I'm a collector of various styles in Electronic music (Trance, Progressive and Techno in particular).
Only the items on my selling list are for sale, but if you are interested for the cds or vinyls in my collection you're free to contact me for your offer.
A few titles on my collection are in digital audio format (not on psysical support), these items are without ratings.

For 12'':

Spedizione per italia tramite raccomandata € 9,90 (per un solo disco). Contattatemi per ordini con 2 o piu dischi.
Shipping to Europe € 15,90 (for one disc).
Shipping to Rest of world € 18,90 (for one disc)
Contact me for orders with 2 o more discs (minimum order 9,90€)

For CDS:

Italia € 7,90 con raccomandata (contattatemi per 2 o più CD)
Europe € 9,90 (contact me for 2 or more CD)
Rest of world € 15,90 (contact me for 2 or more CD)
Italy/Europe/Worldwide shipping only with registered service, available on request the tracking number!

NOTE: I leave the feedback only when i receive it.
Prices including cost of material for shipping.
I'm not responsable of damages on cds or vinyls, all items are in perfect conditions (i wrote to comment in case of damaged or defective item).

My OFFICIAL profile on Mixcloud (all my dj mixes):

- http://www.mixcloud.com/SergioNRGOfficial/

My other profile on Mixcloud (collection of dj mixes):

- http://www.mixcloud.com/TechnoDJMixes/

Recent Activity
posted a comment on Pleiadians - Alcyone. 8 months ago
Beautiful vinyl beautiful trippy track. An amazing collector's item but.. The correct price is about 400 euro in like new conditions :)
posted a comment on Sandra Collins - Tranceport.3. 8 months ago
Exist the sampler promo vinyl only of this amazing compilation: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Tranceport-3/release/899011
posted a comment on Alex Bartlett. 9 months ago
Rest in peace Fabio for ever in our hearts <3
posted a comment on Infected Mushroom. about 1 year ago
Thank you for suggest. Early years Darkpsy is awesome :)
posted a comment on Infected Mushroom. about 1 year ago
An original electronic music group.
A few albums are very cool (their first 3) and the single Intelligate/Small Moves sounds very good.
I'm not a fan of experimentations but commercial or not, the IM are absolutely ok if you consider them as EDM and ... See full review
posted a comment on Astrix - He.art. about 1 year ago
You can appreciate this album in a relaxing mind moment: it's curated, complex, magical, very deep and totally spiritual.
Astrix here at his second best album (because still today Eye To Eye remains his highest production) present new ideas and new ... See full review
posted a comment on Brennan Heart - I Am Hardstyle (# The Album). about 1 year ago
This album offer an incredible variety of excellent productions and collaboration with the best names in hardstyle of nowadays and the track MMVI (Redifine Perfection) is a prove that the genre is still alive and not totally contaminated by pop and ... See full review
submitted Charlie (B) Rown - Slam 'N' Jam. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Bedrock - Heaven Scent. about 1 year ago
Late 90's club trance anthem!
Both mixes are perfect but my favourite is, naturally, the Evolution Main Mix: very deeper and full of energy like the other products from this incredible duo.
posted a comment on Taylor - Synesthesia. about 1 year ago
Yes is mixed but very enjoyable... It contains also two exclusive tracks done by Pole Folder & CP and Evolution.
posted a comment on Rastaliens. about 1 year ago
Their three 12'' are true gems in the psychedelic trance scene. Very good also their albums. I recommend this project to all good and original music lovers.
posted a review of Evolution + Lucien Foort - FluidCompilation. over 2 years ago
Perfect from start to end. Deep or bangin', housey or trancey. This is the gem of Progressive mixes!
Evolution and Lucien Foort in 2001 (or 2002?) create this fine mixed selection featured new (for the era), unreleased and classics anthems from the Fluid ... See full review
submitted Naked Tourist / Zerotonine - U​-​Boot Berlin Digital. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Above & Beyond Presents OceanLab - Sirens Of The Sea. over 2 years ago
Again for sale at official store for 20,99€.
Really exist anyone who wants to purchase this for ''only'' 350€? The price contains a special breakfast with the singer Justine Suissa? lol
submitted Kamui - Drop Shot. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Praecox - Gumoleum / Minigram. over 3 years ago
Like the other polish productions of the era (see Tromesa, Kino Oko and Bigwigs) these two dark, twisted and furious tunes are ready to take your mind away!

Love It!
submitted Evergray - Symmetry. over 4 years ago
submitted Lightboy (2) - Livia \ Sonar Secrets. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Mezz - The Desert. over 5 years ago
I've purchased the Xzique Remix on djdownload many years ago but the version of the vid is totally unknown to me! I'm not sure that exist a copy with this track pressed. Probably it's a promo or unreleased version made by Noble and Hamel alias ... See full review
submitted Kat - Encore. over 5 years ago
submitted Evolution - Unnatural Selection. over 6 years ago
submitted Various - iPlay Trance (Disc B). over 6 years ago
submitted Goa Gil - Mixed Live In Goa 2001. over 7 years ago