Sensitive, limp-wristed, Northern soul with a cracking music collection. A flair for melodrama, practising the art of selflove and with a wicked tongue, The Divine Church Of Anfunny will heal you all, presently, via the medium of his music collection - broadcasting 24x7 from the heart of glamourous Gateshead. Contents may settle. Not suitable for children under the age of 3 due to small parts. Wash dark colours seperately. Keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days of opening. Batteries not included.

So it's probably going to take me FOREVER to get my whole collection up on here! At time of writing, this is just a miniscule record of some of the stuff currently overspilling from my home... I've easily amassed over 40,000 CDs! Plus, I've a little vinyl left (after a clearout a few years back).

Also, if you contact me to ask if I'm selling something and I don't reply, it means I'm not!

Kissy, kissy

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submitted Gel (4) - Blue Lagoon. 4 days ago
submitted Stooshe - Fuck Me. about 1 month ago
submitted Various - The Color Of Dance. 2 months ago
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posted a review of Soft Cell - Tainted Love (40th Anniversary Edition EP). 4 months ago
128 kbps? That's pretty poor in 2021! £25 for a pre-order you wont get for a year and they give you that bitrate?! Previous low quality downloads with vinyl products from Soft Cell have been replaced with higher quality after fans complained - will... See full review
submitted Dweeb - Oh Yeah, Baby / Scooby Doo. 5 months ago
submitted Mrs Robinson - I'm A Little Obsessed. 5 months ago
submitted Sirens - Baby (Off The Wall). 5 months ago
submitted Chico (8) - Lights Camera Action. 6 months ago
submitted Lee Brennan - Turn It Around. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Boogie Box High - Jive Talkin' - Limited Collector's Edition. 6 months ago
This is not a bootleg at all. I ordered mine direct from Hardback, the owners of the copyright! It's an official release, hence it features versions both new and old that had never been released before. Maybe YOU got a bootleg from some place but it's... See full review
submitted Cozette* - Voodoo Cry. 6 months ago
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submitted Stina Nordenstam - Little Star (Remixes). 10 months ago
posted a comment on Deborah Conway - Feel Like Makin' Love. 10 months ago
Thanks for your reply! I actually started a list of titles which I'm surprised/disappointed by the lack of CD format! Here;
submitted Catch (5) - Catch. 10 months ago
submitted Rig - Perfect. 10 months ago
submitted Anna B Savage - A Common Turn. 10 months ago
posted a comment on Steven Wilson - The Future Bites (Ultra Deluxe Music Product On Obsolete Media Limited Edition Of One). 10 months ago
Re: the sound check cover version - is it the 2 Unlimited track?!
submitted Cobalt Chapel - Orange Synthetic. 10 months ago
submitted Major Matt Mason (2) - Move. 11 months ago
submitted Various - Promising Young Woman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). 11 months ago
submitted Jess Glynne - This Christmas. 11 months ago
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submitted Coldharbourstores - Dearly Devoted. 12 months ago
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submitted Stargirl (3) - Bad Head Day (In My Mind). about 1 year ago
submitted McCabe - Album Sampler. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Sophie Ellis-Bextor - True Faith. about 1 year ago
This is exactly the same version released in 2014 on the 'BBC Radio 2 Sounds Of The 80s' compilation. It's a shame a different cover version from the many Sophie performed over the summer wasn't included on the album instead.
submitted Juanita Stein - Snapshot. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Tears For Fears - The Hurting. about 1 year ago
'Ideas As Opiates' does not, to my knowledge, appear on any CDs at all. 'We Are Broken' is on the Canadian 'Tears Laid Low' CD collection from 1992;... See full review
posted a comment on Tears For Fears - The Hurting. about 1 year ago
CD1-04 - Ideas As Opiates 3:46 - mastering error at approx 2:24-2:25.
CD2-04 - Ideas As Opiates (b-side) 3:57 wrong mix - same as CD1-04, without the mastering error, and unsegued so slightly longer.
CD2-15 - We Are Broken 5:17 - wrong track, should... See full review
submitted Jadu Heart - Hyper Romance. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Chick (4) - Someones Ugly Daughter. about 1 year ago
Try Amazon in Germany or France, or go direct to Dodax. All selling it new, for around £12-15.
submitted Lulu - Run Rudolph Run - A Christmas Single From Lulu. about 1 year ago
submitted Bearcraft - Fabrefactions. about 1 year ago
submitted Declan McKenna - Zeros. about 1 year ago
submitted International Teachers Of Pop - Pop Gossip. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on The Associates - The Glamour Chase & Perhaps. about 1 year ago
I haven't actually tried, but I got a WAV download of the full thing as a back up anyway... and in the meantime, another 2CD set from Warners has the same issue (and I'm now on a different external CD drive, so it can't be the players surely!). This... See full review
submitted Kiesza - Crave. about 1 year ago