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Sara Paretsky, Nancy Pickard - Settled Score/The Scar
submitted Sara Paretsky, Nancy Pickard - Settled Score/The Scar. 3 days ago
submitted Chuck Berry - La Grande Storia Del Rock. 4 days ago
Waylon* - Dreaming My Dreams
submitted Waylon* - Dreaming My Dreams. 6 days ago
Reciprocal Recording
posted a comment on Reciprocal Recording. 15 days ago
This one studio and one man (Jack Endino) managed to create and shape the nearly the entire future of the Alternative Rock movement of the 90's. Not bad for 7 years of being the neighborhood recording studio for you and your buddies.
Ariel Pink
posted a comment on Ariel Pink. 16 days ago
This dude can't seem to catch a break lately, getting knocked off various places for being spicy. Respect.
Rage Against The Machine
posted a comment on Rage Against The Machine. 20 days ago
Karl Marx was a bum, covered in bed sores, rarely bathed, and sexually assaulted a maid on a regular basis. He mooched of Friedrich Engels until the day he died. I guess that's why so many social media activists loved him. I had a better comment but... See full review
submitted Melvins - Eggnog. 20 days ago
submitted Melvins - Gluey Porch Treatments. 20 days ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 24 days ago
posted a comment on Skrewdriver. 27 days ago
I guess you can't have pride in your skin and country's heritage if your pigment is on the lighter side.
Various - The Decline Of Western Civilization
posted a comment on Various - The Decline Of Western Civilization. 28 days ago
Why is this out of print? I (and many others) don't always have the time to sit down and watch the film just to hear the music.
Captain Zoom
posted a comment on Captain Zoom. about 1 month ago
There are more cassettes out there because I had one as a kid that was either Andy, Andrew, or Drew.
posted a comment on International Espionage. about 1 month ago
Their like Devo but with spies and stuff. Super fun group.
posted a comment on Manplanet. about 1 month ago
Excellent sound, great gimmick, and fun stage shows. These guys could've been enormous but they either came out too late for the 1990's sign every band ever or too early for the Indie band Youtube craze. International Espionage! was a follow up band... See full review
posted a comment on Primus. about 1 month ago
I think I know the right words to describe the band, sucks, Primus sucks.
Pink Floyd - Meddle
submitted Pink Floyd - Meddle. about 1 month ago
submitted Parliament - Trombipulation. about 1 month ago
Mr. Phylzzz - Cancel Culture Club
submitted Mr. Phylzzz - Cancel Culture Club. about 1 month ago
Raw Radar War - Double Equals
posted a comment on Raw Radar War - Double Equals. 2 months ago
I got this album as a bonus with an order and was pleasantly surprised. Brutal, fast paced, Punk/Metal combo under 30 minutes. Its on par with a lot of the classics you would've heard in the early Hardcore days of the 80's.
posted a comment on Slayer. 3 months ago
It would be nice to see the band put out their final show on some physical format. I can't think of any fan not wanting to own it.
posted a comment on Playlist. 3 months ago
These are like the "20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection" but cheaper and more corporate feeling.
posted a comment on Alaric Barca. 3 months ago
He also makes shirts with his artwork labeled under "Goat Metal Art". I have a different shirt for everyday of the week at this point.
The Middle Class
posted a comment on The Middle Class. 3 months ago
These guys need a FULL discography rerelease especially considering how important they are to the genre of Punk.
Joy Division - Permanent: Joy Division 1995
posted a comment on Joy Division - Permanent: Joy Division 1995. 3 months ago
It would've been nice if they included "Disorder" instead of two different (and lesser mixes of) "Love Will Tear Us Apart".
Nirvana - With The Lights Out
posted a comment on Nirvana - With The Lights Out. 3 months ago
There were a number of B-sides and rarities that weren't on this boxset which was a downer (no pun intended). The ones that were had been remixed and they were worse. A second boxset could've been done and still sold well but that hasn't happened... See full review
Nirvana - With The Lights Out
posted a comment on Nirvana - With The Lights Out. 3 months ago
I'd hate to think how much that would cost even if it was a purchase online only deal.
Various - Deep Six
posted a comment on Various - Deep Six. 4 months ago
No reissues on CD either. This is a compilation that needs to see a reissue, period.
Nirvana - Dressed For Success
posted a comment on Nirvana - Dressed For Success. 4 months ago
The soundboard quality is top notch but its mixed horribly. Its all drums and vocals. Guitar can be heard but its low and the bass is almost non existent.
Nirvana - Up In Smoke
posted a comment on Nirvana - Up In Smoke. 4 months ago
One of my favorite performances of "Rape Me" ever. Perfect.
Nirvana - Tokyo 1992
posted a comment on Nirvana - Tokyo 1992. 4 months ago
Easily fooled so many of us for decades. A must have show for sure.
The Beatles - Introducing... The Beatles
submitted The Beatles - Introducing... The Beatles. 4 months ago
Rare Earth - Get Ready
submitted Rare Earth - Get Ready. 4 months ago
Various - The Legends Of Rock & Roll
submitted Various - The Legends Of Rock & Roll. 4 months ago
The Jackson 5 - Greatest Hits
submitted The Jackson 5 - Greatest Hits. 4 months ago
Too $hort* - Born To Mack
submitted Too $hort* - Born To Mack. 4 months ago
submitted Dick Gregory - Dick Gregory Live At The Village Gate. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Danzig. 4 months ago
"Heart of the Devil" was going to be played by Willie Dixon (he sadly passed away before it was recorded, Danzig loved him some Blues.
Gretchen Wyler - Wild Wyler Wildest
submitted Gretchen Wyler - Wild Wyler Wildest. 4 months ago
Archie Shepp - Attica Blues
posted a comment on Archie Shepp - Attica Blues. 4 months ago
If anyone has just the sleeve for the 70's US release, contact me.
Anthony Johnson - Reggae Feeling
submitted Anthony Johnson - Reggae Feeling. 4 months ago
Bobby Bland - Ain't Nothing You Can Do
submitted Bobby Bland - Ain't Nothing You Can Do. 4 months ago
Louis Armstrong And The All-Stars* - I Love Jazz!
submitted Louis Armstrong And The All-Stars* - I Love Jazz!. 4 months ago
Hoyt Axton - The Best Of Hoyt Axton
submitted Hoyt Axton - The Best Of Hoyt Axton. 4 months ago
AC/DC - Live
submitted AC/DC - Live. 5 months ago
submitted Chumbawamba - WYSIWYG. 5 months ago
submitted Meat Puppets - Too High To Die. 5 months ago
Gwar - This Toilet Earth
posted a comment on Gwar - This Toilet Earth. 5 months ago
So what's the full story on "B.D.F."? Why is it available only on early pressings? Why was it removed? Why has it never been restored?
Gwar - Scumdogs Of The Universe
posted a comment on Gwar - Scumdogs Of The Universe. 5 months ago
110% agreed. The original was always a good album but this remaster/remix is a replacement as far i'm concerned. Even the altered track listing is better. Hopefully we get to see the same treatment done to "Hell-O!" at some point.
submitted Joan Baez - Very Early Joan. 5 months ago
submitted Conway Twitty - A Night With Conway Twitty. 5 months ago