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posted a review of George Harrison - What Is Life. 11 days ago
Really cool release. Apple label and inner sleeve. Not polylined so will need a 7" naga style inner for best protection.

The cover art is just a slip of paper double side printed with the lyrics, will need an outer sleeve to keep them together.

As for ... See full review
posted a review of Blood Diamonds - Osaka. 11 days ago
Banging music. Cool cover and an even cooler disc.

Disc comes in the cover with no protection!

There's some surface noise. A clean and anti static mat + brush with a clean stylus didn't do anything to help. Despite this the sound is really good. Deep ... See full review
posted a review of Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel. 29 days ago
Great music, great sounding record if you can get yourself a VG+ or better copy. Mine has not been well cared for sadly and has crackles throughout, loud pops and in general makes for a difficult listen at times. Will be replacing with a better condition ... See full review
posted a review of Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here. 29 days ago
Picked up a copy in the local for £10. It doesn't have the black insert or post card, and the condition is probably Good+. Plenty of crackle throughout, especially Side 1. Side 2 is much better. If this was kept in better condition it would be amazing, ... See full review
posted a review of Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days. about 1 month ago
I have a spotless NM+ copy and it sounds fantastic.

You know already Dancehall Days is an absolute banger, but the b-side There is a Nation is also a great track! That along with the great artwork which is a clear inspiration for vapourwave, this is a ... See full review
posted a review of The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour. about 1 month ago
It's a real shame it is so frustrating to hear The Beatles MMT in mono the way it was intended. The stereo versions are in my opinion a disgraceful representation of the bands music. With the mono production, you can hear their legacy.

This release is a ... See full review
posted a comment on The Doors - The Doors. about 1 month ago
To my surprise I actually prefer the stereo of this record compared to the original mono. Break on Through and Light My Fire works amazing and Alabama Song is almost like it was mean't for stereo with the spaces there are for the music to pop up on each ... See full review
posted a review of Grimes (4) - Art Angels. about 1 month ago
Vibrant cover art, also containing cool original art from Grimes in the gatefold.

Record was kept in a paper inner sleeve, since replaced with a mofi.

The pressing is great. Very quiet and great quality sound. Not sure what the negative comments are ... See full review
posted a review of Sigur Rós - Kveikur. about 1 month ago
Amazing release. High quality and super cool cover art. Then you open the gatefold and see the rest of it and it gets even better.

Then you pull out the black inner sleeves and see they don't just fit the dark theme but are also ... See full review
posted a review of INXS - Kick. about 1 month ago
Fantastic album and a great pressing. Even my copy which has lots of scratches sounds great. The mix and mastering stands the test of time.

Best getting an anti-static Nagaoka sleeve to go inside the printed inner sleeve.

I made the mistake of trying ... See full review
posted a review of Yumi Zouma - EP III. about 1 month ago
A real neat 10". Great artwork. Comes in a paper sleeve with cover art. Get an anti-static inner sleeve insert for better protection.

Plays at 33rpm by the way.

Sound is very clean. Only the slightest amount of crackling audible at some ... See full review
posted a review of AFI - All Hallow's E.P.. about 1 month ago
Extremely cool 10". The orange vinyl is perfect for the pumpkin Halloween theme. Comes in a paper sleeve, will preferably need a replacement anti-static sleeve. Also the disc is quite big for 10" and will have a little of the out ring sticking out.

As ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. about 1 month ago
Where to begin with this?

Outside of the US, these (there's the other variations too) are going for a ridiculous amount. I was extremely lucky to win this on Ebay for £73 inc postage. I see these up for no less than £140 and even more in EU countries. ... See full review
posted a review of Van Halen - 5150. about 1 month ago
This pressing is decent. My copy is in excellent condition, yet in quiet moments some noticeable crackles. During Get Up there is some noises I noticed also, mostly during the kick pedal. This doesn't continue through to Dreams however.

I would prefer ... See full review
posted a review of Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy. about 1 month ago
Comes with a sticker on the cover, not my preference...
The record itself sounds fantastic. Exactly how you want it to sound. It also comes with a poly-lined inner sleeve so this is an all round high quality release that I would highly recommend.
posted a review of A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Sea When Absent. 2 months ago
I have a good quiet copy. I actually like the mix, mastering and overall sound of it.

