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RARL 1 is Tigermoth CD EP with 3 tracks. Apparently Discogs still ban me to submit anything. CIP thing is for life.
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Thanks for your message. Yes it was released by Non Standard.
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I have this in vinyl promo. The vinyl release is not listed on Discogs. Tracklisting is not the same as CD version.
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Well worth noted that...
A2 is also credited as "(From The Rock Opera "Tales Of The Manuvu")"
B3 is credited as "(From the movie "Bakit Kailangan Kita")"
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All cover versions. Original artists are as follows;

A1 Rare Silk
A2 Martin Dupont
A4 Paul Simon
A5 Mazzy Star

B1 Elliott Smith
B2 Fleetwood Mac
B3 Elsa
B4 Larry Heard
B5 Bill Withers
B6 Eleven Pond
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A side = Epidaurus
B side = Illusion

Track titles are shown in the cover and the center labels.
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Worth mentioned on the duet singers (which credited on the back cover)

A3 with Rowell Santiago
A6 with Angela Bofil
B3 with Rowell Santiago
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A6 is actually "Redemption Song", but it misspelled on the sleeve.
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There is also the vinyl version of this release. VIH-28340 with 10 tracks.
2 tracks that are only on CD are "Cross To Bear" and "Away".
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Overall this is a poor man's Kim Carnes but save for one killer track. "Passion On The Run" a tropical breezy pop that could fit in with Fleetwood Mac's "Tango In The Night" feeling.
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GIRLHUNT3 is by VISION and their 7" single "Sweet Obsession" c/w "When The Night. At this time of writing, it's not in Discogs
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A: Mellotron Girl [2:50]
B: High School Lullaby [3:01]

All is displayed in the sleeve and center label.
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The tracklist is shown in English in the OBI:

A1. Himawari
A2. Entotsu No Aru Machi
A3 Shitakara 2 Banme No Otoko
A4. Down

B1. Kazoku
B2. Kizudarake No Tenshi
B3. Doyo No Yoru No Chiisana Hanran
B4. Paradise Alley
B5. Kinenbi
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"One More Dance" and "No Exit" are bonus tracks for Japan release.
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There is the Japanese CD version with 3 bonus tracks. This version is not in Discogs. In fact no CD versions of "Love Me/Love Me Not" are listed here.
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Missing volume 2 and volume 3. I have Volume 3 (released in 1988) under catalogue # 819-979-1.
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B2 is the cover of "Cryin' In The Rain" (original The Everly Brothers)
B6 is the cover of "Is This The World We Created" (Queen)
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PR Blurb

PHILLIP BALLOU Pittsburgh-born Phillip Ballou’s earliest years were spent in the gospel field; after he moved to New York City in the ‘70s, he teamed up with Bennie Diggs and Arthur Freeman, founding members of The New York Community Choir... See full review
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PR Blurb

Between The Two was the creation of the late great fashion designer Bill F. Whitten, whom is highly known for his remarkable designs for the following Artist: Michael Jackson, The Jackson's, E.W.F., Stevie Wonder, etc The band originated... See full review
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PR Blurb

coming out of Philadelphia heem the music monsters were produced and handle by long time philly producer and writer Hubert willis. The group had small success circa 1976 with their psych funk 45 "wake up people"/piece of the rock" they... See full review
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PR Blurb

Brother and sister Eric and Arrontette MCclinton had been recording for many years. Around 1976 they did a 45 release together on Honey records called "where you are" under the their Christian names, although Eric was spelled Eryke! The... See full review
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PR Blurb

Recorded from Rudy's homemade studio in Hampton Virginia before he cut "searching for love" on harvest records around 1983, he did this wonderful modern synth winner. With Rudy just having one pass on a Reel of this song, we remastered it a... See full review
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PR blurb

coming at you hard with a brand new release, thats moved away from or usual unissued releases. DJ Rude Lead played me a demo he and Tom Noble from Superior Elevation cooked up whist Tom was in Norway deejaying. They hooked up for a late... See full review
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A1 is a Japanese cover of Charlene's "I've Never Been To Me"
A5 cover of Olivia Newton-John's "Have You Ever Been Mellow"
Both tracks released as the single.
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Press Release:

