Don't ask for rips please. It takes too much time and hassle. And if something is not digital, it seems like the artist wanted it that way and I'm respecting that.

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Fluffy Inside - The Red Button
submitted Fluffy Inside - The Red Button. 3 months ago
Sick Hardcore - Digital Justice EP
posted a review of Sick Hardcore - Digital Justice EP. 11 months ago
Can't agree with you... Seven Stars is not bad, but didn't age well at least for my ear, lacking dynamics, subtlety in progression and the samples used are pretty generic. Tbh I can't even see why would one compare that album to this EP.
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Unknown Artist - Untitled
submitted Unknown Artist - Untitled. over 2 years ago
In Sync - Storm / Pomping World
posted a comment on In Sync - Storm / Pomping World. over 2 years ago
I'd buy, but I'm a bit scared of the record quality... Anyone can say something about their copy?
Wicked Records (3)
posted a comment on Wicked Records (3). over 2 years ago
Cool club records with "obscure" and "headz" feeling, but the distribution model is reprehensible. Get a bandcamp page or something, as demand is there, even though you try to keep the action submerged deep
Dexter (2) - Reload EP
submitted Dexter (2) - Reload EP. over 2 years ago
MOY (12) - Jovian Sunrise
submitted MOY (12) - Jovian Sunrise. over 2 years ago
FPU - Traxxdata
posted a comment on FPU - Traxxdata. over 3 years ago
the rest of the album feels too uplifting in a kitschy way, but Calabi Yau Space is OUTSTANDING
iota (15) - Aeiro
posted a comment on iota (15) - Aeiro. over 3 years ago
What a bullshit, what does it have to do with the music..? The general oversensivity in modern society and idiotic cancel culture coming straight from it is a horrible phenomenon, destroying more than it saves.
At least I got my copy before the storm
Furious Frank - Trip 2 Fantasy
posted a comment on Furious Frank - Trip 2 Fantasy. over 3 years ago
I love the A-side, can't say the same about B, especially the remix. Still a nice tech-trance record.
Sickinger - Lost Trax Volume 1 (1990-1993)
posted a comment on Sickinger - Lost Trax Volume 1 (1990-1993). over 3 years ago
"All songs previously released between 1990-1993."
Anyone knows anything about it? Can't find anything.
Dan Tian / Count Fonkula - Beats'n'bites
posted a comment on Dan Tian / Count Fonkula - Beats'n'bites. over 3 years ago
My copy has some surface noise, probably as it was often played out. But all about the music here: A1 sucks you in for almost 8 minutes massaging your head and spine with constant bass. B2 is a jungle heaven. Very, very good EP, a bit hard to find for... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
Zodiac Childs - Circuits
posted a comment on Zodiac Childs - Circuits. over 3 years ago
Zodiac Childs made me fall in love with trance breaks. But the lo-fi sound makes it less magic than it could be imho. And considering its mastered by Johanz I highly doubt it's a mastering thing. Still, it's amazing anyway and I'm happy to be able to play it. See full review
posted a comment on Omar Bay. over 3 years ago
Who is this guy? Totally under the radar until a few months ago. Maybe it's because the Donnie's mix for Faciendo?
Private Eyes (4) - Mirror Image
posted a comment on Private Eyes (4) - Mirror Image. over 3 years ago
Music-wise this is amazing, but pressing quality is terrible. I have a glossy, flat copy that looks NM/VG+ if you consider one inaudible hairline. The amount of hiss and random loud pops is surprising. I have records from 90s that look much worse and... See full review
Armec - Reconbination EP
posted a comment on Armec - Reconbination EP. over 3 years ago
Xsd is something else. Really want to spin this already
London Modular Alliance - Out Of Sync
posted a comment on London Modular Alliance - Out Of Sync. over 3 years ago
So many different moods on this EP. The mind is a terrible thing stands out definitely, these off-time acid squirks are the sht!
posted a comment on Valentin Stip - Anytime Will Do. over 3 years ago
It's a great record, but the pressing is average. Quite a lot of background noise. If this was released by Dwig it would be gone in a blink of an eye.
posted a comment on Nachtzug. over 3 years ago
Totally underrated producers. Love the output, waiting for more. Thanks for the music guys! <3
Various - Perfect Language
posted a comment on Various - Perfect Language. over 3 years ago
You can get 3-4 in stock records for that price. Still not bad if you really want it and it's amazing. I don't think brokntoys represses...
Global Communication - Transmissions
posted a comment on Global Communication - Transmissions. over 3 years ago
That's what I was looking for after seeing the prices of GC albums in 2020. I pulled the trigger on 76:14 here already as I'm totally in love with that album. But it's nice to have a different master. Pressing is quiet, sounds fantastic.
Nachtzug - aux4416
posted a comment on Nachtzug - aux4416. over 3 years ago
Magnetoloids, Curiosity, Dual Kaza - absolute bliss. The rest is also great. A must have for analogue synth music lovers and IDM heads.
