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posted a comment on Repeat - Repeats. 2 months ago
Would love to see this little gem get a repress, nudge nudge wink wink.


Delsin records reissue jan 2019. Pre order open 👍
submitted Surgeon - Basictonalvocabulary. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Mathew Jonson - She Is He. over 4 years ago
Remember this great tune 'Freedom Engine' as a stand out track from a MR C Radio 1 essential mix. Tracked it down at the time via mailorder a few thousand miles away. Haunting and cerebral - great light percussive touches and that earworm of a ... See full review
posted a comment on Iberian - Nueva Era EP. over 7 years ago
This record features a classic track that Laurent Garnier caned in the early nineties!!.. 'Orion' - A bubbling, acid trancer that although fast, is perfection on the dancefloor :).. A classic ..
posted a comment on Acid Scout - Balance. over 7 years ago
Yeah I did too!.. Classic set :)
posted a review of DJ Hell* - Sprung Aus Den Wolken / Butter Såure. over 10 years ago
'Sprung Aus Den Wolken' - With it's hard as concrete kick drum and relentless energy, this track devastated dancefloors and was an anthem for many techno heads. Great track and highly recommended. But the best was yet to come :).. The B side held an acid ... See full review
posted a review of Deep Contest - The Ripost EP. over 10 years ago
I disagree with kompressorkanonen, the 2 tracks he describes as sub-par house.. What's he thinking? One of them at least could never be described as sub-par..

No joke - the track 'Sexual Behaviour' is a classic acid bubbling, organ fuelled techno ... See full review
posted a review of Nico. over 11 years ago
Just listening to the ESP + Industrial Strength releases tonight.. I'm so sad that Nico is no longer around.. Great acid tracks and production that really epitomises what techno and acid was all about in the early nineties.. I can remember dancing in ... See full review
posted a review of Storm (2) - Storm. over 13 years ago
Deep hypnotic acid from Steve Stoll.. 'Carbon Fury' was a favourite with Laurent Garnier in the early nineties and made loads of dancefloors lose their marbles dancing to it. One of my fave acid tracks - Steve makes head Phuk acid like no other :) ..
posted a review of Egoexpress - Live At Sirius Prime. over 13 years ago
'Live at Sirius Prime' - What a great track.. Reminds me of Mark Brooms 'Angie is a shoplifter' Album.. The track is incredibly well produced and these guys know how to keep the groove interesting.
One of my faves at the moment and even more so after ... See full review
posted a review of Perpetual - Unreleased Projects. over 13 years ago
I love this record, hard driving beats and a simple filtered orchestral stab that keeps ebbing and flowing.

Builds a set beautifully - as demonstrated by 'Slam' on their essential mix - I cannot think of this record without humming bluespirit 2, they ... See full review
posted a review of Robag Wruhme - Stekkrüben EP. over 14 years ago
Just discovered Gabor and his madcap outings..

What a great sound.. Loads of cut up effects and stop start madness.. Very groovy + Funky stuff indeed..

What a great release - Track down at all costs, Click house, techno, minimal ? Whatever it is - ... See full review
posted a review of Thomas Fehlmann - Lowflow. over 14 years ago
Crisp + chilled beats from the Fehlmann master. What a great release from the Orb collaborator. Definately a finer moment for Thomas and fast becoming my favourite record I have at the mo.. Very tight production, great chilled music that rewards with ... See full review
posted a review of Joey Beltram - The Rising Sun. over 14 years ago
This new album from Joey is very dissappointing :(.. Doesn't come close to his past productions - Maybe i'm missing the point here ?.. Best track out of the bad bunch is 'Beyonder' and that utilises samples from a track on 'Places' - his last album with ... See full review
posted a review of Badorb.com. over 14 years ago
The demise of Badorb.com left many subscribers out of pocket and still waiting for records/refunds. Badorb lived up to it's name ! - I still like The Orb and it's music but their Badorb.com venture really did leave a bad taste in my mouth and a large ... See full review
posted a review of Jeff Mills - The Extremist. over 14 years ago
As played by Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Dave Angel..

The DNA mix is the one that was caned by most Dj's.. It is one hell of a powerfull track.
It is the most scary, aggressive, but moving piece of 'Hard' industrial techno I have ever heard. I can ... See full review
posted a review of Drexciya - Drexciya 4 - The Unknown Aquazone . over 14 years ago
'Take your mind' - Is a bewitchingly addictive track that infects the mind of all that hear it.
Very simple - almost cheesy .. A masterclass in Drexciyan music.. Very Funky stuff indeed........
posted a review of Drexciya - The Journey Home. over 14 years ago
It's a masterpiece and should be tracked down at all costs.
Very slick production and cannot be faulted on any level.
Still demands mega bucks and rightly so.. Very soulful, Emotive music that takes you to another level (Cue shockwave !) - -
posted a review of Shiver (5) - Vacuümniser. over 14 years ago
As played by 'Andrew Weatherall' on the very first Essential Mix.
This is the mysterious acid track that features the 'All night long' vocal sample.. What a great e.p this is.
Another lost classic. (Now you know it !)
posted a review of The Black Dog - Spanners. over 14 years ago
Difficult to fault this album on any level.. Anyone wanting to listen to real emotive and soulfull electronic music needs to track this down.. On first listen I was bored and thought I'd wasted my money. On taking time to let it play all the way through ... See full review
posted a review of Baby Ford - Monolense. over 14 years ago
The Track 'Dead Eye' Features on Richie Hawtins seminal Decks FX + 909 mix album, Also features on Stacey Pullen,Underworld,Slam Essential mixes..

What a beautifull track this is - - Very spooky reverse effects throughout and my favourite chords in ... See full review