Sensitive, limp-wristed, Northern soul with a cracking music collection. A flair for melodrama, practising the art of selflove and with a wicked tongue, The Divine Church Of Anfunny will heal you all, presently, via the medium of his music collection - broadcasting 24x7 from the heart of glamourous Gateshead. Contents may settle. Not suitable for children under the age of 3 due to small parts. Wash dark colours seperately. Keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days of opening. Batteries not included.

So it's probably going to take me FOREVER to get my whole collection up on here! At time of writing, this is just a miniscule record of some of the stuff currently overspilling from my home... I've easily amassed over 40,000 CDs! Plus, I've a little vinyl left (after a clearout a few years back).

Also, if you contact me to ask if I'm selling something and I don't reply, it means I'm not!

Kissy, kissy

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posted a review of Sophie Ellis-Bextor - True Faith. 24 days ago
This is exactly the same version released in 2014 on the 'BBC Radio 2 Sounds Of The 80s' compilation. It's a shame a different cover version from the many Sophie performed over the summer wasn't included on the album instead.
submitted Juanita Stein - Snapshot. 29 days ago
posted a comment on Tears For Fears - The Hurting. about 1 month ago
'Ideas As Opiates' does not, to my knowledge, appear on any CDs at all. 'We Are Broken' is on the Canadian 'Tears Laid Low' CD collection from 1992;... See full review
posted a comment on Tears For Fears - The Hurting. about 1 month ago
CD1-04 - Ideas As Opiates 3:46 - mastering error at approx 2:24-2:25.
CD2-04 - Ideas As Opiates (b-side) 3:57 wrong mix - same as CD1-04, without the mastering error, and unsegued so slightly longer.
CD2-15 - We Are Broken 5:17 - wrong track, should... See full review
submitted Jadu Heart - Hyper Romance. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Chick (4) - Someones Ugly Daughter. about 1 month ago
Try Amazon in Germany or France, or go direct to Dodax. All selling it new, for around £12-15.
submitted Lulu - Run Rudolph Run - A Christmas Single From Lulu. 2 months ago
submitted Bearcraft - Fabrefactions. 2 months ago
submitted Declan McKenna - Zeros. 3 months ago
submitted International Teachers Of Pop - Pop Gossip. 3 months ago
posted a comment on The Associates - The Glamour Chase & Perhaps. 3 months ago
I haven't actually tried, but I got a WAV download of the full thing as a back up anyway... and in the meantime, another 2CD set from Warners has the same issue (and I'm now on a different external CD drive, so it can't be the players surely!). This... See full review
submitted Kiesza - Crave. 3 months ago
submitted TTRRUUCES - TTRRUUCES. 4 months ago
submitted SUPATONE* - SUPATONE. 4 months ago
submitted JARV IS... - Beyond The Pale. 4 months ago
submitted NZCA Lines - Pure Luxury. 4 months ago
submitted June Daley (2) - No Turning Back. 4 months ago
submitted Magik - Four Track Sampler. 4 months ago
submitted Jenny Jay - Love Child. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Paul Rutherford - Oh World. 5 months ago
It's not perfect - it's completely missing a B-side ('Let's Free South Africa In 90' - of which there are two versions, a 7" and 12" edit, the later of which came out on CD), plus tracks 2-10 and 2-11 are from vinyl, but they appeared on a CD in 1990... See full review
submitted Dream Wife - So When You Gonna.... 5 months ago
submitted Peters & Lee - Welcome Home. 5 months ago
submitted Smoove + Turrell - Stratos Bleu. 6 months ago
submitted LA Priest - Gene. 6 months ago
submitted ABC - Look Good Tonite. 6 months ago
posted a review of Various - Unsigned CD - In The City Live. 6 months ago
Track 6 is a unique early version, which sounds like it chronologically belongs between the debut 7" picture disc version ('Lipstick, Cigarettes, Packet Of Three', also on the Melody Maker CD) and the version released as a single by V2 Records.
submitted Underground Circus - Something. 7 months ago
submitted Gladys Knight And The Pips - Lovin' On Next To Nothin'. 7 months ago
posted a comment on Dubstar (2) - Disgraceful. 7 months ago
I think the point of the 'mixed' 2nd CD version was to present the remixes in a new way, given all but one were previously issued on CD unmixed already. I like the remix album in this format, it works really well. Also, dance mix albums were generally... See full review
posted a comment on Toni Basil - Oh Mickey!. 7 months ago
Whilst it may well be that it (and all her recordings) were pitched up from the original tapes for vinyl, the “original speed” isn’t what people bought at the time. Ergo, a reissue should honour the record as was released, or at least offer an alternative. See full review
posted a comment on The Associates - The Glamour Chase & Perhaps. 8 months ago
Cheers for the feedback! Since I posted this, I've actually changed to a new external CD drive and laptop set-up, so I'm planning on revisiting any discs I've had issues with to see if they persist on the new player. Fingers crossed!
posted a comment on Various - You Can't Hurry Love - The Motown Covers Album. 8 months ago
Track 9 here is the original 1982 7" version (3:50), which was subsequently replaced by a remix (4:12) when the parent album, 'Music Of Quality And Distinction (Volume One)' was released on CD for the first time in 1991, and then again as part of the... See full review
submitted King Adora - Who Do You Love? . 8 months ago
submitted The Orielles - Disco Volador. 9 months ago
submitted The Orielles - Disco Volador. 9 months ago
submitted The Human League - Octopus. 9 months ago
submitted Lauv - How I'm Feeling. 9 months ago
submitted Anna Calvi - Hunted. 9 months ago
submitted U.S. Girls - Heavy Light. 9 months ago
submitted Isobel Campbell - There Is No Other.... 9 months ago
submitted Riki (23) - Riki. 9 months ago
posted a review of Mobiles - Drowning In Berlin: The Best Of. 10 months ago
Not a bad album at all, and stand outs for me are 'Climbing Frame' and b-side 'Pictures In The Dark' (bonus track). I have to say however, the remastering on track 18 ('Amour, Amour' 12") is terrible. It's much louder, distorted and smothered in... See full review
posted a comment on The Associates - The Glamour Chase & Perhaps. 10 months ago
Yeah, me too. Annoying! Mine is still partially in it's shirnk-wrap and in immaculate shape, so it's not due to being badly looked after. I'm hoping that Cherry Red, who are putting out Perhaps next week, will follow through with The Glamour Chase as... See full review
posted a comment on Associates* - Sulk. 10 months ago
This is the only CD source for the 'White Car In Germany' 7" b-side, 'The Associate' (3.40). All other CD pressings featuring this track have only the full 12" version (5:02).
submitted Various - This Is Not Retro - This Is The Eighties Up To Date. 10 months ago
submitted Halsey - Manic. 10 months ago
posted a comment on Deborah Conway - Feel Like Makin' Love. 10 months ago
Don't suppose anyone reading this has knowledge of a CD single format for this? I've not seen one but the Virgin releases either side of this have CD singles, and the band this singer fronted 1982-88 even released a couple on the same label. Baffling... See full review
submitted Five Good Reasons (2) - Video Freak. 11 months ago
submitted Lenny Henry, Tracey Ullman, David Copperfield - Three Of A Kind. 12 months ago
posted a comment on Sharon Dee Clarke - Mr. Right. 12 months ago
Track 2, 'Enough', is not an original song, but rather a dub mix of 'Mr. Right'.

Track 4, 'Summer Days', is an original song and incorrectly shares the same writing and publishing credits as the other three tracks. On other releases, 'Summer Days' is... See full review