Am no longer active on Discogs.
Was stripped of voter rights for giving the vote Entirly Incorrect on submissions with more than ten fatal errors, no warning whatsoever was given to me, I just one day discovered it and found out the reason later. A submission with major errors in every single field apparantly should have been voted Need Major Changes but that doesn't make sense, what else is the Entirely Incorrect vote for then?

I was a succesfull seller here as well, sold to people on all six continents through Discogs. One day I was selling over a hundred records to one person outside Discogs but the buyer for some weird reason came to Discogs and placed an order there. Since my prices here were much higher the 100 records for 100 Euro deal would have costed me over 40 Euro on fees. So of coarse I cancelled the orders here because he wasn't supposed to come to my Discogs shop in the first place, I had contact with him on LinkedIn. Right after without warning Discogs blocked my seller account. It is after asking about it I found out there reason. They see me as dodging fees. I asked them to at least make the old sales records and feedback viewable again so that a piece of history is still public but that's all there's left.

Am very dissapointed in the management, feel abused and unappreciated. Even for the dozens improvement sugggestions I made of which many implemented I don't get as much as a thank you. Also got kicked out of the Help Forums for bringing this up and wanting to talk about that.

Discogs used to be a significant part of my life untill I found out how the management is really like. It's a shame really. And on top of that I really don't like what the site has become, it used to be a lot more acurate and more practical to navigate. But hey, that's it. Once or twice a year I check my inbox and sometimes use the Track ID forum, for the rest I got nothing left here.

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Fatboy Slim - A Little Bit Of This...
posted a comment on Fatboy Slim - A Little Bit Of This.... over 12 years ago
Please don't overlook the note saying "poor quality pressing"
Madonna - The Power Of Good-Bye
posted a review of Madonna - The Power Of Good-Bye. over 12 years ago
The original version is very sweet, strong lyrics. In general I think the Ray of Light album is her best but let's focus on this song and the remixes. If you're into downtempo I would really recommand this song but more the Dallas' Low End Mix cause... See full review
Madonna - Untitled
posted a comment on Madonna - Untitled. over 12 years ago
This is straight copy from the live performance from the concert dvd.
The Chemical Brothers - Chemistry Lesson - Music Response...Remix - The Definitive Remix Collection
posted a comment on The Chemical Brothers - Chemistry Lesson - Music Response...Remix - The Definitive Remix Collection. over 13 years ago
For this particular record I don't want to write on the songs but on the quality of the pressing. Be warned. I had one, the pressing and cutting is so horrible I couldn't even enjoy listening to it. Tried mixing songs with other records, it just... See full review
AR* - Volume 1
posted a review of AR* - Volume 1. over 13 years ago
Every once in a while there's one of those records that just gets you crazy. The main one for me is the first. It starts with an awkward catchy beat and works up towards a real party mode with rough bass. Strange combination of all kinds of styles,... See full review
Culture Beat - Mr. Vain
posted a review of Culture Beat - Mr. Vain. over 13 years ago
The very first CD I ever bought. At the time I was still studying and didn't know English very well so had no idea what it meant. I just liked the lame but uplifting beats.

After I started buying records and sold my CD's I haven't thought of this... See full review
Various - Thunderdome II - Judgement Day Part 1 (Back From Hell!)
posted a review of Various - Thunderdome II - Judgement Day Part 1 (Back From Hell!). over 13 years ago
Remember so well... This was the very first cassette I ever bought. Played it over and over, the good stuff. Most of these songs are quite simpel but in a smart way, they keep building up power by using very strong samples and rought... See full review