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posted a comment on D.J. Fallout* - Storm Warning. 2 days ago
Always wondered if this was aimed at Storm as either props or dig.
posted a comment on Dan Curtin. 5 days ago
Dan generally has a very distinct sound that I don't think anyone else has or will ever have. Slightly higher bpms than what was/is the norm, frantic drum programming, lots of quick schizophrenic arrangements, the odd 8 bit distorted break and lots of ... See full review
posted a comment on Steven Rutter* & John Shima - Step Into The Light. 5 days ago
For what it is its amazing art however I just feel the two fairy characters remind me of a Tokyo Ghetto Pussy type era.
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Collapse EP. 8 days ago
You seem to be spending quite a bit of time telling everyone how you have no time for Richard's music, maybe use some of that time digging through Soundcloud and get back to us.
posted a comment on T&K Crew - Memory Child. 8 days ago
Just wondering if anyone else has got left channel noise on the A-side?
PS Kirks mix is dynamite.
posted a comment on Perseus Traxx - Simulacra. 9 days ago
So are we bouncing down at 8 bit orrrr overdriving the tape transfer orrrrrrr cranking it through a saturation plug in? surely Keith doesn't have a hand in lo fi ing this stuff. Why oh why.
Great music I just hope the lo fi is from the gear used not done ... See full review
posted a comment on Frak - Not Straight. 15 days ago
If I could be bothered I'd send you it for free, however I cant be bothered sorry.
submitted Gerd - The Prophetess. 17 days ago
submitted Etch (4) - Ups & Downs. 17 days ago
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posted a comment on Hani. about 1 month ago
One of the many "go to" remixers for major labels who had no idea.
posted a comment on Nomad Featuring MC Mikee Freedom - (I Wanna Give You) Devotion. about 1 month ago
I used to think Mikee Freedom was MC Wildski using a different name for blatant commerical stuff as they sounded so similar.
posted a comment on Various - Dance Mania (Ghetto Madness). about 1 month ago
Mine came with a t-shirt, I got it in Tokyo.
posted a comment on Hardfloor - Hardtrance Acperience E.P.. about 1 month ago
I hear what you are saying, however I still love this track.
posted a comment on Frak - Not Straight. 2 months ago
I bought this when it came out and didnt think that much of it, found it kinda boring, pointless and irritating to be honest. I thought I had given it away and I had forgotten even owning it until I saw how much it was being sold for at which point I dug ... See full review
posted a comment on Messiah - Temple Of Dreams. 2 months ago
Looking back tracks like Temple Of Dreams (as well as a lot of Kickin' releases) were more suited to radio as I cant really remember tracks like these getting much play at Raves and they were too heavy for most clubs, not to say they didnt get played at ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Hydrochloric Substance EP. 2 months ago
Dope as hell acid release, every single track is killer.
posted a comment on David Guetta. 2 months ago
I cant imagine David giving 1 shit about what is said about him on Discogs, he sees making music as a way of making lots of money nothing new about that. Why state the obvious about him, he has nothing to do with what you are about, UR and Robert Hood ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Irreversible (Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture). 2 months ago
With a lack of understanding of something simple like market value as well as a mouth like yours you don't deserve a repress.
submitted Various - Anytime/Silent Partner. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Steven Rutter* & John Shima - Step Into The Light. 2 months ago
Really respect both artists and its a great release however I ain't feeling the artwork (and yes of course its the music that counts)
posted a comment on Nullptr - Aftrmth. 2 months ago
Not available Not available Not available Not available Not available
posted a comment on Orbital. 2 months ago
Didn't 808 State play Glastonbury in 92 which as far as I know was well before Orbitals first appearance, I could have my dates wrong of course.
posted a comment on DJ PayPal. 2 months ago
This names keep getting stupider and stupider and stupider and stupider. Heres one Dj Discogs Chat Forum or Dj Ebay or Dj Hillary Clinton or Dj Must Be 10 Words Or More.
posted a comment on Various - Hydrochloric Substance EP. 2 months ago
How the party go? sounds like my kinda gig, dark and hot.
