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posted a comment on Dhuo - Rome By Night / On Video. 5 months ago
Yes, that's exactly what my comment highlights. *slow clap for the mansplainer*
posted a comment on Plastic Mode - N.Y. Life. 6 months ago
I'm dying from this comment and also the horrible feet. Thank you.
posted a review of 小林麻美* - 雨音はショパンの調べ Long Version. 6 months ago
While this Discogs entry is somewhat lacking in information, this a cover of Gazebo's "I Like Chopin" by Japanese chanteuse Asami Kobayashi -- and, IMO, it is a major improvement! In phoenetic English, the title of this cover is "Amaoto Wa Chopin No ... See full review
posted a review of Dhuo - Rome By Night / On Video. 8 months ago
I'm not sure if it's the sheer ubiquity of "Walkin'" -- which, to be sure, could be the well-crafted, if somewhat cloying theme to a John Hughes film, and is found in dollar bins the world over -- that makes people overlook this track. However, this is ... See full review
posted a comment on R. Cioni* - In America. 9 months ago
Curious to know how this differs from the D.J.F.T. version -- the track length appears to be different, although this is clearly not an indication that it is indeed a different track. Also states that this was recorded in a Canadian studio?
posted a review of Synthdrome (2) - Do It Again Medley Billie Jean. 10 months ago
Although I'm certain no one ever asked for it to be made, this is a strange electronic disco cover/mash-up of Steely Dan's 'Do It Again' set to the bassline from Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean', which sounds nightmarish but actually isn't as terrible as ... See full review
posted a review of Misty Lane - Energy. about 1 year ago
Really underrated! Misty Lane is a pseudonym for Montreal's Michel Bibeau, probably best known for writing Kat Mandu's hit 'I Wanna Dance', as well as producing Junior Byron's 'Dance to the Music'. Bibeau is at his best on this campy disco 12". Both ... See full review
posted a comment on P.U.B.E. - Paradise / Mode Music. about 1 year ago
"Paradise By P. U. B. E.?" Frankly, I'm into it.
posted a review of Eve Electro - Take A Bite. about 1 year ago
I never put together that Eve Electro is an alias for Deb North, the wife of British synthpop performer and producer Ian North! Frankly, this 12" is superior to Ian North's solo projects (and Neo, his original foray into music via punk rock), if largely ... See full review
posted a review of Bernard Lavilliers - Night Bird. over 2 years ago
Notable is that this shortened edit is only available on the Canadian pressing of Night Bird -- not on the French 12", or on the album.
posted a review of 10-Speed* - Tour De France. over 2 years ago
Really not different enough from Kraftwerk to seek out from a musical standpoint, IMO -- but interesting as a collector's piece if you're seeking cover versions, or obscure Canadiana.
posted a review of Various - Listen 3: A Faze Compilation Of Montreal Music. over 2 years ago
From A to B side, this comp is divided into more rock-oriented selections (the a-side), and more electronic songs (the b-side). Personal preference for the b-side, but it lacks anything close to the great tracks on the first Listen compilation ... See full review
posted a review of Suzy Q - Tonight (Remix) / Get On Up (Remix). over 2 years ago
Only the 7" Canadian Unidisc pressing of this single features the instrumental -- not a true instrumental, as it retains the chorus vocals, which is IMO the best part of the song (verse vocals are a tad too affected for my taste).
posted a comment on Frank Chickens - Fujiyama Mama / We Are Ninja. over 2 years ago
The BMC pressings, including the 7", and the Spanish and European 12" Ariola pressings feature a dub version of We Are Ninja (Ninja Dub) that is not available on any other pressings. Worth picking up one of these copies for that reason!
submitted Lace (9) - Remember Me. over 2 years ago
submitted Tapps - Runaway (With My Love). over 2 years ago
submitted Judy B - Thank You. over 2 years ago
submitted Diane Cezare - Fill Up My Love. over 2 years ago
submitted L.I.F.E. - It Happens All The Time. over 2 years ago
submitted Mino (2) - Bebe Ca Va Faire Boum. over 2 years ago
submitted Bones Jones - Open Up Your Heart. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Anna (2) - Systems Breaking Down. over 3 years ago
About time. The unofficial reissue from 2009 was absolute garbage -- sounded like 128 kbps mp3, plus a piece of my copy actually broke off like a pie slice when I was filing it.
submitted Marion (6) - Sayonara Monsieur Kung-Fu. over 3 years ago
submitted Telex - Rendez-vous Dans L'espace. over 4 years ago