Plaid - Not For Threes ArgonSim

February 19, 2017
Does anyone know the proper name of the instrument depicted on the cover?

1991 (2) - High-Tech High-Life ArgonSim

October 13, 2016
I don't think calling this New Age is right. Someone should fix it.

Sun Ra | Merzbow - Strange City ArgonSim

August 16, 2016
I thought he was dead! How come Merzbow releases a new album every single day?

Virna Lindt - Shiver ArgonSim

August 12, 2016
I guess it's mostly due to youtube's video proposal algorithm, but I also could be wrong and someone played the track in a boiler room session haha.

The former explanation is most likely the right one. I'd point out this video as the one to blame for that.

Kitty* - Frostbite as reviewed by ArgonSim

May 17, 2016
having a hard time admitting this is the best thing i've listened to this year

Push Up - Geisha ArgonSim

December 27, 2015
too good to be true