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Rise Against - Nowhere Generation
submitted Rise Against - Nowhere Generation. over 2 years ago
Thrice - Palms
posted a comment on Thrice - Palms. over 5 years ago
Same here - my copy is nearly black - may I‘ll give it another try and buy a second copy
Charlotte De Witte - Weltschmerz
posted a comment on Charlotte De Witte - Weltschmerz. over 5 years ago
Good news - a repress is now available on pre-sale at
Amin Afify - Treehouse
submitted Amin Afify - Treehouse. over 6 years ago
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posted a comment on M_REC LTD. over 7 years ago
Nearly after a year since it has been available for pre-order, the EMME compilation is finally available through 712Distribution Direct Sale (incl. bonus vinyl!) and at Hardwax - highly recommended final release!
Various - EMME
posted a comment on Various - EMME. over 7 years ago
I still haven't got my two pre-ordered copies.
I wrote a Mail to 712 Distribution a few days ago, but sadly they didin't answer so far.

Edit 2017-13-05:
Mine arrived today in very good packaging and condition.
I ordered two copies and got two bonus... See full review
Various Artists* - Urban Utopia EP
posted a review of Various Artists* - Urban Utopia EP. over 7 years ago
Rodhad played Kas:st - "Let me know when" at the Timewarp 2017 in Mannheim, Germany - and it totally blewed me away, so I bought the 12" for this track alone - but Anetha's "Endless Sea" and AWBs "Primal" are also totally stunning tracks - this... See full review
Eric Cloutier - Heuristic EP
posted a review of Eric Cloutier - Heuristic EP. over 7 years ago
Eric Cloutier delivers a fine, versatile EP, that proves his great taste on the deeper sides techno. On the a-side there's the great, unaffected titeltrack "Heuristic", which is a fine late night mover, with a great sounding acidic bass that will fit... See full review
LYE (2) - No Substitute / True Rawmance
posted a comment on LYE (2) - No Substitute / True Rawmance. over 7 years ago
Good news for all, a r epress is now available at
Juxta Position - Soon
submitted Juxta Position - Soon. over 8 years ago
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Vizediktator - Rausch
submitted Vizediktator - Rausch. over 8 years ago
Leiras - Ruins Of Dignity
submitted Leiras - Ruins Of Dignity. over 8 years ago
Wrong Assessment - End Of Contemplation EP
posted a review of Wrong Assessment - End Of Contemplation EP. over 8 years ago
Yeah, top notch, heavy weight release with one of the finest tracks by Wrong Assessment so far - Uncinate. A sublime "Plastikman" alike acid line - deep and hypnotic - over a stoic, hi-hat driven, rhythmic pattern that's all what Wrong Assessment... See full review
Various - Various Adepts: Volume II
posted a comment on Various - Various Adepts: Volume II. over 8 years ago
Luigi Tozzi's "Hierophant" is a masterpiece when it comes to hypnotic techno
make sure to grab yourself a copy...
Hypnus Records
posted a comment on Hypnus Records. over 8 years ago
Very, very good deep stuff on this label. Make sure to check "Hierophant" by Luigi Tozzi on "Various Adepts: Volume II" and "Subterrel" also by Tozzy on the "Geonosis" EP - finest hypnotic techno at it's best.
Redshape - I Feel Like Riot
submitted Redshape - I Feel Like Riot. over 8 years ago
Maxime Dangles - Resilience
submitted Maxime Dangles - Resilience. over 8 years ago
Evigt Mörker - 3
posted a comment on Evigt Mörker - 3. over 9 years ago
sold out
Evigt Mörker - 3
posted a review of Evigt Mörker - 3. over 9 years ago
Like on the first two release, Evigt Mörker serves us four new pieces of finest, deep atmospheric techno. For me the definite highlight of this gem is the B2 track "Seraf",
which combines a beautiful atmosphere with a twisted rhythmical drumming to a... See full review
Kaiser (14) - Medusa
submitted Kaiser (14) - Medusa. over 9 years ago
B Mus - A Storm Arises
submitted B Mus - A Storm Arises. over 9 years ago
Ritzi Lee - Radio Signals
submitted Ritzi Lee - Radio Signals. over 9 years ago
Stenny & Andrea (99) - Vostok Smokescreen
posted a comment on Stenny & Andrea (99) - Vostok Smokescreen. over 10 years ago
You may like Tessela - Check nancy's pantry on R&S or These Hidden Hands - Ivy on Hidden Hundred
Dettmann* | Klock* - Dawning / Dawning (Revisited)
posted a comment on Dettmann* | Klock* - Dawning / Dawning (Revisited). over 10 years ago
Side A is "Dawning" the original version from O-Ton 001
Side B is "Dawning" Revisited version as appeared on O-Ton 011 (Senario EP)
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Redshape - Square
submitted Redshape - Square. over 11 years ago
DJ Sneak - You Can't Hide From The Bud (Gramophonedzie Remix)
submitted DJ Sneak - You Can't Hide From The Bud (Gramophonedzie Remix). over 11 years ago
over 13 years ago
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Various - Mojuba Box
posted a review of Various - Mojuba Box. over 15 years ago
Every singel Mojuba 12inch up to date is a must have, but to have them together in an strictly limited box is more than i've ever expected - i was lucky to get all releases since the stunning "oracy - family day", but thought that there's no real... See full review