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posted a comment on Nirvana - Kurt's Grand Finale. 3 days ago
The sound quality is excellent like most discs containing this show. It is mildly edited however. "Scentless Apprentice" was placed into the middle of the setlist rather than at the end and Dave's closing line "Thank you i'm a rock star." is missing. Its ... See full review
posted a comment on Butthole Surfers - Bremen Schlachthof, W. Germany 8.14.87. 8 days ago
This is more than likely a bootleg and the show is incomplete with a ton of mislabels.
posted a comment on Charles Manson - LIE: The Love And Terror Cult. 18 days ago
Charles Manson did not become a musical legend for 2 reasons:
1. He wasn't very good. Some songs are legitimately good (mostly all the material on the second side) but there's a lot of incoherent and nonsensical rambling with poor guitar playing.
2. ... See full review
posted a comment on L7 - Everglade. 19 days ago
For whatever reason this version has 4 tracks and includes "Mr. Integrity" and "Wargasm" instead of "Freak Magnet" but also includes "Scrap" which is usually on the the other CD releases. It doesn't really matter much though since this type of promotion ... See full review
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posted a comment on Slug (6) - Demo. 25 days ago
Whoever owns this can you at least upload it? There a handful of songs on here that have never been released and i'm sure the songs that did get released sound different enough.
submitted Cheap Trick - The Greatest Hits. 29 days ago
posted a comment on Butthole Surfers - Butthole Surfers. about 1 month ago
This version is a true 1st pressing since the lettering on the bands name is shorter. The other 1983 US pressing and all other pressing onward had longer letters.
submitted Led Zeppelin - Untitled. about 1 month ago
submitted The Cramps - Fiends Of Dope Island. about 1 month ago
submitted The Cramps - Flamejob. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Butthole Surfers - Piouhgd. about 1 month ago
This promo sheet is weird. It doesn't list "Double Live" and has a listing for "Moving To Florida", which would be the "Cream Corn" EP but its already on there.
posted a comment on No Trend - Too Many Humans / Teen Love. about 1 month ago
A limited edition box set with 2 CD's, 1 full length LP, 1 12" EP, 1 7" single, 40 page booklet, a fanzine, and little trinkets all for $80. Not to mention all the originals are OOP and cost as much, if not more, than this entire box set. You might want ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - The Car Comp.. about 1 month ago
This album was eventually released with some extra tracks (audio samples about cars/driving and another song by The Paper Tulips) as "A Hot Wild Drive In The City".
posted a comment on Slug (6) - Breathe The Thing Out. about 1 month ago
Does anyone know how many copies were produced (each color and/or overall)?
posted a comment on Slug (6) - The 3 Man Themes. about 1 month ago
Shouldn't this album be called "The 4 Man Themes" instead of "The 3 Man Themes" or is it meant to be artsy?
posted a comment on Black Flag - Live '84. about 1 month ago
I'm surprised this album got an official vinyl release as its the only Black Flag album to never get it.
posted a comment on Black Flag - Slip It In. about 1 month ago
I'm looking for just the CD since I already have the case and artwork. Message me if you have just the disc lying around or if you're looking the case and artwork.
submitted John Williams (4) - Jaws (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). about 1 month ago
submitted Chuck Berry - Chuck Berry's Greatest Hits. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on No Trend - Too Many Humans / Teen Love. 2 months ago
Did anyone else get a stamp from 1969 and a penny from 1982 in their boxset?
posted a comment on Flipper - Public Flipper Limited. 2 months ago
If this version came with a tribute to Will then its obviously not from 1986 since he died in December of 1987.
posted a comment on Big Boys (2) And The Dicks* - Recorded Live At Raul's Club. 2 months ago
not just that but put in the other songs that were available on the 7" reissues as well.
