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posted a comment on Coco* / Fabert* - La Vwa. about 1 month ago
Sorry what's the tune that's sampled in Ban Di Fwan?
posted a comment on Ambient Warrior - Dub Journey's. 2 months ago
Does anyone know if 'Oceanic Dub' is sampled or a cover?? Heard like a vocal version of it in an 'Invisible City' mix on soundcloud.

Bought this in the hope to find that version but no luck. Great dub record nonetheless!!
posted a comment on Toto Chiavetta - Underground Mental Resurrection. 2 months ago
Does anyone know if those strings on Nothing Really Matters are sampled or where it takes inspiration from? Sounds so familiar!
posted a comment on Cedar Sound Workshop - This Sound. 6 months ago
Does anyone on here know what B1 is the edit of?
posted a comment on Mood II Swing - Do It Your Way. 6 months ago
Does anyone know where the vocals in Do It Your Way come from? Sounds like a TV interview or something
posted a comment on Various - Love Dubs. 6 months ago
It's vincent montana. Late 70s. The title is a dance fantasy I think. beautiful stuff
posted a comment on Kelton Prima - Reactivated. 7 months ago
Anyone know the sample on Ritalo F if there is any?
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 8 months ago