If I ignore you in a forum, it's probably because I've put you on ignore. I could pretend it was because of a disagreement but usually it's stupidity that causes that. And not mine.

No to Artist (of Band) : RSG §2.5.10
No AKA RSG §2.13.1
Groups under real name RSG §18.5.3
Generic groups RSG §2.11.1
Surname change = change of PAN RSG §2.5.4
Entirely wrong artist credited RSG §1.7.2
No to list of members in 'Real Name' file RSG §18.1

DtF advises on voting on last edit https://www.discogs.com/forum/thread/800403#7947012

DtF advises on some common sense when profiles have been long-established even if originally created for another artist

DtF comments on rolling down generic John (999) profiles

DtF comments on consolidating multiple PANs into the best, not necessarily always whichever came first

DtF comments on 'established' profiles in relation to a merge

DtF again confirms OK not to pick the original owner of the PAN
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