I run a small indie shop in West Wales and am offering here a small portion of my stock at present and shall try to get as much of it up here for you to browse as I can, there are a lot of items which are not listed on Discogs so I cant put them on here, the reason is that life is FAR too short to be typing out tracklists, engineer's shoe sizes and which remix is on which variant and I keep getting it wrong according to the good people who judge these things, who give a lot of their spare time to correcting submissions, Respect due to all of you but this is not the way I wish to spend my life, so if you dont see what you want, especially with Drum and Bass white labels (of which I have many unlisted)ask and you never know, I may have some of them.Happy Shopping.
I shall try to keep the list up to date as often as I can and add whenever I can.
However stuff does sell from my shop and occasionally this might mean someone orders something which is sold out! I know this is a pain but I will try to let buyers know quickly when this occurs and de-list accordingly as I have no intention of wasting anyones time, least of all my own.
About the Vinyl.. we do not have a deck in the shop anymore and customers are asked not to touch the vinyl on display, this preserves the quality of the plastic but if a sleeve gets dropped, well..it happens,
I try to list sleeve condition as accurately as is possible and most items are marked up as "MINT" simply because they will not have been played or handled.Simply because I remark "may have shelf-wear" this does not mean it DOES have any, and I will tell you if there are any really bad rips or ring-wear issues.
I try to pack stuff as well as I can and now I have started to take the LP out of the sleeve for packing,(so it doesnt shoot through the sleeve) I shall only do this where there is no shrink-wrap.
Where possible I have left shrink-wrap intact but if you get yours with the wrapper off it means that the plastic has been stored seperately from the sleeve which is on the racks. This is often standard practice in shops, and means that back up stock can be filed "backstage" and hence preserved. Wherever possible, if I have more than 1 copy of an item (you won't see this as Discogs isnt that advanced yet!)then I shall always give you a sealed copy rather than the shelf copy or at least the best one I have.
Overseas buyers are often not amused by not receiving a sealed copy but this is not always possible with vinyl (and it's certainly not eco-friendly or sustainable!), also it allows me to check the item before it leaves here.
I have had 35 years experience selling vinyl in more than 6 different shops in the UK but please don't assume I wear any kind of anorak,I am not a specialist collector myself, I am a salesman. Hence it is my aim to sell the stuff to people who will come back for more, so if there are any questions or issues before or after a sale I am happy to help.
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This is an alternate mix I did at the time of release, which was rejected by the producer. Idiot!
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This was recorded at the studio in Llanrhystud, NOT Lampeter, as stated.
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This Nigel Williams used to drum for Val Doonican, amongst others. I was co-engineer at this label/studio and he was often in to do sessions.
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Some shops returned their copies as requested, others did not. There might be a smaller amount than pressed in circulation.
No idea if it was a legal issue solvable or not.
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From Universal Music
We have had a legal issue of RSD Delta Acoustic Sessions. 7750387/ 0602577503870
Please could you urgently pull any stock you still have off the shelves as these cannot be sold.
Please return to Universal returns dept in the normal ... See full review
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Originally released on Record Store Day, but re-issued due to overwhelming demand, Ocean Colour Scene’s Live from the Hydro will be available from December 1st 2017. The live recording is presented on 180g white 12” vinyl, packaged in brand new artwork, ... See full review
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I saw this band in 1973or '74 supporting Alvin Stardust, somewhere in London.
I have a recollection that some members actually were in Alvin's backing band.
It's a great LP, I still have mine with the best cover ever. Have kept it even after so many ... See full review
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Alan Price is pictured on the cover,however he had left the band by this time..
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Available as a limited 12" single released for RSD 22nd April 2017
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It might be just that this does not have the words "Yorke" or "Burial" attached to it. Otherwise the price would probably shoot up. Is it worse than when people believe speculation that there are "300 only" and the rumour sticks...label says nothing and ... See full review
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Kromestar - Colourful Vibrations EP 1 Dubstep For Deep Heads
The first of a pair of limited run 12”s pulling up three tracks from Kromestar’s new CD ‘Colourful Vibrations’, along with the exclusive vinyl-only ... See full review