ever created? Well it's up there right with Roni Size's 26 Bass/Snapshot. Absolutely amazing stuff once again. Such an important milestone in the development of the genre puts it up in the top ten most important drum and ... See full review
posted a review of Ed Rush & Optical - Wormhole. over 15 years ago
Less is certainly more! Such simple drum beats and repetitive basslines get you humming for hours. Definitely for all the futuristic drum and bass fans only though - no cheesy vocals and melodies for all you Fabio fans.

Check out key track "Glass ... See full review
posted a review of BC Recordings. over 15 years ago
Now defunct label created by the inconsistent but sometimes genius boys - the key man being Fresh (aka Dan Stein).

Much greater releases on other labels e.g. The Pulse (Prototype Recordings) or Spacehopper (Ram Records), but The Nine, Rush Hour and ... See full review
posted a review of Jonny L - Dirt / Trouble. over 16 years ago
This track is SICK to the bone!! Just listening to this track gets me hyper - I just wanna dance. Jonny L doesn't release too much but when he does......
posted a review of Todd Edwards. over 16 years ago
Todd Edwards is completely original. He uses "cut up" vocals to create a melody along with some other samples, then adds a bouncy bassline to get those feet movin'! People like Qualifide have tried to copy him but he can't be matched. Todd, Armand and ... See full review