You can find me on the third floor of the Language and Literature building at Arizona State University.

I'm a jerk, but only because 95% of everything sucks.

Advocates: orthodox industrial, dark ambient, experimental, black metal, death metal, drone/doom, breakcore, harsh EBM, ritual, post-punk, etc.

Disadvocates: remasters, overproduction, club anthems, pop (both "future" and "synth"), mallcore nonsense, sophism.

You won't find anything in my collection that I've rated below a "3" - just don't have time for crap. The ratings, in general, mean:

1: Use as a coaster.
2: Standard pop music rating.
3: Keepable, but fails as a coherent entity.
4: Good.
5. Self-Explanatory.

Recent Activity
posted a comment on Grendel - Harsh Generation. over 6 years ago
"...what I thought all electronic music would sound like in the future, in the far off post-Y2K apocalyptic 21st century when I was a 14 year old Midwest suburbanite in 1998 who didn't know any better". Hilarious, and SPOT ON. This is exactly why... See full review
posted a comment on Hocico. over 6 years ago
"Following the steps of bands like Leæther Strip and Skinny Puppy". Indeed, like these two and other once-great "Electro" bands (cf. 95% of Metropolis Records' roster), Hocico have become clowns of self-parody. Welcome to the New Age...
posted a review of Xorcist - Nomad. over 7 years ago
Never mind that the artwork looks like it comes from a lost GeoCities website - Xorcist's "Nomad" is an overlooked masterpiece (the ratings distribution certainly confirms this here). And why not? You have a man highly involved in the underground... See full review
posted a review of Stin Scatzor - Industrology. over 7 years ago
You don't have to twist my arm to convince me that Belgium does two things better than anyone else: beer and harsh electro. "Industrology" has all the right sounds: crunchy minimal beats, lo-fi production, atonal sound sequences, and distant sleepy... See full review
submitted The Slasher Film Festival Strategy - Dead Bodies. over 7 years ago
posted a review of Iwrestledabearonce. over 7 years ago
Hipster trash. About as interesting and transgressive as an overcooked noodle. This band just might be the epitome of self-referential, ironic, oh-so-funny-and-yet-we-secretly-think-we're-super-high-art nonsense that is pervasive in American music. My... See full review
posted a review of Stigma Diabolicum - Demo 32 - Crackle Box Experiment. over 7 years ago
Pretty boring - I expect something more interesting from a band with the word "Diabolicum" in its name. Then again, most releases on Smell the Stench are pretty hit or miss. Threw my copy away in a trash can outside of a Safeway and didn't look back.
posted a review of Alter Der Ruine - State Of Ruin. over 7 years ago
State of Ruin is typical fare: overproduced, club-kid-pandering, scene music. Hardly offensive, unfortunately, and lacking in industrial spirit and ethos. In a nutshell, it's representative of what's wrong with the so-called "power noise movement", as... See full review
posted a review of Converter - Expansion Pack 2.0. over 7 years ago
The other review is pretty spot on - "tame" is exactly the word I'd use. I find Architect and Displacer to be pretty boring to begin with, so I wasn't too happy to see them as remixers. Those and the other artists bring the remixes too far into their... See full review
posted a review of Muslimgauze - Blue Mosque. over 7 years ago
Excellent, mid-nineties Staalplaat-era Muslimgauze. The beats are harsh, hypnotic, sleepy, sweaty, and juxtaposed against droning ambience. There is less dub influence in this one (cf. Syrinjia), and a more definitely "Arabic" feel (although without... See full review
posted a review of Ah Cama-Sotz - The Way To Heresy. over 7 years ago
Two points I would make that differ from the review below: 1) I wouldn't exactly call it "accessible"- there is still plenty of ambience, ritual, and general weirdness here to satisfy fans of Klapholz's earlier material (you won't hear "From the Blood... See full review
posted a review of :wumpscut: - Music For A Slaughtering Tribe. over 7 years ago
One of only four or five Wumpscut releases that are essential to any industrialist's collection, MFAST represents the range that should be present in any such release - from harsh beats to atmospheric dark ambient. And compared to newer Wumpscut... See full review