A Take Away has just been delivered. This time in a smaller 7" serving. As you would expect from this best seller label, it is as strong as the rest of their growing catalogue. Not a big one yet, but in terms of quality it has already... See full review
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Back sleeve shows the tracks in English:

A1 Kokoro No Chasten
A2 Darrin ("Darling")
A3 Shitamachi Swing
A4 Dr. Heart Ni Denwa Shite
A5 Natsuno Koi Jealousy

B1 Kis'Met
B2 Good Morning T.V. Show
B3 Short Story
B4 Kakurenbo Story
B5 Dream Of A Day
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B-side is a Japanese cover of "Falling In Love Again" as written by Frederich Hollaender, but re-named as "Yuki Doke" ("Snowflakes").
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Japan CD has the different cover art - showing both Mathilde and Izumi "Mimi" Kobayashi. The same picture can be found in the LP insert.
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A1 Tamara Champlin
A2 Rocq-E Harrell
A3 Tami Holbrook
A4 Rocq-E Harrell
A5 Vikki Moss with Paradigm Shift

B1 Tamara Champlin
B2 Andrea Robinson
B3 Rocq-E Harrell
B4 Vikki Moss
B5 Hiroshi Tachi
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As shown on the front cover sticker:

In the wake of 2017’s Seafaring Strangers: Private Yacht, Numero is proud to present another addition to the soft rock cannon: W2NG. Set your FM dial to smooth and sail away with 42 minutes of uninterrupted easy... See full review
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This release also exists in CD digipak version (Thailand issue).
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A - Yokohama Boogie Woogie Girl
B - Midnight Play Town Tokyo

All titles listed in English in the sleeve, center labels and lyric sheet.
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Tracklisting should be listed in English as they appear in the back cover.
A1 Kalapana Black Sand Beach
A2 Area Cord 808
A3 Lahaina Mid Summer Cruisin'
A4 Boogie Board
A5 Blue Caracao

B1 Spin Drifter
B2 Heartaches Wednesday
B3 Fame Is The Name
B4... See full review
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Tracklisting is displayed in English in the back cover:
A1. Fools
A2. Motown Cycle Diaries
A3. Yururiyurari
A4. Teach Me
A5. Yoihasamenaide
B1. Hooligan
B2. Curtain Call
B3. Otagaisama
B4. Ben & Robin
B5. Soul Ballad
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Released in 1989 (shown in the back sleeve) and played at 33 RPM.
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Looks likely to release in 1980. The credit said that it was mixed in February 1980.
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This looks like to be Thailand edition. My copy is identical.
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A-Side ("Aldeia De Ogum") is a cover of Joyce song.
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MJ Lallo sings to trees and distant planets, plays drum machines, synthesizers and processes her voice to sound like percussion, space ships, trumpets, birds and words from an unknown language. Lallo works in post-production music and SFX, and... See full review
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A-side is the Massive Attack cover. The one with Elizabeth Fraser on vocal.
Price 1500 Yen
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PR release:
After rocking our socks off with those deep and dope boogie rerubs on Star Creature and Street Muzik, Saucy Lady steps up to Audio Chemists for a pair of prime time Japanese pop cover versions. First up, the Boston based producer and... See full review
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Quality pressing
A side = 33RPM
B/C/D side = 45 RPM
Highly recommended
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Mine's Japanese CD of this album and it comes with one bonus track ("Latchkey Kid"). Catalogue number JAG308J
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Tracks 10 + 11 ("Illuminum Song" + "Boats") are Japan bonus tracks
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4 extra tracks only available in CD are:
CD1 - track 4 and 7
CD2 - track 1 and 3
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