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DeepChord Presents Echospace - Liumin
posted a review of DeepChord Presents Echospace - Liumin. about 1 year ago
So gorgeous album, timeless classic dub techno, need vinyl please!
Sven Väth - Catharsis
posted a review of Sven Väth - Catharsis. about 1 year ago
He has never made music himself

Hmm. What do you mean? Wasn't he, but someone else recording this and all his other albums? Long months in the studio to release this LP...
Gabin - Gabin
posted a review of Gabin - Gabin. about 1 year ago
What a shame, this incredible album has never been released on vinyl! Need a 2LP gatefold release!!!
Мумий Тролль - Морская
posted a comment on Мумий Тролль - Морская. over 3 years ago
Well, i think is just repress. Of course, maybe any sound/package differences.
Crustation With Bronagh Slevin - Bloom
posted a comment on Crustation With Bronagh Slevin - Bloom. over 3 years ago
Dude, how I envy you that you saw them live ... tell me how Bronagh amazing voice sounded live? This is a really fantastic project, it is very difficult to find information about them, and what a pity that they disbanded ... One of my favorite... See full review
Мумий Тролль - Морская
posted a comment on Мумий Тролль - Морская. over 3 years ago
How this release different from this reissue?
Are there any differences in design of inner part of the envelope, are there any lyrics?
Nor Elle - Phantom Of Life
posted a review of Nor Elle - Phantom Of Life. over 14 years ago
On Of the best lounge albums i ever heard! It's a true downtempo/lounge masterpiece, Norman Feller not only tech-house guru, but also downtempo genius. His second album "slapstick" in same category 'greatest downtempo albums of all time'. If you like... See full review