I'm an old, dedicated DIY anarcho punk. Punk for life, as they say. I've been into punk since the late 70's and never dropped out, I'm still an active member of the DIY punk scene, it's my culture, my family, it's where I belong to. I love punk from all decades, from all over the world. For me punk is much more than just music, but I love the records too. Unfortunately I lost my +5000 record collection in a fire in January 2015. Yeah, shit happens. Now I'm desperately trying to get them back, one by one. It sucks to have to buy the same records again (especially when there are so many great new ones coming out about every hour, and for me punk is not something that happened in the past, it's HERE AND NOW), but every record that I get back helps me get back to life, literally, step by step. They mean so much to me.
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posted a comment on Bad Brains - Rock For Light. over 7 years ago
The first song (A1) on this LP version is Big Takeover, not Coptic Times.