I'm a Hardtrance Junkie from the North of Germany and love all the old stuff with over 150bpm from the years 1994-1997.

All records from my own collection are only for sale if the offer is really good. Soundfiles can be sent for every Record.


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posted a review of Energy 52. over 13 years ago
Energy 52 is probably one of the best known trance-projects around the globe. Their alltime classic "Café Del Mar" has sold an enormous amount of copies and still sells. More work of them might be there in the future.
posted a review of DJ Yanny. over 14 years ago
DJ Yanny was and is still one of my favourite Hardtrance DJ's. The way he is mixing is everytime again a big show. If you watch him acting you can see, that he really feels the Music. Even today DJ Yanny mixes one Saturday every month only the old stuff ... See full review
posted a review of Airtribe - Sunflower. over 14 years ago
And again a bad made remake of a fantastic classic tune. The original from 1996 is one of my favourite tracks, but this one is only "trash". I think the older producers run out of good ideas and so they try to remake their big hits, but I don't know one ... See full review
posted a review of 2D (2). over 14 years ago
The compilation D.Trance 3 was my first hardtrance CD which I got from a friend. After listening to the songs for a while I really liked the music and decided to visit the "Tunnel" in Hamburg. After my first night there I was infected from hardtrance and ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Gollum - Pagemaster. over 14 years ago
In my Opinion "Pagemaster" is one of the best released tracks on EDM. I love the powerful bass with the unmistakable melody. The difference between calm and energetically parts is unsurpassed. This is one reason why I love Hardtrance (The Sound of ... See full review