posted a comment on Public Enemy - It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back. 3 months ago
The differences between the 88 vinyl release and the 2000 release at a quick A/B comparison is the reissue is between 1.5 to 2 db louder and there is a wide boost centered around 5K also it seems they have slightly dropped via a low shelf everything ... See full review
posted a comment on I Love Acid. 3 months ago
They have a vision of what they want for the label, they are fully aware that they could sell 3 times as many copies (although that would mean it would be focussing on the 909 and not the 303 I suppose) its their label & the artists know what the deal is ... See full review
posted a comment on Jared Wilson - I Love Acid 017. 3 months ago
I personally think its a pretty good ep and worth every penny.
posted a comment on Nehuen - I Love Acid 018. 3 months ago
Nice stuff however I must mention that its fairly lo-fi especially the A-side, sounds like it was mastered off tape and I mean a battered TDK cassette type tape. Saturation a plenty!
posted a comment on Various - E 11. 3 months ago
I see this release slightly different, the Scruff track relies on Tatham's noodling too much to carry it. Danilo's track sounds exactly like a easily forgotten late 90ies filtered disco loop da loop b-side on a forgotten label by a guy who now sells ... See full review
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - My Kingdom Re-imagined. 3 months ago
Does anyone else hear what sounds like a bad edit clip at the very start of the kick drum sample on Path 8? I find it slightly distracting. Great release tho.
posted a comment on Global Goon. 3 months ago
Would have been nice to see more of his music pressed to vinyl.
posted a comment on Force Mass Motion. 3 months ago
Got to be one of the best artist names seriously.
posted a comment on Klaus Schulze • Pete Namlook - The Dark Side Of The Moog Vol 1. 3 months ago
Yep as stated below, stupidest editing to vinyl format I have come across in a long time. I would expect this type of rubbish from a dodgy bootleg.
submitted Various - Interference - Live At Love Parade '94. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Eric B. & Rakim. 3 months ago
Errr commenting on the fact that we were all lead to believe that Eric B did the cuts on all their music only to find out years later that was a lie is kinda far from useless information sunshine.
posted a comment on Eric B. And Rakim* - I Know You Got Soul (Six Minutes Of Soul) (The Double Trouble Remix). 4 months ago
I wish it had been the other (real) UK Double Trouble doing this remix. Also there is some strange volume boosts going on towards the end of the original mix.
posted a comment on Krisp - Footnotes. 4 months ago
Normally those clear PVC covers discolour and affect playback quality HOWEVER for some reason this cover doesn't seem to do that.
posted a comment on Eddie Fiola - Vanderoll. 4 months ago
Vanderoll & Cherry Picker are both terms for BMX flatland tricks, in keeping with the Eddie Fiola Bmx thingy. Vanderoll
being one of the stupidest Bmx tricks invented.
posted a comment on Underworld - Cowgirl / Rez. 4 months ago
It has psychedelic aspects as well as trance qualities and was played during progressive house sets as well as techno sets. It is what it is!
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posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea. 4 months ago
The boys were not to happy about the cover art nor the typo.
posted a comment on Tin Man (3) - Underdog EP Pt1. 4 months ago
I see a couple of people rated this 1 star I presume they take exception to the UR reference, GET OVER IT!
posted a comment on Thomas P. Heckmann. 4 months ago
Relentless producer, big vinyl collector and all-round good guy who is a great ambassador and should be regarded as a living legend of the scene.
posted a comment on Seofon - Process EP. 4 months ago
Could just have easily been released on Rephlex and worth 20 times more.
posted a comment on Red Snapper - Prince Blimey. 4 months ago
I keep getting visions of Quentin Tarantino shitting on dumb interviewers when listening to this.
posted a comment on Big Daddy Kane - Taste Of Chocolate. 5 months ago
Dope album no doubt however Malcolm X's daughter's rap on Who am I is WEEEEEEAAAAAAAKKKKKKK.
submitted Coldcut Featuring Lisa Stansfield - People Hold On. 5 months ago
posted a comment on DJ Bone - A Piece Of Beyond. 5 months ago
I am not a fan of ANYTHING but black vinyl however this sounds pretty good, like a lot of new pressings nowadays it needs a good deep clean before playing which this got and it sounds bright and clean.
posted a comment on Joey Beltram. 5 months ago
I sure a fuck hope Joey gets some type of major recognition for his contribution to techno BEFORE he isn't around to hear it.