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posted a comment on Wilfrid Brambell - The Decimal Song. 9 days ago
Britain joined the then EEC on 1st January1973 two years after decimilisation. And 43 years before we saw sense and voted to leave the terrible organisation.
posted a comment on Teri De Sario* - Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You. 22 days ago
Lovely classy tune. Should have been massive. Well worth checking out.
posted a comment on Howard Jones - Howard Jones?. about 1 month ago
Actually I've got that wrong he bought it when Howard Jones was playing at the Osborne Arms but I don't think it was recorded there.
posted a comment on Prince And The New Power Generation - My Name Is Prince. about 1 month ago
It's pretty strange that the hardcore mix was available everywhere but Britain where hardcore was invented and at its height at the time of this release...
posted a comment on Kraftwerk - Ruckzack. about 1 month ago
I understand why theyre on but I think the problem with Discogs is its such a mess - it seems obvious that there should be cartegories for official singles and albums and all the other stuff should be kept together somewhere else on the page.
posted a comment on Lenny Kravitz. 2 months ago
Bloody hell! you've got some real problems I'd try to get them sorted if I were you.
posted a comment on Fleetwood Mac - Big Love. 2 months ago
Very true this was probably the first house mix from a 'rock' band and something you'd still hear at Acid House parties in London occasionally in 1988. Of all the groups to use in that atrocious SAW record Fleetwood Mac were probably the least ... See full review
posted a comment on Phil Collins - ...But Seriously. 3 months ago
Omnipresent in 1989 so much so that not long after it was released there was already a house dance versions of one of the tunes in the pop charts. One of those records that like 'Brothers In Arms' by Dire Straits, and 'What's The Story Morning Glory' by ... See full review
posted a comment on Genesis. 3 months ago
Good appreciation of the music. The ridiculous thing is though that the only people (if anyone) who would have been embarrassed at buying their records were other middle class people. Amongst the working class kids I grew up with they were all firmly ... See full review
posted a comment on Dollar - Give Me Back My Heart. 3 months ago
Out of all the listings on Discogs the fact that only 29 people want this surprises me more than anything else I've seen. In the New Romantic/syth-pop heyday of 1982 they were very trendy for a bit and this one with its amous production was THE one of ... See full review
posted a comment on Howard Jones - Howard Jones?. 3 months ago
Recorded at the Osborne Arms in Lane End, High Wycombe I believe - a friend of mine who lived in Lane End used to have it.
posted a comment on Elton John - Blue Moves. 3 months ago
This album was a very big influence on George Michael too as he said in interviews..
posted a comment on Elton John - Victim Of Love. 3 months ago
My comment obviously relating to the fact that Are You Ready For Love was recorded at the same 'disco' sessions.
posted a comment on Elton John - Victim Of Love. 3 months ago
Other people beg to differ as the remixes of Are You Ready For Love and its subsequently getting to number 1 in the pop charts 30 years later prove. And to the first poster to be pedantic if it was anything drugged up it was 70s seeing as 1979 isnt in ... See full review
posted a comment on Elton John. 3 months ago
Also the Breaking Hearts single seemns to be missing completely aside from one solitary 7".
posted a comment on Elton John. 3 months ago
Bit ridicuolous putting Philadelphia Freedom under a separate heading (Elton John Band) theres a countless number of slightly diferent credits for various artists/records throughout Discogs which don't get listed separately.
posted a comment on OMD* - Dazzle Ships. 3 months ago
Minor point but why is the date in the American style 3/4/83 for March 4th when only America uses this and the group are English.
posted a comment on N.R.G. - The Hardcore EP. 4 months ago
I wouldnt have bothered giving him any credence at all he sounds like he thinks he knows everything and knows nothing.
posted a comment on N.R.G. - The Hardcore EP. 4 months ago
Never Lost His Hardcore was obviously the big one back ih the hardcore era and was also massive again in bangin' clubs around 96/97 playing trance and hard house. Not many tunes fitted in so well in two different periods. I lost the sheer lumbering ... See full review
posted a comment on N.R.G. - The Hardcore EP. 4 months ago
Great reply and the embarrassing thing is he obviously thins he's so "cool" but then proves he doesnt even know what a yuppie is/was.
Probably really always liked indie music or some such nonsense back then thought he better get with the times and ... See full review
posted a comment on The Korgis - Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime. 4 months ago
The original 1980 release that launched a thousand rave tunes.
posted a comment on Vicious Pink Phenomena - Live At Hammersmith Palace 1982. 4 months ago
Very amateurish release seeing as Hammersmith Palace was Hammersmith Palais.
posted a comment on B-Movie. 4 months ago
Quite strange main page here a group who were known for early 80s synthpop and someone's put a picture of them here that makes them look some rock band.
posted a comment on Escape From New York (2) - Save Our Love / Slow Beat. 4 months ago
As far as I remember the expression 'new wave' died in the 1970s and I think you actually mean synth pop - new wave was a vaguely punk pop-rock music and nothing to do with British groups playing synths and often wearing New Romantic fashions in 1980 and ... See full review
posted a comment on Mista E - Don't Believe The Hype. 4 months ago
Yes those 'ecstasy wrappers' were part of the decor at Sunrise's Midsummer's Night Rave at White Waltham (just outside Maidenhead in Berkshire) which was supposedly the niggest rave that had happened numberswise up until that point. The official figure ... See full review
posted a comment on Mista E - Don't Believe The Hype. 4 months ago
Think you're right there although it was actually made in 1988. AS the bloke above said too this is like taking a step right back into the maelstrom that was an acid house party in London Town in 1988.
