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submitted Squarepusher - Big Loada. about 21 hours ago
submitted Paris (2) - The Devil Made Me Do It. 2 days ago
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92. 6 days ago
I got this version around 93-94 from memory words words words words words.
posted a comment on Jake Slazenger - Makesaracket. 9 days ago
Does anyone else find this to be a swallow pressing?
posted a comment on Orbital. 13 days ago
For me Orbital would be one of the most overrated artists in the electronic scene. I am not saying this to get a rise out of fans etc etc their live shows are great not doubt but 95% of their musically output has always left me underwhelmed. I am ... See full review
posted a comment on The Black Dog. 18 days ago
Ok then Martin firstly I didn't say that Ed & Andy had no say or saw zero money from the reissues, I was merely posing the question but you have answered it.
So thank you for clearing the matter that Ed & Andy were consulted with full transparency prior ... See full review
posted a comment on Nu Groove Records. 22 days ago
The go to label people quote when they wish to enter the cool school, whether those that claim it to be their favourite label actually own any 12's is another thing.
submitted Junior Reid - One Blood. about 1 month ago
submitted Bigga Bush - Melody & Electronics EP. about 1 month ago
submitted Myth! - False Profits. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Kinesthesia - Empathy Box. about 1 month ago
yep mine is full of surface noise because of the sleeves.
submitted Mark Rae - Northern Sulphuric Soulboy. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on X-103 - Atlantis. 2 months ago
Well MrZyc'c spam like reviewing leaves me feeling fairly exasperated.
posted a comment on DJ Krush - MiLight -未来-. 2 months ago
Is it just my copy that starts to distort badly towards the inner grooves most obvious on side A but also on side B etc?
submitted Son Of Noise - Crazy Mad Flow b/w Retrocide. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Dirty House Records. 2 months ago
From memory Damien had a small office/record store in the backstreets of Adelaide CBD where he ran the label and sold predominately US (more specifically Detroit) techno & House. Wasn't open to the public and you had to make an appointment with Damien to ... See full review
submitted Various - Breakdance Sensation '84. 2 months ago
posted a comment on The Mike Flowers Pops* Meets The Aphex Twin* - The Freebase Connection. 2 months ago
I always liked Richards mix but Viberts mix kills it.
submitted Weapon X (2) & Ken Hell - Sneakerpimpin Aint Easy. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Age Of Love - The Age Of Love. 2 months ago
I always thought it was "Come on.. Dance with me, Move your Body, Mobilise your feet.
submitted Posthuman - I Love Acid 013. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Dave Angel. 2 months ago
There is something about his productions that are instantly recognisable.
posted a comment on Frequency (3) Vs Atkins* - Mind Merge LP. 2 months ago
As mentioned this is a great release, I can certainly hear a lot of Orlando's influence and snippets of Juan but in my opinion Orlando had the lions share in producing this album.
posted a comment on Jonny L - Make Me Work (Turn Me Around). 2 months ago
I'm sorry but to me with that bassline it sounds like it could have been a JX track. Jonny Acid is an ok fast euro acid track I suppose.
posted a comment on The Aphex Twin* - Analogue Bubblebath. 2 months ago
En Trance To Exit for me is the only track of Richards that falls short of his vision & talent.
posted a comment on Outlaw Posse - My Afro's On Fire!. 2 months ago
Fairly slick production which holds its own against US releases around the same time yet is undeniably a UK sound, less hyped compared to the Hijack, Hardnoise, Bullet crew. Bello B's lyrics aren't overly deep but sit well over the nice bouncy party ... See full review
posted a comment on A.W.O.L. (6) - (Come On). 2 months ago
To me this sounds like a Darren Pearce production from 91 not 92. Its not a bad track just slightly dated for 92.
posted a comment on Alan Oldham. 2 months ago
Known nearly as much for his extensive artwork for Djax, New Religion, Transmat etc as for his music.
posted a comment on Freezone. 2 months ago
Compilation series that pushed the more ambient and laid back side of the electronic world with a heap of exclusive tracks by some of the leading lights of their respective fields.
posted a comment on Kinesthesia - Kinesthesia Volume 1. 2 months ago
I always found tracks like Church Of Pain as being a producers idea of how can I be as fuckin annoying as possible & see if the label actually goes for it.
