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posted a comment on Kool Savas - LMS. about 1 year ago
Hi... Actually I doubt it's on one if the two releases of Westberlin Maskulin (Kool Savas & Taktlo$$)! I only know it due to the 12"! And I got both the Westberlin Maskulin-Releases...
posted a comment on Kool Savas - Warum Rappst Du? EP 97/98. about 1 year ago
KKS...sick lyrics (mostly around sex, that feminists hate for sure since the "pimp-attitude" that Savas shows very picturesque in the majority if the (few) tracks...), sick flow 'n' beats/instrumental/music. In many terms very unusual & unconventional... ... See full review
posted a review of La Dame Blanche (2) - 2 • La Dame Blanche. about 1 year ago
damn nice Album!!!
experimental, partly "electronical", groovin', pumpin' instrumentals (which are as fresh as the ones of A$AP ROCKY, KENDRICK LAMAR,... ) beyond the usual (rap beats) sometimes with classical parts (flute) & cuban "fever/fire" to ... See full review
posted a review of Six Drummers - Sound Of Noise. over 2 years ago
Six Drummers...Sound of Noise.
Soundtrack to the movie by the same name. The CD ("Single") was part of the limited Ed. DVD of the movie. Only 4 (short) Tracks, but strong and experimental... It's great how they produced the Sounds — produced chiefly ... See full review
posted a comment on Darkroom Familia - Veteranos. over 2 years ago
One of the worst covers in my eyes, but the tracks are way better & good to bounce to...
posted a comment on Marsimoto - Green Juice. over 2 years ago
GREEN Record Day Release/Record Store Day limited Edition (originally released by "Juice" Magazine) as a Promo EP for the Album »Grüner Samt« (which refers to Torch's german rap classic »Blauer Samt«)...
High piched/hekium voice, sick beats and funny as ... See full review
posted a comment on Marsimoto - Halloziehnation. over 2 years ago
funky, ill, electronical, psychedelic instrumentals with smart 'n' funny lyrics in a high pitched voice... Ready for an unforgettable trip!?
posted a comment on Kanastah - Stylebazooka. over 2 years ago
Awesome! Lyrics, Beats, Flow, Technique from Schwerin based rapper (unfortunately they aren't rapping any more! Great EP! Like »Lennox« (Non Plus Ultra) »Metapha« has a fantastic voice and Skillz!
posted a comment on Non Plus Ultra - Kollabos. over 2 years ago
Rap from "Oldschooler" home basedin Greifswald (Baltic Sea Area) formerly GDR... Nit so experimental un therms if beats & instrumentals, but the more in terms of flow, content & voice – especially Lennox's voice is unique! They rap because they live & ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Juice DVD German Rap Video Classics. over 2 years ago
From oldschool to newschool... (Of thetime published. Some (important) acts (of german rapper/rap group/pioneers of german rap), such as i.e. LSD Proton, Konkret Finn, Too Strong, Fler & Bushido,... are - in my opinion - actually missing, but due to it ... See full review
posted a review of Curse (3) - Nichts Wird Mehr So Sein Wie Es War. over 2 years ago
Great Song. Shortly released after the 9–11-"Incident". Straight on point and a strong statement. State of the Art! He is a great conscious Rapper. There are not many who speak by the heart and so free...
posted a comment on Roey Marquis II.* - Samsara. over 2 years ago
Great album with superior rap-features as well as beats/instrumentals. I really like the arrangements, the equilibrium between vocal and instrumental tracks & last but not least I especially love the instrumental tracks, some of them R really ... See full review
posted a comment on Blumentopf - Kein Zufall. over 2 years ago
»Fun-Rap« at its best! Worth & fun to listen too, thoughtful at times, too!
posted a comment on Tefla & Jaleel - Interview. over 2 years ago
Great, outstanding Album, even though not the best in terms of other german Rap releases, still some outstanding tracks!
posted a comment on Der Klan - Flashpunks. over 2 years ago
BURNER, especially due to its rather experimental Instrumentals by LordScan!
posted a comment on Cora E - Corage. over 2 years ago
Nice album with thoughtful lyrics and a good flow, even though not as good as for example other female MCs such as Pyranja or FivaMC in my opinion, still plenty of fun to listen to. If UR "Oldschool" you should check it out...
posted a comment on Exile (6) - Radio. over 2 years ago
After seeing him perform live as support of JMT, I had to get the LP. The LP was as good as his live performance. He got great skillz, knows how to built tight beats, instrumentals and "back-up Rapper". Tight!
posted a comment on Group Home - A Tear For The Ghetto. over 2 years ago
Damn nice Album – lyrics and instrumentals at its best. Incredible voices, diversity and damn good conscious rap!
posted a comment on Pyranja - Egal Was Ihr Sagt. over 2 years ago
Superior FEMALE Battle- & Conscious Rap!
My favorite song is (still, maybe du to its actuality in times of IS, War,...) »Glauben?« — a song a bout religions/beliefs and maybe fanaticism/racism/violence produced my it! Why so much hate etc.? We are all ... See full review
posted a comment on Pyranja - Wurzeln & Flügel. over 2 years ago
Great debut Album of (in my opinion) Germanys' best female MCs (ever)...after years of rapping & struggeling! A superior mix of deep, battle, melancholic or party-tracks performed with a tight flow and (suiting) voice/language!
posted a comment on Pyranja - Im Kreis EP. over 2 years ago
Who said only men can have a tight flow, an aggrssive attitude etc.!? Check this EP out and you will know/notice that females can be as tough, aggressive, thoughtful, technically top, etc. as male MCs can! She also dropped great battle- & conscious raps, ... See full review
posted a comment on Spax - Kriegstagebuch / Überwachungsstaat. over 2 years ago
Two (or just one of the mentioned tracks!?) deep & thoughtful tracks from the Album »Engel & Ratten« ("Angels & Rats) by one if the greatest german Battle-/Freestyle MCs of the end of the 90ies & beginnings of the 21st century! The Tracks really make one ... See full review
posted a comment on Sandinistas - Madd Luv / Higher. over 2 years ago
A"Diamond" found by chance... Fresh lyrics ("concious rap"!?) and impressive (melodic) instrumentals...