posted a comment on Nomeansno - Mama. 2 months ago
I would've liked to seen NMN rerecord "Mama" when they became a little more concrete in their sound, say around "Wrong" or "Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy?". Do what Fear and Suicidal Tendencies did for their albums. It would've been interesting to hear, ... See full review
posted a comment on Black Flag - My War. 3 months ago
Its 2020, its time for the detractors to get over it and admit this album is amazing.
posted a comment on Halo Of Flies - No Time . 3 months ago
If 15 were made, 12 people have it and 4 are for sale. Where there more than 15 pressed or is someone running a scam?
submitted Naked City - Torture Garden. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Soundgarden - Louder Than Live. 3 months ago
This and Motorvision need to be reissued big time. I'd love to have these to watch/listen to in higher quality and maybe even more complete.
posted a comment on Nirvana - Seattle, Wa. September 21 1991. 3 months ago
Although horribly mislabeled, this is the preferred disc for this show as it is the most complete and best sounding. "Playing At The Moon" is the more famous alternative buts its slightly heavier on the bass.
posted a comment on Prong - Ruining Lives. 3 months ago
Why did they make this album on 2 LP's? All the material, including the bonus track, could've fit onto a single LP without compromise.
posted a comment on Primus - Pork Soda. 3 months ago
Does anyone know why "Pork Soda" had both a jewel case and digipak release?
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posted a comment on Jawbreaker - Live 4/30/96. 4 months ago
I'm surprised they haven't reissue this album considering they did it to all of their other albums. Is there a specific reason why?
posted a comment on Nirvana - The Complete Radio Sessions. 4 months ago
Although most of, if not all of, the material has been upgraded and released officially this compilation is still worth owning. Its all here in one convenient package and still sounds pretty good. "Turnaround" is the best of the bunch due to its ... See full review
posted a comment on Electric Wizard (2). 4 months ago
These guys need to be a compilation of all there singles and vinyl only bonus tracks as a lot of those are getting quite expensive.
posted a comment on The Electric Wizard* - We Live. 4 months ago
I, and far too many others, still stand by Dopethrone as the band's finest hour, but this album is a definitive 2nd. It is an incredible listen and doesn't receive as much credit as it should.
posted a comment on Primus - Suck On This. 4 months ago
I 100% agree with you. It was my first Primus album as well as first live album (by any band) and its pretty much become my standard on how a live album should sound. I'm surprised I never wore my cassette out.
submitted Port City Jazz Band - Port City Jazz Band. 4 months ago
posted a comment on No Trend - When Death Won't Solve Your Problem. 4 months ago
Here's the info for each track, if I missed something please inform me so I can correct it:

A1. Two Seconds 'Til Non Existence (compilation exclusive)
A2. Die (same as "Teen Love 12 inch version".)
A3. Cancer (same as "The Early Months"/"You Deserve ... See full review
submitted Samhain - November-Coming-Fire. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Crust - Radio Show. 5 months ago
So was this only available on cassette or is there a CD edition that hasn't been registered?
posted a comment on No Trend. 5 months ago
Yes that would be truly amazing. four more words ugh
posted a comment on Nirvana - Live... Nevermind Tour ˋ91. 5 months ago
Do you know where are the last 4 songs came from? Territorial Pissings was played that night but Spank Thru, Rape Me, and Endless Nameless definitely were not from the Paradiso show.
posted a comment on Unsane - Total Destruction. 5 months ago
I was surprised how good this sounded, i'm hoping that we get to see their self-titled and the singles collection sometime in the future.
posted a comment on No Trend. 5 months ago
Fingers crossed we get "A Dozen Dead Roses" reissued and/or more unreleased stuff too.
posted a comment on Distorted Pony. 5 months ago
You should add that to the list of releases, you'd be surprised how many times that helps get copies to circulate.
submitted Charlie McCarthy (2) - Rides Again!. 5 months ago
submitted Teresa Brewer - Her Famous Golden Hits. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Nirvana - Singles. 6 months ago
Its too bad this set never saw a vinyl release.
submitted Unknown Artist - Hey Diddle Diddle: 26 Mother Goose Favorites. 6 months ago