posted a comment on The Beat Club - Security. 4 months ago
I agree from a European point of view but they call all of this stuff freestyle in New York/America even when theres absolutely no latinos involved in making a tune and also when the term freestyle didnt even exist when the first electro records were ... See full review
posted a comment on The Winners (10) - Let's Go. 4 months ago
Yes I remember those freat big batteries - my dad used to use them in his old-fashioned transistor radio many years back.
posted a comment on George McCrae - Honey 1. 4 months ago
This correct song title should 'Honey I' not 'Honey 1'.
posted a comment on Sandy Marton - Modern Lover. 4 months ago
Released a year or 2 before Acid House and the start of all that Ibiza subequently became known for in the public consciousness. This is when it was all on a much much smaller scale.
posted a comment on Nino - Future Of Latin / The Gun (I See It Around Me). 4 months ago
Funnily enough I first recorded this off Graham Gold's unmissable Saturday daytime show on Kiss back at this time - he used to play the best current tunes and the other half of the shows was the Kiss dance chart which included this for a few weeks and I ... See full review
posted a comment on Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough. 4 months ago
Very un PC mix title here the Schizo mix - pretty disgusting when you think about it.
posted a comment on Visage - Fade To Grey. 4 months ago
I used to think that and to be honest back in 1982 when they had finally become standard for all dance/electronic singles I must have at least once bought a 12" (just because by then it was the format that you bought if you were into the New ... See full review
posted a comment on Dramatis - For Future Reference. 4 months ago
Thanks for the tip - I'll have to give it a listen I only know LNND and the no album single I Can See Her Now from later.
posted a comment on Visage - Fade To Grey. 4 months ago
I'm loved the original since it came out when I was still at school but love the Bassheads '93 dub - easily the best of the post 80s remixes in my opinion
posted a comment on Modern Romance - Adventures In Clubland. 4 months ago
As a bloke in his mid teens back in 1981/82 I wouldn't have gone near this but now I can't get enough o it - unpretentious, infectious, never gets stale. And of course now with added nostalgia for those days thrown in.
posted a comment on Kenny Lynch - Half The Day's Gone And We Haven't Earne'd A Penny. 5 months ago
This should have been massive - obviously it was on the dance underground but it surely had the potential to have crossed over to have been a massive pop hit too - problem is other than the funk pirates I doubt anyone else played it.
posted a comment on Talk Talk - History Revisited - The Remixes. 5 months ago
I see what you mean about the BBG rhythm track - really surprising when they were respected producers on the underground - Snappiness was even a big club hit on two occasions if i remember correctly.
posted a comment on Visage - Visage. 5 months ago
Years ahead of its time and obviously must have inspired the New Romantic/sythpop magazine of the time New Sounds New Styles.
posted a comment on The Mood - Passion In Dark Rooms. 5 months ago
The breakdown on the 12" of this is probably the best on any New Romantic/synthpop record. I'm sure Spandau Ballet would have appreciated it if they'd heard it.In fact its so good I'd put it up there with the some of the best of the (completely different ... See full review
posted a comment on Yellow Magic Orchestra - Yellow Magic Orchestra. 5 months ago
its been driving me mad but what famous rave record samples the sunth tones from the first 5 seconds of the 1 minute version of Computer Game Theme From The Invaders as included here?
posted a comment on Kajagoogoo - Turn Your Back On Me. 5 months ago
kajagoogoo had some decent dance pop stuff including some of the lesser known tunes - 2 years later and theyd have had an acid house mix and we'd have been raving to them at Trip or Land of Oz or somewhere like we did Brother Beyond, Samantha Fox, Bros, ... See full review
posted a comment on ABC - The Night You Murdered Love. 5 months ago
The 'Bonus Beats' shoulde have more accurately been described as an instrumental.
posted a comment on Imagination - Night Dubbing. 5 months ago
I thought this was great when it came out but little did I realise how ahead of its time it was!
posted a comment on The Coachouse Rhythm Section* - Nobody's Got Time / Time Warp. 5 months ago
Above I obviously meant Burnin' Up by Imagination - I'm getting old! - although the whole of Nightdubbing is great.
posted a comment on The Coachouse Rhythm Section* - Nobody's Got Time / Time Warp. 5 months ago
This is phenomenal as far as I'm concerned - completely uncanny in that it was this far ahead of its time - this is up there with Imagination's 'Changes' from Nightdubbing in 1982 (could have been a cutting edge tune from 1988-90), that United States Of ... See full review
posted a comment on Richie Brown, Hogga Thunda* - Between The Sheets. 6 months ago
A cover of the classic Isley Brothers 80's groove tune.
posted a comment on Visage - Night Train. 6 months ago
Oh and obviously I'm obviously talking about the 12" mix (what sort of New Romantic bought 7inchers anyway;-)) and this is how to make a completely exciting extended mix - a top top tune in every way and as the other commenter said the b-side is very ... See full review
posted a comment on Visage - Night Train. 6 months ago
The 12" of this is still mt favourite Visage tune. By then I was into the whole New Romantic wearing 'unusual' clothes clubbing lifestyle whereas when Fade To Gray etc was out I was still at school and too young to be doing all that so Night Train ... See full review
posted a comment on Tommy McCook's Orchestra / Jackie Mittoo - Sampson / El Bang Bang. 6 months ago
I agree I'm mystified why a supposedly specialist label makes so many mistakes like that - maybe too many fingers in too many pies musicwise - ie they know a little about a few different musical genres but not much about any.