Hello :)

I'm a Belgian goa addict with ambient loving feelings as well and propably more known as label manager of Suntrip Records and dj Anoebis... :)

I came across this lovely music in 98, and I was hooked immediately, untill today this is my big love! Because the sound I liked the most (melodic goa trance/old school) died out in the new millenium, I and Fabien decided to start our own melodic goa trance label (Suntrip) and it makes me ultra happy to see goa trance has it's revival these days! :D Keep goa alive!

All releases in my list are originals, and I will NOT trade any copies of original cds! If a cd gets a rating of 1/5 or 2/5 I may trade real cds tho... Just contact me in that case! :)

My goal is to have "all" goa-trance MUSIC ever released. (I don't mean all goa releases, as many many releases have 10 tracks that are easily available somewhere else...)
Anyway, if the music is available on cd, I prefer it like that, but if it was only released on vinyl, I buy the vinyl as well :)
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