Kno - Death Is Silent
posted a comment on Kno - Death Is Silent. over 3 years ago
One of the first records I bought. Still have the receipt on email - bought it on 27th Feb 14, so it was available for more than 3 months. I still remember the moment I impatiently opened the package in the car to see if everything's alright. The... See full review
Sandwell District - Feed-Forward
posted a comment on Sandwell District - Feed-Forward. over 3 years ago
Definitely Konduku for this kind of sound. His first album and Gegek EP.
PuNto - 3tempo3
posted a comment on PuNto - 3tempo3. over 3 years ago
What happened here? Has it been repressed?
I had to hunt for my copy somewhere else, as it was not available here at all for a long time. Luckily got it for pennies :)
Both bits are hypnotic, but not dark like most of techno records released these... See full review
Dwig - Feige Dattel
posted a comment on Dwig - Feige Dattel. over 3 years ago
My copy has a strange "speed bump" defect, annoying especially while playing 45rpm A-side. It goes through the diameter of the record. Each turn the stylus "jumps" twice a little with slight sound distortion and I have to increase pressure from... See full review
Various - Freiluftdisko
posted a comment on Various - Freiluftdisko. over 3 years ago
Just digged this out of my shelf after a while. Typical Giegling's innocent minimal music, for intimate parties and funfairs.
This release just got split into two lately, hence low have/want stats. I was wondering why is my copy only a stamped... See full review
Vince Watson - Lost Episodes
posted a comment on Vince Watson - Lost Episodes. over 3 years ago
A2 and B2 here for me. Reminds me of Planisphere's work. I was pretty upset when I saw the vinyl version of Sublimina without these gems. Unfortunately it's "out of print" according to Vince.
dj girl (2) - SLSK Trax
posted a comment on dj girl (2) - SLSK Trax. over 3 years ago
Electro? Who has labeled it as that? It's techno - banging, juggling with harshness and industrial sounds with quite a lot of progression. I need to give it more time to grow on me, but it sounds pretty special.
Andy Rantzen - Blue Hour Vol. II
posted a comment on Andy Rantzen - Blue Hour Vol. II . over 3 years ago
What a fun record! Can't believe that these tracks are over 20 years old, they sound so fresh. B1 is outstanding, not sure about it, but pretty certain that it samples Trans-4m - Dencity.
Furious Frank - Magic Mountain
posted a comment on Furious Frank - Magic Mountain . over 3 years ago
Pure magic. I can't say which track is my favourite, but there's all you need: some being more calming, some more dancefloor-oriented. Loads of fat bass, charming pads and broken rhythms. And still affordable for what it contains.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
City Heat - London Child
posted a comment on City Heat - London Child. over 3 years ago
Facepalming each time I come here to see if a copy appeared, remembering that I've seen a few going for pennies :( Oh well, lucky people who own it, I hope you enjoy this smoothness on a regular basis
Various - Wrong Steps Sampler Two
posted a comment on Various - Wrong Steps Sampler Two. over 3 years ago
Another solid dirty IDM/funk-ish thing from Wrong Steps, on the same level as 001. If you can imagine Kruder & Dorfmeister and Mark Farina slowed down to obscurity, this is how it sounds. Goes straight into my favs.
Cignol - Guidance Release
posted a comment on Cignol - Guidance Release. over 3 years ago
amazing ep, pity I missed it twice :(
but - another repress should drop sooner or later. keep your eyes peeled
Traumprinz - RA.387
posted a comment on Traumprinz - RA.387. over 3 years ago
Track no4 (Your Body TP Interpretation) has bassline based on deep house staple from 1990: Mission Control - Outta Limits
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
K&M - Funk & Drive
posted a comment on K&M - Funk & Drive. over 3 years ago
All about PLANETS here . . . . . . . . .
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
Franck Kartell - Phosphorescence
submitted Franck Kartell - Phosphorescence. over 3 years ago
Synthetic Science - Synthetic Science
posted a comment on Synthetic Science - Synthetic Science. over 3 years ago
Pure beast of the record. Luminous stands out (and reminds me of PLO Man's recent production TX-ii), but the rest is also great and I like to listen to whole EP for full experience. It's one of those EPs that feel like they are not designed for... See full review
Das Muster - Der Lange Weg
submitted Das Muster - Der Lange Weg. over 3 years ago
Jeff Pils - Hesitation Drive
posted a comment on Jeff Pils - Hesitation Drive. over 3 years ago
Any plans to press it? . . . . .
Matthias Reiling - Doppelgänger
posted a comment on Matthias Reiling - Doppelgänger. over 3 years ago
I just re-discovered this record on my shelf and.. oh boy, it's so good. I'm really glad I have this one with track B6, makes this great record end in a special way.
Polito - Ultraparallel
posted a comment on Polito - Ultraparallel. over 3 years ago
Heavy. Tribal. Underwater. Can't wait to hear it on a good soundsystem.
DJ Metatron - U'll Be The King Of The Stars
posted a comment on DJ Metatron - U'll Be The King Of The Stars. over 3 years ago
Nope it does not
w o r d s s s
Various - Wrong Steps Sampler One
posted a comment on Various - Wrong Steps Sampler One. over 3 years ago
Manuel Perez and Dick Track - The Bonux is the shit on this one. Amazing slow blend of IDM and hip-hop.
Rest is also pretty deep. What a lovely record!