Doesn't come in a poly-lined inner sleeve sadly.
posted a review of Baths - Ocean Death. 2 months ago

Everything about this is perfect.

Awesome cover art in high quality material. Beautiful coloured vinyl which sounds brilliant, no flaws, as close to silent surface noise as you could get.

Comes in an anti-static polylined inner sleeve. ... See full review
posted a review of Jellyfish (2) - New Mistake. 2 months ago
Like the single for The Ghost At Number One, the cover is paper thin. Wouldn't store the record in it.

As for the sound, it's great. No complaints!
posted a review of The War On Drugs - Lost In The Dream. 2 months ago
1 of the 3 records I first bought. Have had a great time with this one, while tripping on LSD, and for cozy MDMA comedowns and sober this one is bliss.

The package is great. Lovely artwork. Comes in non-poly-lined inners, I was late to using Nagaoka's ... See full review
posted a review of Tame Impala - Currents. 2 months ago
Having been aware of the luck of the draw with this release I asked the previous owner to give it a test listen to check for poor sound, the copy was great so now I own it. An old housemate of mine owned a copy which was awful, but bear in mind he was ... See full review
posted a review of Jellyfish (2) - The Ghost At Number One. 2 months ago
My copy is in excellent condition.

Surface noise is down to a minimum, nice and quiet. The mix is good. However the mastering is quite muddy. Especially on the drums and bass, they get drowned out by the guitars and there's not much clarity. Vocals are ... See full review
posted a comment on The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour. 2 months ago
What is this about "fake stereo" for some tracks?

"This U.S. version of Magical Mystery Tour officially was released in the United Kingdom on 19 November 1976. When the album was issued in Britain, EMI did a straight pressing from the American album, ... See full review
posted a review of Red Hot Chili Peppers - Higher Ground. 2 months ago


If You Want Me to Stay is one of my favourite songs RHCP recorded, so to have it alongside Higher Ground which is also another great cover makes this a really cool 7" to own. Sound is decent enough too.
posted a review of S (5) - Cool Choices. 2 months ago
EDIT: I will leave up the original review, however on a second playthrough a month later I have had a TOTALLY different experience with this LP, FOR THE BETTER THANKFULLY.

As you'll see, I was not happy with the quality before, however now I must ... See full review
posted a review of Zappa* / Beefheart* / Mothers* - Bongo Fury. 3 months ago
My copy is a beast considering its age. This is a thin vinyl however it still sounds great. The mixing is a masterclass. Advance Romance is incredible. The stereo panning throughout this track in particular is outstanding.

Also on the back, bottom ... See full review
posted a review of Bruce Springsteen - The River. 3 months ago
Based on what i'd personally grade a Physical Media - VG and Sleeve - Good copy.

The discs are not thin which is very nice and delivers good depth of sound. The stereo mixing and soundstage is impressive. The drums and piano are fantastically mixed. ... See full review
posted a review of U2 - The Unforgettable Fire. 3 months ago
If you have the original War then the records thickness is the same, i.e pretty damn thin. To compare, the vocals are mixed better than on War, the drums are also quite loud in the mix. The bass which I applauded on War is less noticeable here.

My copy ... See full review
posted a review of U2 - War. 3 months ago
This original release is pretty good in my opinion. The record is thin, but i've heard 180g records sound worse! This is best turned up, and I have to commend the mix for the amount of space that opens up for the bass, really makes you appreciate Adam ... See full review
posted a comment on Shura (8) - Nothing's Real. 3 months ago
Yes, Shura has replied to a tweet where someone mentioned this before so she's aware of the mistake too (gonna struggle to find a source since she uses Twitter A LOT but I remember seeing it)
posted a review of Shura (8) - Nothing's Real. 3 months ago
The inners and outers are stunning. Checkout the artwork inside the gatefold on the pics. Absolutely gorgeous design. Lovely texture on the gatefold with coated inners that have a nice contrast in texture and include lyrics printed on the back, not ... See full review
posted a review of Peter Gabriel - So. 3 months ago
In short, this is a must hear album, and the 1986 original when found in good condition is a must own. Love the inner and outer artwork, also it's quality glossy finish!

