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posted a review of STNH - STNH. 4 months ago
"Yeah!" is an utter beautiful & soulful electro hiiden gem. Top!
Sasparella - Done Is Done
posted a review of Sasparella - Done Is Done. 8 months ago
You must own a mispress (or a boot perhaps?), mine sounds as crisp as can be.
Shur-i-Kan - Waypoints EP
posted a comment on Shur-i-Kan - Waypoints EP. over 2 years ago
Hard to believe there aren't any comments on this and there are so many copies for sale. Well, good for those who know. For me a serious contender for the Top 5 of Larry Heard's very best remixes, Bottomlessly deep, otherworldly alien and... See full review
Chin Chillaz - Peas In Basmati E.P.
posted a comment on Chin Chillaz - Peas In Basmati E.P.. over 3 years ago
Hands down one of the most excellent downtempo / "trip hop" records i own - and I have quite a few. Heavenly atmospheres and dubs meet dopest beats. Furthermore it's one of those records that sound just as good on 33 and 45. Get your ticket and get in now. See full review
pH1* - Ambition EP
submitted pH1* - Ambition EP. over 3 years ago
Rasuf* - I Just Wanna Thank God
posted a comment on Rasuf* - I Just Wanna Thank God. over 4 years ago
Overlooked dub house gem. The Original Version is the a bit bumpier one, one that I could imagine going down a treat at any rave afterhour early morning or even at peak time for the more open-minded crowds. That being said, the Salz Remix is as good... See full review
Groove Movement - I Can't Take It
posted a comment on Groove Movement - I Can't Take It. over 4 years ago
sounds similar to early strobe releases. techy rimshotty deephouse goodness hidden gem.
Adam Shelton & Giuseppe Tuccillo - 6
posted a comment on Adam Shelton & Giuseppe Tuccillo - 6. over 5 years ago
Sadly those tracks are stolen, i.e. one to one copies of other peoples music.
A1 for example is Resonance - Square Waves from the Bleeps International Compilation.
Open Spaces - Open Spaces
posted a comment on Open Spaces - Open Spaces. over 5 years ago
The record sounds like an AM transmission recorded to 24kbps mp3 and then all the remaining treble cut off and the bass cranked up insanely (which additionally makes the record skip in places). I've returned my copy to the store.
Maurice Fulton Presents Stress (11) - Down In The Dungeon
posted a comment on Maurice Fulton Presents Stress (11) - Down In The Dungeon. over 5 years ago
B1 samples Change - Angel In My Pocket (to great effect)
The Martian (2) - Get Up To My Groove
posted a comment on The Martian (2) - Get Up To My Groove. over 6 years ago
Cheers! :) Yeah, i recently had the chance to check another copy from a friends collection too and same thing! Yet have to check the champion pressing too...
Grant (24) - Grant 002
posted a comment on Grant (24) - Grant 002. over 6 years ago
sound set - free sound . at least 10 words.
The Martian (2) - Get Up To My Groove
posted a comment on The Martian (2) - Get Up To My Groove. over 6 years ago
My copy sounds heavily distorted on the B-Side from about halfway in to the end. Does anyone else have this too? Would like to find out if it's a general issue or if it's a pressing fault specific to this copy so it's worth looking for another one.
Precipitation - Reaching Out
submitted Precipitation - Reaching Out. over 8 years ago
Mille & Mr. Hirsch - Jazzhatz
posted a comment on Mille & Mr. Hirsch - Jazzhatz. over 10 years ago
Careful when you buy this, there seem to be a lot of mispresses of this around, I know of at least three cases where the record contained entirely different tracks (singy 2step track). Had to find four copies to finally get the correct tracks. Maybe... See full review
Dan Curtin
posted a review of Dan Curtin. over 15 years ago
Mr. Curtin is one of my all-time-favorite producers in the deep techno genre because of his unique ability to satisfy the intellect and the drive, the mind and the stomach all at the same time.
Almost everything he does is just so balanced, driving,... See full review
Cobblestone Jazz - The Live EP
posted a review of Cobblestone Jazz - The Live EP. over 18 years ago
This is a kick-ass and a must-have record for every appreciator of electronic dance music. Of course it's different from "The Fifth Element" which was a beautiful deep house affair, but Mathew Jonson wouldn't be Mathew Jonson if he would stick to the... See full review