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posted a comment on Dusty Springfield - Dusty In Memphis. 1 day ago
Wow! Thats all I have to say about this pressing...
posted a comment on Steve Jablonsky & Explosions In The Sky - Lone Survivor. 2 days ago
Lots of surface noise. But for $8 which is what this is going for I can't complain
posted a comment on Wu-Tang Clan - Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). 3 days ago
While I don't have any other versions to compare this to, I'm not impressed. Pretty flat sounding. Maybe thats just the production? Doesn't pack a punch like a remember on the cd
posted a comment on Have A Nice Life - Deathconsciousness. 3 days ago
I actually request my sellers to do this with every order I place. Its the safest way to ship a record...
posted a comment on Lowtide (2). 3 days ago
Best Shoegaze band to come out of the last 15 Years
posted a comment on Gram Parsons - GP. 4 days ago
This pressing sounds so good! Nice thick gatefold with a thick spine. Well needed release since clean originals are hard to track down. Well worth it
posted a comment on Phoebe Bridgers - Stranger In The Alps. 13 days ago
Laughing at all the people paying over $100 for the colored variant when it obviously has issues and doesn't sound as good as the black vinyl. I guess the kids playing it on Crosleys don't care
posted a comment on A Perfect Circle - Emotive. 18 days ago
Just got a colored copy. Wow sooooo much surface noise. Its painful to my ears
posted a comment on John Williams (4) - Jurassic Park (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). 18 days ago
Like most of Mondo records pops and crackles throughout even after a wet vac cleaning. Got my replacement discs today and same thing. Guess I'll have to live with it. Very disappointing. This release deserves better
posted a comment on Megadeth - Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?. about 1 month ago
Super weak color. It looks black. Only when held to the light can you tell it is dark purple
posted a comment on Yussef Kamaal - Black Focus. about 1 month ago
Crazy to see all the mixed reviews. Mine sounds fantastic! Worth every penny
posted a comment on Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible. about 1 month ago
Mine is supper super noisy and distorted even after a wet vac cleaning played on a high end low output cartridge. Pretty disappointed
posted a comment on Alice In Chains - Dirt. about 1 month ago
This is a bootleg. Bootleg Bootleg Bootleg Bootleg Bootleg Bootleg
posted a comment on Björk - Medúlla. about 1 month ago
Lots of hissing on a thin piece of wax. You can hear it in the quiet parts
posted a comment on City And Colour - Guide Me Back Home. about 1 month ago
Listening to this now. Sounds amazing. Super quite and dynamic. Sounds like Dallas is in my living room
posted a comment on Stroke 9 - Nasty Little Thoughts. about 1 month ago
Bummed this is missing letters though. Why? Didnt have enough room? Lame
posted a comment on Chris Stapleton - Traveller. 2 months ago
Another bad copy here. This record deserved so much better. Hopefully an audiophile company presses this soon. Otherwise I may just have to buy the CD
posted a comment on Alice In Chains - Alice In Chains. 2 months ago
Its a digitally sourced bootleg. This is not an official pressing
posted a comment on Boygenius - Boygenius. 2 months ago
This guy is just trolling. He has 1 album in his collection. This E.P. is perfect from start to finish
posted a comment on Tobacco (3) - Ultima II Massage. 2 months ago
Just opened a sealed copy. A few loud pops but not enough to compalin about. It sounds really good actually
posted a comment on The Black Queen - Infinite Games. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Flyboys - Flyboys. 3 months ago
My labels are Yellow as well. There needs to be another release for this on discogs
posted a comment on Waxwork Records. 3 months ago
By FAR better sounding vinyl than Mondo especially as of late. Mondo sounds like sandpaper. Waxwork vinyl is super quite and dynamic
posted a comment on Henry Jackman - Kong Skull Island. 3 months ago
This is still available through Waxwork. Do not pay these prices
posted a comment on Swervedriver - Ejector Seat Reservation. 3 months ago
Alot of times that has to do with who owns the rights to albums. Whoever owns this album must not want download cards available
posted a comment on Father John Misty - Live At Third Man Records. 3 months ago
Who's selling? Hit me up. 10 words must be entered
posted a comment on Skull Kid - Protection Charm. 4 months ago
This record is so good! Why don't more people know about this record????