Kobal is killer, German is OK intelligent Gabba I suppose & 4J is a pretty cool deep ... See full review
posted a comment on SMD. 2 months ago
There was rumour for years that the SMD tracks were produced whilst Slipmatt was in Perth, Australia with a local which from memory was a guy called Dave 3D Ward. I don't know if this was ever confirmed or not, I personally always doubted it although ... See full review
posted a comment on Aux 88 - Bass Magnetic. 2 months ago
I stupidly lent this to a friend to record and never saw it again, lesson learnt.
posted a comment on Direct Beat. 2 months ago
I have found over the past 30 years of buying second hand records that second hand Direct Beat records are by far the most beat up records of all time compared to any other label. That to me tells me that this label has seriously tough love fans.
posted a comment on Sir Lord Comixx - Danceteria EP. 2 months ago
Classic bouncy simple Chicago styled house, tempos are fairly quick.
posted a comment on UTFO - Doin' It!. 2 months ago
UFTO's 4th album and whilst for 89 its beats were slightly dated the flows are on point.
posted a comment on Cylob - Cylobian Sunset. 2 months ago
Is it just mine or is there a huge volume jump for the last few seconds of Diof?
posted a comment on Merlin - Drop The Weapon / Weekend Girl. 2 months ago
Why the low rating? sure Merlins lyrics aren't the deepest and Weekend Girl isn't really my cup of tea but Drop The Pressure is a fairly solid funky track for the dancefloor. However Bust A Move is a huge raw rattler that sounds like it was recorded at a ... See full review
posted a comment on Autechre - SplitRmx12. 2 months ago
Tempo wise it kinda works at 45 although the frequency shift up doesn't in my opinion.
posted a comment on Coldcut & DJ Food - Cold Krush Cuts - Coldcut & DJ Food Fight. 2 months ago
Its strange that the issues that only feature the Coldcut & DJ Food portions of the mix still have DJ Krush on the artwork.
posted a comment on Kenny Dope* - Wild Style Breakbeats. 2 months ago
As much as I like these types of releases what I don't like is having record 4 included twice because they couldn't get their shit together when adding the records to the sleeves.
posted a comment on Insync vs. Mysteron - Exit 9. 2 months ago
I cant see the comment now but from memory Lee commented that he was embarrassed by this ep and that it was a bit of a cop out. Peace frog wanted a trancey type track and they wacked something out quickly.
posted a comment on IVM²* - Planetarium. 2 months ago
All tracks are killer lo slung deep techno that are the sound of space.
posted a comment on Moody Boyz* - Recycled EP. 2 months ago
Worth it for The Pygmy Song (Velcro City Version) by the mighty Insync.
posted a comment on B.R. Posse - Dreaming Of The Bassline E.P.. 2 months ago
Simple uncomplicated classic deep house, perfect for any time of the day really.
posted a comment on Rüfüs - Bloom. 2 months ago
Online orders from the bands website were shipped with a Rufus t-shirt.
posted a comment on Vibert / Simmonds - Weirs. 2 months ago
I always tried to like this album but I just can't, lots of people love it but I have always struggled to.
posted a comment on Plug - Drum 'n' Bass For Papa. 2 months ago
I'm pretty sure that I heard that Luke said he had no idea what he was doing when he was producing these early Plug tracks in regards to how to write D&B.
posted a comment on The Egyptian Lover* - Party. 2 months ago
Why on earth did someone pay close to 300USD for this? Its a good track but damn!!!!!
posted a comment on Vicious Vinyl. 2 months ago
Possibly Australia's longest running and most successful independent dance label.
posted a comment on Paddee & A.S.I.O.* - Blue Harvest. 2 months ago
Paddee launched this EP at a Rave in Adelaide & gave copies away.