If I have some rarity or not-so-rarity you are interested in, feel free to make me an offer, even if the item is not explicitly listed for sale.

Here is a list of my (most) wanted items not (currently) found on Discogs, please get in touch if you'd be willing to sell (I *generally* don't do trades) or send me a digital rip (for the latter I'd of course return the favour, if I have something you want):

Digital or physical:
Denied (Deu) - Reflections About Existence (demo)
Katarakt - Schorf (demo)
Katarakt - Katatonie (demo)
Sephirot (Aut)- Awen (demo)
Speedy Weekend Band - Permanent Feeding
Wotan's Destiny - Oskorei (demo)
Aliens - Nervous Breakdown (demo)
Black Witch (Deu) - ...And When the Darkness Eats Away (demo)
Bullshit Mama - Carry on the Good Times
Eternity's Voice - The Revelation (demo)
Eternity's Voice - The Seven Bowls of God's Wrath (demo)
Your Silent Avenue - Ascension of the Crestfallen (demo)
Hardly to Touch - Twilight / Darkness in Your Eyes (single)
Obscurity (Hun) - A romlás hajnalán... (demo)
Deadly Embrace - Enchanting Symphony (demo)
Deadly Embrace - Broken (demo)
Ingermanland - Surface as Ceiling (demo)
Ingermanland - Beyond Equator (demo)
Moriturus (Aut) - Fallen Angel
Moriturus (Aut) - Revenge
Richterscale - In Victoria Veritas (demo)
Seed of Hate (Deu?) - Seed of Hate (demo)
Zieg Abuser - Total Atom Zieg!! (demo)
Interfectorem - Church of Death (demo)
Torturya - Day of Pain (demo)
Multiphrener Schwachsinn - I bau ma an Zombie (demo)
Dejmor - Cutback
Horse Skeleton - Of Rise, Failure and Resurrection EP
Macrohard - Praises to the Bitter End (demo)
Osiris (Aut) - Down the Path of Life (demo)
Tyran Virgin - Demo 1986
Mandragora (Aut) - Satanic Malfunctions (demo)
Mandragora (Aut) - Rest in Piss (demo)
Cristabel - Physical Hairesy

Only physical:
Badge (Aut) - Joggin' / I Can't Stand It (single)
Blitzgemetzel - No Escape (demo)
Stovokor - Metal of Honor (demo)
Chalize (Aut) - Chalize
Grim Justice (Aut) - Demo CD
Sardonyx (Aut) - Tiafe Gschichtn (demo)
Sardonyx (Aut) - Leichenschmaus (demo)

I'm not sure whether the following ever got (physically) released or even recorded, but here goes nothing:
Clanissa's Surplus - Demo
Neutron Rain - Death from the Sky (demo)
Orcses - The Big Stomp (demo)
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"Age Of Leviathan" is stolen from a Misery Index Song!

Which one?
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