posted a comment on Tash Sultana - Flow State. 4 months ago
This picture is exactly what mine looks like. Is this variant listed on discogs?
posted a comment on Dave Grusin - The Goonies. 4 months ago
One of the best sounding albums in my collection. Varese did an amazing job with this
posted a comment on Tash Sultana - Flow State. 4 months ago
If mine looks like this guys its not this version. That version is red and beer with splatter. Mine is solid orange and solid red with orange splatter. None of these versions
posted a comment on Helios - Veriditas. 4 months ago
Beautiful music but my copy of this is super poppy even after a wet vac clean
posted a comment on Nu Nog Even Niet - #1 & #2. 5 months ago
Great album but how does everyone's sound? Mine has several loud popseven after a VPI cleaning and skips forward in one part
posted a comment on Cherubs - Heroin Man. 5 months ago
Really? I have 3 variants and they all sound really good. Reach out to Haze. You probably just got a bum copy
posted a comment on John Carpenter In Association With Alan Howarth - Big Trouble In Little China (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). 5 months ago
My copy sounds better than my original. Minimal noise. Very happy
posted a comment on Thrice - The Alchemy Index. 6 months ago
I have both and they sound about the same to be honest. Kinda flat. Probably digitally sourced but glad to have em in my collection
posted a comment on John Coltrane - Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album. 6 months ago
$28 for the deluxe? I don't think so. Bullmoose $35, Amoeba was $37, Newbury $40, Soundstage $38 All these prices were also before shipping. I think you are thinking about the standard
posted a comment on Eagles - Hell Freezes Over. 6 months ago
Just got my unnoficial and its by far my best sounding bootleg. Sound is great!
posted a comment on Starflyer 59 - Starflyer 59 (Silver). 7 months ago
Just got my copy. Sounds fantastic. So excited to finally own this
posted a comment on Wes Montgomery - Boss Guitar. 7 months ago
I have this album same Category number and everything but label is green
posted a comment on Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour. 7 months ago
Maybe I got lucky but my copy sounds fantastic! This record is amazing
posted a comment on Jeff Buckley - You And I. 7 months ago
His Smiths cover of boy with a thorn in his side is amazing!
posted a comment on A Perfect Circle - Eat The Elephant. 7 months ago
My copy doesn't sound good. Its not noisy but it sounds like it was just ripped from a CD file. Its flat and sounds kinda like a bootleg. Anyone else have this issue? I wonder how the back sounds. Maybe its just the white wax
posted a comment on Bauhaus - Go Away White. 8 months ago
Dogs a vapour which is the best song on the album is not on the vinyl??? WTF? Why?
posted a comment on Julien Baker - Sprained Ankle. 8 months ago
Just got this and man is it noisey. Beautiful record. Such a shame. These should have been recalled.
posted a comment on Sigur Rós - Von. 8 months ago
How can this be a "Reissue" When it says "1st time on vinyl" right on the hype sticker?
posted a comment on Nils Frahm - All Melody. 8 months ago
This album is quickly shooting to one of my favorites of this year. Every sound on this record is made from scratch with real analogue instruments as credited by Nils on the album. You can tell a lot of care and hard work went into each track. The ... See full review
posted a comment on Black Moth Super Rainbow - Don't You Want To Be In A Cult b/w Feel The Drip. 8 months ago
I just listened to this not knowing it was 45RPM and to be honest I like it better 33RPM lol
posted a comment on Richard Edwards (4) - Richard Edwards Live at LUNA music RSD 2017. 9 months ago
Someone please sell me a colored copy of this. PayPal ready
posted a comment on Imogen Heap - Speak For Yourself. 9 months ago
Shady label. Lost all respect telling fans they were pressing it on black vinyl and never to be pressed again. Then announcing this more limited clear vinyl after they shipped the black vinyl of course. Shady business practice and have no respect for ... See full review
posted a comment on Eyes Set To Kill - Reach. 9 months ago
Mine is Blue and Black marbled. Does anyone else have this?