The mix does not fault in any area for me. The most minor amount of noise at some ... See full review
posted a review of Air France - No Way Down / On Trade Winds. 3 months ago
Most would argue that buying this is a sign of going too far given the cost, but Air France's music is some of my all time favourite and when I recently saw this release existed I just had to take a gamble on buying it.

My copy has the slightest amount ... See full review
posted a comment on Tool (2) - Fear Inoculum. 3 months ago
[quote=stefan.falzon] This is another excellent Tool album, as is only to expected from Maynard and co. of course. I mean Tool could release some drunken and totally unrehearsed 80 minute long jam recorded in some shitty basement and it will still be a ... See full review
posted a review of Carbon Based Lifeforms - Twentythree. 3 months ago
My copy of this release gives me mixed feelings. It mostly delivers on everything I want it to be, but it is a tale of two halves.

First disc, fantastic, no complaints.
Second disc, Inertia has the occasional sputter of noise. VLA has a subtle level of ... See full review
posted a review of Yumi Zouma - Yoncalla. 3 months ago
Good original pressing of this great debut. Can't go wrong with black.

Repress has thinner cover bindings too so i'd consider this one the superior release.
posted a review of Grimes (4) - Visions. 3 months ago
Lush album. Pressing is very good. Quiet, good dynamics.

Front cover artwork is cool and is inspired by Japanese packaging with the obi. I believe the text is Russian. Inner sleeve artwork is also cool original art from Claire like on the front cover. ... See full review
posted a review of LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver. 3 months ago
Like all my LCD records, this is an excellent pressing that is amongst the best in my collection for bench-marking.
Super cool artwork and quality all round.

Can be found mint for around £25. On of the pricier side for vinyl I know but you won't be ... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a review that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a review of My Morning Jacket - The Waterfall. 4 months ago
Amazing band and an amazing release that got little attention a few years ago.

It's heavy weight vinyl with double discs at 45rpm. Packaging is good, cool lyrics booklet included. Even includes a bloody CD! Non-filmed paper inners are the only let down. ... See full review
posted a review of The Glands - I Can See My House From Here. 4 months ago
Beautifully done box set. A thick box containing three gatefolds and booklet (which fits snug I should say!) celebrating the music of indie enigma Ross Shapiro which by the way, in case you hadn't heard, HE WOULD HATE ALL OF THIS.

Inner sleeves are ... See full review
posted a review of Neko Case - Fox Confessor Brings The Flood. 4 months ago
Great short album consisting of mainly short songs.

The cover itself is in a really nice quality gatefold and the texture of the partial gloss over the artwork makes me want to stroke it haha. Comes with a regular paper inner sleeve which isn't ... See full review
posted a review of きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - Pon Pon Pon / チェリーボンボン. about 1 year ago
Don't be hesitant about the picture disc. This sounds incredible on my project debut carbon. Couldn't be happier. Japan's delivery is the best in the world by the way.

You're gonna want to take this out of it's original packaging and put it into a non ... See full review
posted a comment on Grimes (4) - Art Angels. about 1 year ago
Ace! Where did you get it from? Would love to own this.
posted a comment on Temple Of The Dog - Temple Of The Dog. about 1 year ago
Picked this up in Dresden unaware it was a fake. Before checking I could definitely hear something was up with it.
posted a comment on Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes. about 1 year ago
Without doubt one of the coolest records I own and should go down as one of the most historically significant records put together.

posted a comment on The Gaslight Anthem - Sink Or Swim. about 1 year ago
Sounds FANTASTIC. The 180g version is probably best way to go for this LP.
posted a review of Tool (2) - Lateralus. over 2 years ago
Have to admit I was worried when I bought this how it'd sound but am pleasantly surprised with it. Not hearing any of the reported issues with the picture disc.
posted a review of The Cure - Disintegration. over 2 years ago
Surprised by all these negative comments on this one. My copy of this is one of the best sounding records I have in my collection. Fantastic clarity & dynamics, plays perfectly on my Debut Carbon but can also say this played perfectly on a lower quality ... See full review
posted a comment on The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness. over 2 years ago
Waited MONTHS to find a good deal on this one. Found a steal on Ebay for £63. Considering its difficult to find this for any less than £90 in the UK I was suspicious. I was aware that some pressings of this have issues so was listening anxiously ... See full review